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 Reconnecting Wih Family 
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A funeral is not for the dead. It is for the living. As I laid my Dad to rest this past Friday, it was with sadness at the loss of someone who taught me so much, and with great joy at reconnecting with family. Not only that, but demon family meet my human family. My human family did not know, but my demon family was DELIGHTED to know them! There was squabbling, and stories, jokes and fights. I have two nephews who are police officers, two sisters who have grown with families, and even a new boyfriend for my sister who will be 54 this year. The trip was tough for me physically, but my demon companions protected me the whole way. There was only one incident on the subway platform, when a pickpocket targeted me. I felt my eyes slide over and saw him, and his energy was intent and focused, like a predator! Bane let me see him, and I got taught a lesson about the importance of watching both my personal space and surroundings. Then he was escorted away, suddenly deciding that I was not worth his time, at the suggestion of my protectors. Great. My dad had military honors at the funeral, which also fascinated my demons. It was hard to see dad. He was incredibly thin from being sick so long. My demons insisted I see him. It was good, because I know his spirit is gone, and we only buried a body, a shell. I stayed at my half-brother's house, where my sister-in law waited on me hand and foot. They had stairs. and I was not strong enough yet for those. I crawled up, dragging my little duffle bag. Yep. I was pathetic. We laughed so much, and just before I left, they insisted on laying hands on me and praying for me. :p I let them. Positive energy, and I got an angelic escort home. My demons did not fight them and kept watch with them over me. No problems. I found out just how much my sludge-eaten brother had destroyed of the family legacy, and found out that my inheritance would be less than I thought because of him, but still substantial. My sister, who was executor, was having the rest of the trees on the 67 acres of land in Virginia cut down. Daniel Sludge had already had a lot of them cut to line his pockets. All those turkey and deer and beaver, now out of a home. *sad* I will ask Lord Belial if he will help the earth recover and be fruitful again. It is not likely that land will sell like that, but the trees will pay for the cost of Dad's funeral and the remaining bills when Daniel ran up my dad's credit cards, and forced him to take out loans for his drug money. :( If Daniel is expecting a full share of the inheritance, he is wrong! My sister took the costs of the bills and trees he cut from his share. She had dad change the will before he died, before he became so sick. It is what he deserves. The family house is on the market, and we'll have to see when it sells and for how much. My brother was drunk at the funeral, and snuck up to grab me in a hug from behind....the sludge trying to transfer to me! I need a couple rosemary and salt baths after that! :p I got the flag that covered my Dad's coffin. Daniel raised holy hell, and wanted it. Nope. I'll burn it first! He called the funeral home, cursing, and then called the marine base who sent the men to honor my father, again cursing them out, trying to get the flag. It is home safe with me. *wide grin* I will get a triangular flag case for it and engraved my dad's name on a brass plate. I have pictures of everyone. It was a good trip. My family has mellowed with age, and grown into good people. My sisters and I made up. I feel at peace, and I know dad is.

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Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:57 am
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Yikes! I think you talked about it before, but you said it's too late for your brother to get rid of his own sludge? The sludge has been there so long that it's become his personality... I also know some people like that... :devilcry: And it's too bad that so many trees are being cut down from the property. They purify the air, and give homes to many birds and animals... :devilcry: Let's just say I have... a few choice words for your brother. :lol:

I'm glad you got to see your father off and make up with your sisters at least. And I'm glad you got your father's flag too. :hug: I think he would have wanted you to have it. How interesting you got an angelic escort :) one of your family member's guardian angels? Hehe!

:grouphug: We're all here for you, Hellcat, even in the hardest of times!

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Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:32 am
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Really this is a heartwarming story. I am so close with my family and it saddens me when I see others that do not have that blessing. I am so glad to year that you had a reconnection and they cared enough with so much love to pray over you. Of course your demons are not going to mind. They know and welcome anything that will be of benefit to you body and soul. They are not so petty and jealous. They understand you sadness and your need of physical healing. I am deeply sorry to hear of your fathers's passing but know he lives in now closer to you than ever.

My aunt also passed away a few days ago. I was surprised when I learned she has the same wishes I do, to not have a visitation or funeral, but to have a celebration of life in the spring, which the family is past due for and I think she knew this. Her way of telling us to enjoy her memory and enjoy each other after the sadness of her passing has eased. I tell my kids all the time this is what I want.

Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:37 pm
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