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The Satan & Suns Forum and Discord is a collaboration of many different minds, beliefs, paths and ideas, all of which do not reflect the beliefs, views and/or philosophies of Satan and Sons or its Coven. The opinions, posts, views and beliefs expressed on this forum and in our discord channel including all members, the moderation team, and members of different ranks are solely the views, opinions and beliefs of the one who posted them and in no way reflect the views, posts, beliefs or opinions of Satan & Sons/Suns and its Coven. The author of the post assumes all liability and responsibility for the words that they post. The priestesses of Satan & Sons do not give explicit approval of anything anyone says, regardless of who they are and everyone speaks for themselves.

Please keep this in mind when reading posts on the forum or messages on Discord, whether made by a member who has been here a long time or even moderators. Thank you and we look forward to the continued sharing and open expression among all of our members.

As with any sacred place we need to make sure we create a safe atmosphere where people can feel free to express themselves and grow along their individual path without criticism. In order to do that there needs to be set boundaries and rules that we need to follow and abide by. These are basic rules for now but they will be updated from time to time as we grow in size.

We seek to make this a place of education, spiritual learning and exploration and make it as safe as possible for people to discuss their path and experiences without fear and prejudice.

This is a community of many paths, we believe that the individual needs the space to be able to find the path that is right for them. We are here to learn from each other and sometimes our views may conflict, but we have to remember the spiritual world is a big place and there is room for all of us.

I am going to say this, it is not our job to ensure members get along, it is our job to uphold the rules of the forum.  Our rules are simple, we need to work together to abide by them.  We are going to be laying out very clear rules moving forward so that there is no discrepancy and everyone is one the same page.  We feel this will benefit everyone.  

We have been working at warding the website and erecting shields of protection, as well as daily cleanses and a large cleansing we have been performing to refresh the energies. Please do not hesitate to contacts us, or send us a PM if you have questions, comments or concerns.

This forum is an open space for people of many different paths, We are not just about Satanism, Demonolatry and Demonosophy. We welcome and accept any path and anyone is welcome here so long as they show respect for other members and their paths. There are a lot of topics to be discussed.

We are a forum of spiritual exploration and enjoy exploring different ideas and concepts through discussion and sharing.

Unless we are the authors or wrote the information, we do not endorse or back the content of this forum. Everyone is allowed to post about their path, which might not align with our path or our beliefs.

This is part of walking a spiritual journey, you might not agree with everything that you see. Everyone is responsible for the ideas and concepts in the posts that they submit.

Unless we have posted it ourselves or are the author, content by other members does not represent the path, views or beliefs of the priestesses of Satan and Suns. We do not agree with everything that is out there but we have offered this space for the presentation of ideas and spiritual exploration.

Please see this topic for the Official List of Admins and Mods

Thank you everyone for being a part of this community as we would not have Satan and Suns without you!

Satan and Sun’s Forum Rules and Courtesies.

1) Respect

a) To be a member of this community you do not need to walk a particular path. The owners and moderators of this board all walk a darker path, but that does not mean we are not open to the paths of others. We ask that you respect others and their individual paths and also to be respectful of their experiences.

If you find instances where people are promoting hate, cruelty or malicious actions then please report the post and notify the moderators, they will take action to remove the post and speak with the individual. We are open to people from all paths if you wish to come here and learn, however, any offensive or disrespectful remarks will not be tolerated.

b) Debate is welcome and encouraged so long as it is clean and done in a respectable manner. All beliefs and paths are welcome here and we ask that you be respectful of each other. Please do not criticize another’s beliefs and try to convert them. That will not be tolerated. We are here to learn from each other.

c) Respect also falls into the category of respect for animals, children, others, and respect for the demons. Some things we do not tolerate here.

i) We will not condone animals sacrifice and other posts of cruelty, torture and abuse.
ii) We are an LGBT friendly community and will not condone any hate speech of that nature.
iii) We do not condone and will not tolerate racist, rude, insulting or hurtful remarks
iv) Any abusive, nasty, accusatory, threatening, or hurtful remarks will not be tolerated.  

d) If you see an abusive or threatening post, one that insights bullying or harassment, or one that promotes hate speech then please flag the post and our moderators will look into it. 

e) Respect the moderators and the administrators. If one of them is talking to you about something that has happened, work with them and be polite to them. They are working in your favor to resolve conflict. If you are told to stop a certain action, listen to them and stop doing what they have told you to stop doing.

Do not argue with them or this can result in a warning and lead up to a ban. We are very reasonable but we won't tolerate name-calling, rude remarks or refusal to do as we ask. If you don't want to do what a moderator has asked you to do you are welcome to leave or if you do it anyway, will receive a warning or possibly a ban depending on what the situation is.

Final note: We are all adults and can agree to disagree. Remember we all walks different paths and just because we have come to different conclusions does not mean we have to yell at each other. Debate can open up the doors of knowledge and new understanding but keep it clean.

2) Handling Drama and Personal Conflicts with other members.  

a) First of all, what happened outside of the forum and the board needs to stay there.  Do not bring your personal issues to the forum.  We are trying to maintain an integral and educational community and we all need to take steps to ensure that this community stays peaceful and continues to grow and thrive.  

The golden rule of the forum is respect and we ask you to please preserve that even when you have personal issues with another member.  In this space we are working towards building a community, and we are working to allow this place to grow and thrive, drama and personal issues bring down the energy.  

b) We will be moderating based on what we see on the board.  We do not care about who said what where outside of the board, in this space we need to work to uphold the peaceful atmosphere and that means no abusive, nasty, threatening, or hate-filled remarks will be tolerated.  

This is an open and free forum where everyone is able to communicate and participate. We ask that you respect the rules of this forum and not bring outside drama or personal conflicts on the boards.  

We will be basing our moderating decisions on what we see on the threads.  

c) That being said at times conflicts can and do arise.  We have a wide variety of personalities and it is bound to happen that two people might not get along or might have a falling out.  If this happens we do need to take steps to preserve the peace of the forum. We are all adults so please try to resolve the issue amongst yourselves and do not bring outside drama to the forums.  

If you are at odds with other members of the forum DO NOT take matters into your own hands, the best way to handle this is to ignore them.  If two members cannot get along the best way to handle this is to...

i) Even if you have issues with another party be respectful of them and ignore them.
ii) Do not bring your personal issues here. Try to resolve things as best you can.  
ii) Do not bring past drama and conflict from other places here, keep external drama out of the forum environment.  
iii) You can disagree and debate but please do it respectfully.  
iv) if the issue is insurmountable and you feel that you are being bullied or harassed then please place the other individual on your foe list.
Ignore each other and stay away from each other to prevent drama and conflict. 
vi)Do not post on their threads, and report any abusive PM’s you receive to the moderation team.  
vii)If you are being harassed or abused report to a MOD right away instead of letting it fester, or arguing about it underhandedly on the forum.

d) This is the best way for us to handle these situations, the forum is big enough and there is enough space for everyone to make threads that will avoid conflicting personalities having to engage each other.  

Threads can be very personal and we need remember that there is a sense of vulnerability in posting.   

e) Legally anything anyone posts in their intellectual property though through the forum’s terms and services the forum is responsible for the publishing of your content, the author of the thread is still the author and the owner of everything that they say and post. Satan and Sons or it's affiliates and associates are not responsible nor endorse untying that is posted by another.

Spiritual paths are very personal and sometimes topics are going to overlap but that is ok because we all have unique experiences.  

f) This is a public forum and anyone is allowed to post where they want, the question you need to ask is, is it advisable?  If you are trying to avoid someone, avoid them. If you are really bothered by them and have personal issues with them then we advise both parties to avoid each other.   

Part of walking the LHP is taking personal responsibility and accountability and that means taking the steps you need to take to limit interactions with people you do not want to interact with.

g) We will not tolerate bullying or trolling of other members on our forum, including in shout box. We also do not want drama from other forums being brought on here and instigated. We especially will not tolerate bullying with intent to push someone towards suicide. This is absolutely unacceptable and there are legal ramifications that can fall on us as forum owners, including dealing with law enforcement, so any accusations of this will be taken very seriously.

3) Be respectful of the PM system.

a) The PM system is a privilege that is granted members of the board.  It is not meant to be a tool use to solicit other members or abuse and harass them.  Do not use the PM system to harass, assault, threaten or antagonize another member of the forum.  

Misuse of the PM system will result in these privileges being taken away.  

b). There is absolutely no solicitations, harassment or slandering other sellers through the PM system.  It is designed and meant for the use of board members to converse with each other and communicate.  It is not meant for dealing and selling. 

If you are in violation of this rule you will be warned and possibly have your privileges revoked.  

4) No Spam or Trolling

a) This is a community where we seek to learn and explore many different paths. Debate is welcome and encouraged in some cases but any irrelevant posts or posts specifically designed to incite a rise out of another member will be removed.

Any spam or off topic posts will be removed.  

b) Any spam that is posted on the threads will be removed.  There is a designated section for advertising with its own rules, any spam or solicitations on the main threads will be removed and deleted.  

c) The shout-box, there is to be no trolling in the shout-box. No making outlandish comments that are meant to insight a rise out of people, and no comments that are just meant to detract and take away from the conversation.

d) If you cannot participate and join the conversation in a respectable manner then please refrain from making comments. Do not disrupt the conversation or do things purpose to distract form the things other are saying.

***The moderators and admins reserve the right to remove any posts that are seen an innapropiate and trolling in nature. If you cannot conduct yourself with maturity and have a civilized conversation then do not post. If these offended continue and it is clear to everyone that trolling is happening then we reserve the right to ban participation on the forum

5) No Accusations

a) If you are going to post nasty gossip or the accusation that someone has cursed, hexed or spelled you without any basis or proof the post will be deleted and if you continue to make sure posts it will be considered malicious and disciplinary actions will take place.

b) We will not allow any inter-forum fighting and no seller bashing, if you have a legitimate issue with a seller that is fine to discuss, but no bashing and accusations against other sellers, especially on topics that cannot be physically proven. We are nurturing a community to help other sellers to grow on their own paths.   

If you have an issue with another seller then please talk to them directly and take up your concerns with them.  

c) We also do not allow vessel reading or spirit verification threads.

6) Links

a) We do encourage reading and sharing resources, posting resource links and interesting articles. But we do have to make some things known.

The SB is not a place to advertise, it is a social place for discussion.

b) Feel free to talk about your entities and experiences from any seller and you can even post details about your entity and experiences, but please keep ads and direct links to listings to a minimum.  

c) If you are a seller or have wares you wish you post please post it in the correct section... l" onclick=";return false; l ... this section here is for posting listings from other sellers. There are rules for posting ads as well, they can be viewed here.. l" onclick=";return false; l Please keep ads to this section.

d) Please refrain from posting links from sellers who are in direct competition with S&S or have had conflict and issues with S&S, other sellers have other resources to talk about their wares.

7) The Shout-box

a) The shout-box is meant to be a fun social tool for discussion. Please keep it clean and respectful.  

b) No one has to reply to you when they are online, people sign on for various reasons and it is a choice to participate in the SB discussion.  Don't attack other members or get upset if someone doesn't answer.

It can be hard to watch the SB while scrolling through the forum and I know for the Admin, when they are in the backend they can't see the shout-box.

c) Do not get upset or feel ignored if someone doesn't reply. There could be many reason why they didn't see you address them, especially with our mods and admins.  They have many reasons why they have logged on to the forum and sometimes they are genuinely busy.  

8) Mass Post Deleting and Account Deletion

I need to cover this topic because we are growing as a community and I do want to address this, because it has come up, I want you all to know that moving forward this will be the policy of mass deletions of posts and deleting accounts. This is for the content threads on the forum and does not cover sales and seller threads.

Mass Deleting Posts

a) One of the things that makes online forums special is the fact that they are shared spaces. This means that when someone contributes, their contribution directly impacts the contributions of others. There are no walls or profiles, no individual areas where you have to opt-in to a specific person (at least, not usually and not in a way that outweighs the shared spaces). There is simply a space that everyone shares.

Mass deletions can be very harmful for the community, and though sometimes they are necessary, we would really like to avoid them moving forward.

Deleting Accounts

a) While there are special cases at times where accounts will be deleted, moving forward we will not mass delete posts or delete accounts, we are going to try to find other options. With accounts, moving forward if you would like to leave, your account will not be deleted. It will be closed.

This means that the username is changed to something non-descriptive, like username12345. The profile fields (email address, instant messenger names, website URLs, avatars, etc.) are cleared. The account is closed from further usage and the member can no longer use it, as it is no longer tied to them or identifiable to them.

b) Regarding Individual posts though, we are happy to work with people on any sensitive or identifying information. I would need a write up of your concerns and why you would like the post removed, and then we will look into removing it.

These posts can be ones that have identifying information of photos that the person does not wish to be seen, or highly personal posts they no longer wish to be seen. In those cases, I’m happy to help and simply to remove the sensitive posts in question.

c) The goal here is to respect the integrity of the community and a forum space, without upsetting people. In the end, all your posts are stored in Google and other spider indexing. They exist. If you post online you are opening yourself up and there is nothing I can do about deleting those indexing.

This is how Post Deletion and Account Deleting will be handled moving forward.

9) Moderation Warnings and Bannings. 

We really wanted to avoid this, to help people grow and for the most part we will continue as we always have. You know that it takes a lot for us to give warnings because we believe in growth and helping people, we also believe in letting people learn from their mistakes.  

This does not include rants, venting, feeling frustrated and just needing to let off steam. This system is for people who are clearly abusive, threatening or being nasty to other members.  

a) For most offences we are reasonable and want to work with you to solve things in a diplomatic fashion where everyone can learn and grow.  

Most things we let go and If you own up and apologize for your actions, no warning will be given unless it is very apparent that it is a hollow apology.  

If you are sincere and own up to what happened, let’s put the past behind us and move forward.  The LHP is about personal accountability and responsibility and we want to breed a positive atmosphere where we can grow and learn.  

b) DO NOT threaten another member with harm, physically or spiritually.  This will not be tolerated. I don’t care how much of a bad ass you think you are, if you threaten a member of this forum you will face consequences.  There is no reason to threaten anyone here.  This is serious and it is something we want to avoid here.  

There is a reason that Satan and Suns is of the energy vibration that it is.  This includes..  

~ Threats of physical nature
~ Threats of a spiritual nature.  Ex. death cursing, harm or threatening to take out another member of this forum
~ Threats to attack someone else's spirits/entities, sever spiritual connections or kill someone's spirit/entity
~ Purposely going after people in a cruel and nasty way.   
~ Trolling someone with the intent to provoke them
~ Posting horrific images of abuse and torture with the intent to disturb other members
~ Taunting someone who has mentioned being suicidal, teasing or trying to push someone to hurt themselves in any way will result in immediate ban

Depending on the severity of the case and other factors, you may be instantly banned for any of the above listed reasons. We take our members' safety very seriously and we will do what is necessary to preserve the the environment and energy we work so hard to maintain in this space.

If your actions do not result in a ban, below are the steps starting with warning leading up to permanent ban for repeat offenses:

1) You will be given a warning.  

2) If you do it again you will be given a 24 hour ban.

3) The next time will result in a 3 day ban.

4) A fourth offence will result in a permanent ban.

This is not energy that we want here and if you are unable to control yourself then please take your aggressions elsewhere.

c) We reserve the right to ban you if we find out you are talking bad about us or spreading rumours about us or members of our forum.  We ask that events that happen on the forum stay there and private details shared by our members not be taken and posted elsewhere.  

This is especially true in the private blog section of the forum and the over 18 sections.  People share personal details and they do not want them shared outside of the forum.  What happens on S&S stays on S&S.  Thank you!

Final Note: Presented here are the rules for participation on this Forum. Lets work together to keep this space one of respect and education. Ok now that that is over with lets get back to posting and just having fun.

10) The Night Market and other Paranormal Sellers.

a) Members of the night market market through the S&S forum and are valued members of the community, but they are not directly associated with the Satan and Suns/Sons Store or its products and we are not responsible for their work. Unless it is listed in the Satan and Sons store we are not responsible for the work of others.

If you have issues or problems with the work purchased then please refer back to the individual that you purchased the working from as they are the best one to assist you at resolving your issue. It is unethical for S&S and it's priestess's to interfere with any work done by another.

b). We will not be answering questions on readings and workings done by other conjurers and sellers, this is unethical and completely against our policy. just like we will not do vessel readings or readings in general on other sellers work moving forward we will not be answering questions on any readings, workings or items purchased from other sellers.

If you have work done from another seller and you have questions you are going to have to refer those question back to the one who did the work for you.

11) Adult Content and the 18+ section

For forum membership levels and how to gain access to blogs or the 18+ section please see this topic

a) The 18+ section of the forum follows the rules of the rest of the forum as outlined above, however it is specifically for posting erotic content. You can share anything you like there as long as it does not involve/depict anything sexual with underage participants or other things that are against the law.

i) Please also do not post anything that is extremely graphic, violent or disgusting. We know this is up to individual interpretation but please use your best judgement. It is supposed to be a place that is free, open and fun with few restrictions. So we're leaving the rules for this kind of open with the exception of posting illegal content. Do not post anything that can get you investigated or arrested.

We reserve the right to ban outright any member who posts content involving abuse of children or animals and will report you to the proper authorities.

b) While the 18+ section of the forum is very open and free, it may not give the same sense of security as the blogs on the forum. For this reason if you have something that is very personal and sexual in nature, we recommend making use of your personal blog.

i) When posting erotic content in your personal blog, please include a warning in the Subject line. Add something along the lines of 'Warning Adult Content' to indicate what is contained within so people can avoid it if they are logging in from a more public location.

If something is posted in someone's blog, please respond respectfully and use more discretion than you would in the 18+ section.

c) Nudity is allowed in other areas of the board, though sexual content should be kept to the blogs, 18+ section, the Creative Mezzanine and the Arts, Culture and Music section. When posting sexual content in one of those 4 places, please tag it as outlined above.

Nudity is allowed in avatars, porn is not.

d) While we don't limit discussions of certain topics at this point, if you are posting about a sensitive subject please tag it with adult content in the subject and at the top of your post put what sensitive subject you are posting about (example: rape, violence, etc).

We reserve the right to remove any content that is offensive or intentionally malicious/abusive.

12)Offerings from other Metaphysical Sellers

[/b]The advertising section of our board is for members of the paranormal community to offer their services, listings, websites, blogs, rituals and any other services you offer. You can also post links to offerings from other sellers as well.     Please advertise your offerings and store links under Offerings and Listings; however, there are some rules that we ask you to abide by.  

Satan and Suns/Sons, its priestesses, associates and members are not responsible for verifying and accrediting what is posted here.  We are not responsible for the work that is offered and if you have a complaint you will need to take it up with the individual who posted the items here.  

If any abuse or harassment happens please inform the moderators so it can be dealt with.   

Rules to Promote Sites on Satan and Suns/Sons

1) To promote your own website, use the section titled

Offerings from Metaphysical Sellers, to post links to other seller's websites use

Places to Buy Metaphysical Supplies.

The section Magickal Tool Product Reviews should be used for reviews for other websites who offer metaphysical services or supplies.

2)  In order to greater support the metaphysical community we have decided to offer the option for sellers to advertise their listings, websites, blogs, rituals and any other services on our forum. We require that you follow certain rules and use common sense within this section, as with all other sections on the forum.  

We will not tolerate offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, prejudice, or overtly rude comments from anyone, and this includes advertising.  Anyone acting in this matter will be removed immediately.  We do not bash other sellers or communities, we build them up.

3) If you are promoting your website, please remember you are also solely responsible for your postings and wares.  S&S assumes no responsibility for you or your products.   Thank you!

4) If you are having issues with an item purchased please refer all questions back to the original seller.  

5) We do not perform or promote vessel readings and advertising of that nature is not permitted on this board.   Please respect our team and remember that if we didn’t sell it, we are not responsible, if you are having trouble with an entity or spirit you purchased please return to the conjurer you acquired them from and ask them for assistance.  

6) Brand new members that are light blue in color, are not allowed to post ads in this section.

7) Advertising for stores/products of banned members will be immediately removed by the moderators. Please do not post links/ads to stores of banned members.

8) Sellers do not solicit people through PM's. If you receive a solicitation please contact a moderator or administrator immediately.

9) No one should be soliciting others for money or asking for donations. If you see this in a topic or someone sends a PM asking for money, please report it immediately.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in a warning and repeated offenses can result in a ban.
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great revisions! Understood :)
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Excellent revisions, I still wonder about the requirements for tenure as I have not managed to locate anything on it thus far.
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Thanks Yllidra for posting the updated rules, this is great!
fire083 wrote:Excellent revisions, I still wonder about the requirements for tenure as I have not managed to locate anything on it thus far.
We will be putting together a post on the different levels soon and the requirements for Tenurship :cooldevil:
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Akelta wrote:Thanks Yllidra for posting the updated rules, this is great!
fire083 wrote:Excellent revisions, I still wonder about the requirements for tenure as I have not managed to locate anything on it thus far.
We will be putting together a post on the different levels soon and the requirements for Tenurship :cooldevil:
Awesome :headbang:
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Seems pretty basic common sense rules

I am so grateful to have this place to learn about what paths others are on and expand my own knowledge
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heard and understood :devilthumbs:
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I love these rules! !!!!!
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Read and understood. Another good place to learn in a respectful way. Kudos.
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Read and understood. So very well written :fulldevil:
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