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Q: I want to know about conjuring using solomons triangle?

A: We have never used Solomon's circle or Triangle to conjure, invoke or work with Demons. That is a tool used by ceremonial magicians and we are Demonosophers.  They are two entirely different paths with different ways of working.  

Some schools of magick teach about commanding and ordering the spiritual being to do one’s bidding.  These are not philosophies that we subscribe to or encourage.  As Demonosophers we work with demons from a place of respect and revere demons as the amazing and incredible Demon Gods/Goddesses that they are.  They are our friends, family, mentors, guides, companions, and we would never want to command or threaten them in any way.  It is highly disrespectful to do and quite often can bring dangerous reactions from the demons, who naturally have no desire to be trapped or ordered around.  

You can use circles as a protection means to define the sacred space and keep out any unwanted or curious entities that might be drawn to the energy of your ritual.  The circle can define a sacred space for you and the demon you have called to conduct your work without interruption.  In Demonosophy we do use circles to define the sacred space and shift the energies to make it welcoming for the demon.  

Triangles can be used as well but not as a method of confinement as some schools of magick teach, but as a way to focus the energies.  Triangles are very powerful and strong shapes and they can be added to your rituals in order to increase the energy.  This can benefit the demon and make it easier for them to come through and communicate.  

The intent of these tools are very important.  For some rituals the intent of the circle is to protect you from the creature that you are summoning, and the triangle is used to confine them to that space.  For the rituals that we like to use, the circle is used to define the sacred space for you and the demon.  It shows that you respect them and wish to make them as comfortable as possible and keep the ritual space as clear as possible.  When using triangles for focusing you can attune them so that they can work to raise the energies of the space and actually assist the demon with coming through to this plane.  I personally will never use any method of tool that is disrespectful and harmful to the demons.  I like to approach them with respect and show appreciation and gratitude for what they have given me and how amazing and incredible they are.  

I have worked with them for over 20 years and I have never needed a way to confine them or entrap them and I never will.  I also have never really had a serious problem, in fact I have experienced less problems working with Demons from a respectful place than people have reported working with them from a commanding place.  That is because of intent.  When you approach a powerful divine being from a place of respect they are going to show you respect back.. When you approach them threatening them and commanding them, you are going to get that back and when it comes back you better be prepared because these beings are powerful and they do not like being treated as door mats.  

Ask yourself how you would like to be treated if you were invited into a sacred space and go with that.  Would you rather be invited and given offerings? Or would you rather be ripped form your home, commanded to do the bidding of a magician then threatened when you didn’t want to?  Manners and Respect go a long way!
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Thank you Akelta . I agree that Approaching Demons from a place of Respect is .The best Way everyone wants to be Treated with Respect that you Would Want Someone to Treat you With as For Circles . I Do Use a Circle to define my Space for me and My Companions when We are doing Rituals are when its a Dark lord that

I am Working with So that they feel, Respected and Comfortable Treating them like Friends Mentors and Teachers has Worked out for me Well because ' I Wouldn't Want Someone Commanding me are Threatening me so doing it to Someone else it just Wrong on Many levels and its not Something that . I agree with at all :cloud:
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Indeed. Although summoning using the Solomon method may work, it is highly discouraged in our community here. It is an extremely disrespectful and offensive method for summoning these divine beings.
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Once again, Thank you for your guidance Akelta.
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I always learn something from Akelta's posts. it is nice to know WHY something is done. A lot of sources tell you HOW but not why something is done. TY, Akelta!
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Akelta thank you for your valuable instructions, unfortunately, I will have to make use of Solomon's method, but I made some changes because I do not intend to ask or ask, but I ask, moreover would you like to know how to revere the rebel angel in performing the evocation?

I mean, for example, bowing in the same way that the twelfth-century kings were greeted or something like that? Please.

I also intend to make an offer because I want to please and approach the rebel angel.

I wish I had known your forum 3 months ago because I would have more time to prepare myself more and more respectfully.

Thank you very much for the instructions and thank you to everyone who is helping me to follow this path.
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Good for the other members to know, I myself have always done things this way. Never felt right about trying to force another being against their will, I myself quite dislike autority figures who think they can just order me around. Whenever i invoked, sometimes with a circle but even often without. It was mainly using sigils and calling to them repeatedly either within my mind, or as a whisper. The less ellaborate I made the summoning process, the easier it was for me to contact them. As long as I showed respect and made my intentions clear, things always went smoothly after that. I personally fully agree with and share a similar experience to Akeltas. Things have always went well for me by doing it this way.
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This is a very important post to revive every now and then. Lots of people come here with very limited knowledge (He said, pointing at himself) And much of what they do know has been derived from people that do not subscribe to S+S philosophy, to put it mildly. The whole "Powerful magician commanding demons to find his car keys" thing always struck me as more of an ego trip than anything else. But that is what I saw a lot of back in the day.

Stumbling onto j.Connolly's site was a revelation. Her site was waaaaaaaaay more in line with how I would like to proceed. And then I made it here and...WOW.

I had no idea at all how diverse the Demonic Plane is, although it shouldn't have surprised me. Look how diverse life on the Material Plane is. Heck, just life on our own planet!

That Demons are not what we have been taught to believe is what started me searching the LHP in the first place. Just the concept of "create your own path...with a little help from your friends" was a stunning concept to consider. "Make...our own paths? We can do that?"

Yup, sure can. You just gotta wanna and put in the sweat equity, uh, and call on some friends from time to time. I wonder if someone will ever invent a "Sigil Phone?"

There's gotta be an app for that.
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So as the forum in up and running again in its new server, I think this is a great time to revive this post. The very fact we crashed the previous server means there are more and more people registering. Although I think it is rude to treat everyone that is new here in the same boat, I do believe that most first come here seeking knowledge after either having been in Goetia Study groups, Wicca groups or anywhere else where they may have been been told her back stabbing and frightening / evil demons are. They come to either try and get a different perspective as they feel unsettled regards earlier teachings or out of curiosity etc.

I made a promise to the demons when I started working with them that whenever possible I would help spread their names and show them to others in a positive way. Hence why:

I wonder if Akelta's post about working with demons from a place of respect not commanding / binding / threatening them should be made a sticky so it does not get lost in the depths of the forum.

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The issue with regarding Solomonic methods as being inherently disrespectful is that this is absolutely misleading of the original context of those methods, of how these approaches vary depending on the mindset/interpretation of the sorcerer, and can establish a false implication that demons do not at all have the capacity to be dangerous or at the very least difficult to deal with. Advanced efforts to contain an operation and to express command over this operation in my view are merely ways in which to show preparedness and gain the accord of the entity being summoned. Demons should not be sugarcoated or humanized, and some would say an ounce of fear or regard for risk that is common with ceremonial applications = a great deal more respect than how some choose to approach from a place of 'friendship' where no actual bond has yet been established. A balance is necessary.
I am not someone who practices under Solomonic methodology, it doesn't mesh for me formulaically or conceptually; there however ought to be a respect for tradition in that we continue to take something from this resource that has after all established so much of the information regarding widely known demons today, whether or not one feels comfortable with that particular tradition.
You can disagree with a traditional perspective/a deviant practice from your own and still respect its position in the historical background of later/new-age practices. Being very aware of magical history in the appropriate context of its conception, and embracing of how it has in fact supported and roused developing practices of the 21st century is important to the longevity of power found in working with any/all entities, deities, etc. including demons.

People are too ready to take offense to something that is posited differently than their relations with the demonic, there is ever this trend of defending entities labeled demon as if they need us to defend them and to make them out to be purely helpful saint-like figures when they are very old and deeply dualistic, right through to those which are entirely malevolent or can turn to be that way in an instant. Those aren't inherently negative traits, they are organic and in their supremely ingrained nature are fundamentally brutal to the human senses, hence why illumination exists for us in what they bestow.
This doesn't negate that such traits can be found in seemingly 'light' presences like angels as well. The point I am trying to make is regarding power; respect of a demon foremost is drawn from comprehending what they are capable of. Approaching those higher up on the demonic hierarchy asks you to be ready for their tests, their initiations which some methods seek to avoid in order to directly come to a pact to get a task done, while others are interested in --for they are seeking the spiritual aspect of engaging a dark divinity. One must consider that there is a proper approach for every intention, and not everyone who engages demons wants to form deep relations with them, while others of us have found benefit in doing so. Neither should be seen as a 'wrong', they are acting from different places and the origin of each practice is seated in a distinctive approximation of the dynamic between demons and the divine.
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