Chaotic Witch Tips #1: Upcycling

Magical tools that we use in our workings
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For any of us who love to listen to music, i’m sure you are more than familiar with the frustration of headphones that deteriorate and eventually stop working due to a short in the cord. If you’re anything like me you probably have a surplus of broken headphones sitting around that you may or may not reluctantly use as a backup when your current pair of headphones inevitably meets the same fate. Or maybe you just throw them out and don’t want to deal with it.

You should really save them though, broken headphones can be useful as a spell material when you’re trying to silence a target. Those around them will be unable to hear their bullshit or get annoyed because it comes in short out of context bursts that make no sense. You can tie up someone’s online presence with the cord to bind their band/page/platform as well.
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I never thought of that 👀
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That's a neat idea! Keeps them from getting just thrown out immediately too.
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