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 Using Dark Demonic Energy versus Using Light Energy 
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Vixen wrote:
Bathosias wrote:
Then again, maybe I'll take Vixen's view and go try out for the NBA (or better yet, UFC or the NFL!). I'll get back to you on the results! Hahaha :devilthumbs: :devilclap:

I believe you have my view mistaken, energies are not exclusive...they are not barred off, restricted, or made to be something that only certain people can 'touch'..they simply are. Basketball (and I have no idea why I'm playing along with this strange analogy) can actually be used as a comparative tool for something like soccer to note the differences in technique, the different use of muscle groups, the aims and the intentions, even recognizing common ground and manners in which the two can be brought together. The NBA is a social structure derived from the essence of basketball, I don't believe it to be an apt comparison for the purpose of what was being brought up as energies are not bound by structures and hierarchies and rules and the likes, again..they simply are.

Actually, I don't believe I have mistaken your view. And after that explanation, I'm fairly sure I haven't. Then again, I'm not that bright. This is just illustrative of how I seem to interpret things in a much more "conservative" fashion than many, if not most, people here do. I simply do not subscribe to the "anything you want is achievable" or "if you can imagine it, then it is so" mindset. Not that this is exactly what is being said here, but it is in essence a derivative of that philosophy. I suppose that's great if it works for you. If I can make it work for me, then I'll be manifesting the unimaginable before we know it. Then again, I guess I wouldn't be or it really is not unimaginable since I first need to imagine it! Haha

I suppose that this is more art than science. And what works for one may not be there for everyone. It just is more of an SK mindset than I can bring myself to accept. Nowhere in my other LHP studies have I seen it. At least, yet. Time will tell as we are all evolutionary creatures and also prisoners to our own experience. :devilthumbs:

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Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:02 am
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Akelta wrote:
Satan's Hellcat wrote:
Really REALLY appreciate this answer, Akelta! I do have dark energies, but I am not sure about Dark Demonic Energies specifically. I hope my DE Reading will shed some light on this. Are you saying that the Demons will work with me even if I do not have a single drop of Dark Demonic energy? I hope so! I would love to do shadow work, and I think it is one thing that may help me the most, especially in helping me keep my own personal balance. I shall be looking forward to the booklet on specific meditations. I am just very excited and want to get started! I have been held back too much in this lifetime, ESPECIALLY by my High Self, and I can tolerate it no longer! If I die least I got to try! Of course, i would PREFER not to! XD

Oh of course! Demons will work with people of all species, it is not an exclusive club to work with them, and even over time people can learn to work alongside them and with their energies, I just exercise caution because I have seen people get burned by using energies that are not attuned to them and also been hurt by specific energy frequencies. The main foundation is to be true to yourself and to honour your energies.

Demons will work with you no matter what darkness you have in you :) They will also help you with Shadow work and may also help match you up with others who have understandings of your situation.

Really with spirituality the sky is the limit as Mammon says. It is good to ask questions and explore ideas and energies, Just take the steps you need and don't rush into things. Develop your spiritual foundation, and know yourself and keep going! Empires are built by dreaming big and experimenting and being willing to go out there, yes you have to have a plan, but you also have to have a dream or it wont grow, every dream started with someones idea that they gave enough energy to to grow.

Everyone is different and that is part of what makes this world beautiful, and it is part of the LHP to honour ourselves and who we are.

Also yes, Fallen Angels are all infused with DDE so they essentially were turned into demons. It is a process that the outer spiritual world self can go through for transformation, it was something they did when they left heaven. FA's are classified as Demons.

Hmm. THIS Fallen Angel chooses the path of Lucifer! I wonder if I can get infusions of DDE? I won't be working with any angels unless I have to! I have been betrayed beyond any hope of rectification by them. Enough is enough! :nener: to those A-holes!

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Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:23 am
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