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 The REAL real 
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Authors Note: It was not my intention to post this dream, for a lot of reasons. I shared it with another member, so I could get her take on it. She didn't recommend I post it, or not post it, for that matter, but felt it would be useful to get the opinion of persons with more experience in this sort of thing. So......Here it is.

A person on the board had written that some people have demons who are with them from birth. The idea intrigued me, so I decided to “post” an invitation to this demon (if she/he existed) to meet with me in dream state. It seemed, to me, to be the most direct way to make such contact.

I didn't expect much, at least, not right away. It usually takes a bit of time. The important thing being to remain focused on it for however many days it takes to “get through”
I got a response either that night or the next. It was FAST. And it was unlike any dream I have ever had. I realize now that I had “created a dream space” within myself for the meeting to happen. There were no visual or auditory clues to tell me where “the dream” was taking place. It was happening in a “place”created for this specific event.

I am in this space, I cannot see or sense my body, as in an “observer” dream. Something entered the dream from “outside” That has NEVER happened before. And it was “outside” of myself and “outside” of the Material Plane.

Here is where it gets tricky, because this dream is just this side of indescribable. I am instantly aware of this “energy” My knee-jerk reaction is to call it “negative” And it was, in a sense. It was enormously powerful, but the negative “vibe” didn't frighten me at all. There was no standard communication, but I became aware of so many different things simultaneously.

First was that of “Hell” I was not “in” Hell, or having a “vision” of Hell, the best I can describe is that I was in the presence of”Hell” But I wasn't. I was in the presence of...someone... And I had been here before. None of this was in the least frighting.

Then I began...vibrating...on it's “frequency” THIS is the Reality that underlays the “reality” of the Material Plane. This is the REAL, “real” The Material Plane is not “part” of this, it IS this, We are immersed in it, but do not perceive it as we “sleepwalk” through our lives, and I mean that literally.

We ARE “sleepwalking” through our lives here. But every now and then, some folks get to “take a peek” through the Vail of Maya, The “waking dream” , and sense the actual reality of our existence.

This being was “from” there. As I stood in it's presence, I began to “wake up” I have had this experience only once before in my life, decades ago, I was wide awake when it happened, and I got the 20 dollar tour. From soup to nuts.

Looooooooooooog story.

Then the Presence withdrew, and I woke up.

The End.

Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:12 am
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Sounds interesting and like this was a very powerful experience, very cool Passchendaele ^^ Thank you for sharing

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:53 pm
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