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Hey y’all just wanted to take an interest check and see if anyone was possibly interested in working together on psychic senses for the month of july. I was planning mainly to work on clairaudience and clairvoyance, but i’m also open to suggestion.

Kind of miss the excitement of the group setting with everyone elevating and improving.
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Hell yes, i am DEFININETLY interested in developing my psychic senses; it would be an honor to do so with you all
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Please keep me posted on when this is official , i am highly interested and hella look forward to working with everyone
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I work a lot but I would be interested in this
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Absolutely. My time is rather sporadic but I think I would be inbterested in that!
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I would be interested. The more senses the better.
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This would be great! Especially it helps with motivation in doing a routine. :)
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Sounds interesting. Keep me informed please.

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