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Going to the dentist used to be much more horrible than it is now: ... -dentistry" onclick=";return false;
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That is really cool, and probably really painful X__X

Thank goodness for pain killers.
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Yay correct :devilthumbs:
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Ouchies! I have had a tooth so bad I wanted to take a hammer and knock it out. If I had known it meant a root canal that would cost over $2000 and not last even 2 years, I'd have just had it pulled!
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Yes it was Horrible going to The Dentistry its some what better now but not Much a ' Few years back 'I Went to a Dentist here in New Orleans and What every He used to try and Numb my Mouth With it didn't Work ' I Could feel him breaking my tooth When He Started removing my Tooth it was to late for him to Stop ' it Hurt but not as Bad as Someone Would think it Would but it needed to Come out and Oh Boy ' He got it out :lol:
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Yikes and ouchies. I bet that hurt. I’ve had some pretty painful dental work done but It definitely wouldn’t compare to having that.
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