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Affirmations are statements that you have to repeat to yourself over and over again, whether it's mentally or verbally. Affirmations can have positive or negative connotations. These affirmations can change your entire life if used correctly or it can damage a parson's entire being if used incorrectly. When saying affirmations you have to truly believe in the words your speaking... for example if you constantly tell yourself you're powerful yet you feel powerless, then it can cause an internal chaos to occur within you. You have to truly believe what you are saying in order for it to have the effect you desire. You can word the affirmations in any way that makes you believe in them

"I am..."

"I will....."

"I have....."

"I desire....."

"I want......"

Some say you're not suppose to use statements such as "I want" and "I desire" when using affirmations because it shows a lack of.... but if it helps motivate you to reach for what you desire then by all means say it, it all depends on how you feel when saying it, do you feel a painful longing for something that you feel is out of reach then you should change the way you word it. Affirmations are used to change your mindset and change your beliefs that's why they're so powerful, as you keep repeating and believing in them their power continues to increase and you start to undergo a transformational shift.

You can also use visualization techniques to enhance the feeling of the affirmations. When I was younger I used affirmations in a negative way that caused me nothing but pain....I would call myself stupid, ugly and many other horrible names for years and all that negativity consumed my life. I would invoke past memories of horrible times in my life that made me feel stupid, ugly, powerless...I would imagine my life getting worse everyday and the amount of pain I felt inside when I would sit there and just visualize myself as a miserable nobody overwhelmed my entire being everyday and made the words I called myself 100 times more powerful. Not everyone may believe in affirmations and that's okay but from my own experience I know that affirmations work for me, I just need to be conscious of how I use them.

I also want to say that when saying affirmations I believe that they will change your mindset and your views but they won't change everyone's view on you. Just because you truly believe you're beautiful and talented doesn't mean the whole world will see you like that but I think because you're having a more positive outlook on yourself may just attract other positive things into your life. I just don't believe that you can change everyone's way of thinking when saying affirmations.

Does anyone on here use affirmations? In what ways do affirmations work for you? What are your thoughts on affirmations?

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Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:56 pm
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I use "I am" statements to get me in certain mindsets, when needed, or to focus myself on a goal. I don't like using "I will," "I want," or "I desire," specifically because that implies space between what I am seeking and the time frame it is going to manifest.

This also works very well for anxiety and panic. "I am okay. I am calm. I breathe easily..." sometimes, when I'm really scared, I like to add in a little "the things I am afraid of should be afraid of me!" Just for good measure.

A note: do not use "not," either. This confuses the intention. Example: instead of "I am not afraid," use "I am calm." Frame it in the positive, so that the intention behind the words is clear and has a more direct path to manifestation. Affirmations truly can be powerful, especially when you put some serious energetic weight behind the words. You can even use affirmations in baneful magic, if you are so inclined; you just change the "I" to "You" or the person's name. (I don't use baneful magic much myself, simply because that requires more effort to think of the things I hate rather than things I enjoy, but other people are not me).

Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:40 pm

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the "i will.." that i read is " i will it that..", meaning "i intent.." not "im going to.." :devilread:

Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:25 pm
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