Tea Chat: Manifesting with Demons

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June 4th 2021- Manifesting with Demons


Today we will be discussing manifesting with demons and manifesting in general. Akelta noticed in the chat that there are days where people feel that the energy is very good and other days when it’s not so good. There are ways to counter the not-so-great days and there are ways to shift things with demon companions, so that we can manifest even on days where we feel like we are unraveling. The first part of doing this comes from understanding the nature of how energies work.

Akelta was pushed into learning this topic because there is a lot of information floating around concerning manifestation. She found however that if someone hears about manifesting but has never experienced it before it’s hard to fully trust and believe in it. This is due to the fact that it sounds a bit fantastical. It’s easy to believe something when we are in a positive mindset and have witnessed it happening. However, when the process of manifestation begins, and the transition starts happening we get into a mindset where it breaks the energies. One of the wonderful things about working with demons is even if you get into the mindset where you begin to reverse manifest (because that can happen) demons will take steps to counter it and counter any negative manifestations. This is one thing Akelta knows does occur when working with companions.

The process of manifestation is a space where your world is in a state of tension where you are shifting from where you are to where you want to be. Therefore, if you want to manifest money, an object, or anything you set your sights on you go through a phase from being someone who doesn’t have that to someone who energetically has it. There are different ways to get to that point and we will talk about some of those techniques here.

There are instances where people cannot experience new vibrations and remain in the old vibrations when they begin to manifest. In this case they may say “I want this or want to manifest things” yet what happens is instead all of the inner triggers and patterns come up. These triggers and patterns want to keep you in a stagnant place and to keep you where you are. From this place we can go through a phase where we begin to reverse manifest, which is why a lot of people often start out strong and then it flips throughout the week and with time you start to lose focus and motivation. This is due to the patterns in the mind, which starts to ricochet to pull you back into old patterns. During that time, you can inadvertently manifest horrible things. Akelta has a friend who was a prime example of reverse manifestations however this friend is a Christian and didn’t have demon companions to prevent the manifestations to make sure it didn’t happen like Akelta who is a Demonosopher.

Before you’ve worked on actively manifesting and it’s new to you it can be hard at first to take that leap of faith. A lot of weird stuff is likely going to happen during the transitionary period. Akelta has heard these things from every person who has managed to get over this hump and attain their goals. It’s normal once you’ve set manifestations and started to go towards it for everything to crash, burn and fall apart. When this happens it’s ideal to accept it and acknowledge it as a good thing because it means your manifestations are starting to work. It’s best to think of it as, “I am changing the energies in my environment”. It means all of your patterns, and everything that is blocking, restraining and holding you back is now snapping and what you are witnessing is a result of that.

Akelta’s Experience with Lord Mammon

Akelta has been working with Lord Mammon since she was 20 years old, and she is 36 years old now. Things didn’t take off for her until she was 28 years old so there was an 8-year period of working towards her goals. It went in steps, however it all started when she was broke and had no money at 20 or job/college experience. She started working with Mammon and he started to break her mindsets down.

Lord Mammon made Akelta do research, read and pushed her to shift the way she views the world. From there she began to get opportunities like a better paying job and then an upgrade from that where she began working with very successful people, so she was immersed by their mindsets. Despite this during Akelta’s manifestation journey she was still stuck in old patterns and was on the energetic trajectory to not get what she wants. She was just getting opportunities more aligned to what she desired but didn’t make the full jump yet.

There was a moment for Akelta when everything crashed and fell apart, and she was struggling through that. One of the things Mammon told her during that time is “stop focusing on what’s going wrong and focus on what you want”. Akelta said she was arguing with Mammon a lot during that period saying, “no I have to fix what’s wrong” but he would keep telling her again, “stop focusing on what is wrong and shift and focus on what you want”. The whole exercise was about shifting her mindset and moving it from the problems going on around her to where she is going. Throughout this Mammon put something together for her but she just needed to consistently go with that. Thus, when you are trying to manifest something, like a new opportunity, or a new job you will notice there can be a phase of things not working and things crumbling. However, this is because everything is changing and what you want is getting closer.

When you notice any shifts in your environments whether it is negative or positive especially at this stage it is a sign of the energy changing. A lot of people get stuck and fixated on the negative which undoes the manifestation. This is why working with demons is great because they can hold the manifestation for us till we can get back on track. During Akelta’s transitionary period it all came together and she’s not kidding at the 11th hour and the 59th minute. It was because Mammon was holding the energy for her so when she finally shifted it was there for her, it didn’t shift away from her. When Mammon tells Akelta to do something she trusts him because she knows he sees something that she doesn’t.

When you first start really working with demons towards these higher goals it’s best not to worry if things go wrong because that’s all a part of it. Things still go wrong for Akelta even now but she knows what they are- that they are just shifts and by letting go of those energies and refocusing on what she wants it actually takes care of itself in the end.

Mindset for working through anxiety to our goals

One thing to note about working with demons is that you just need to do enough you don’t have to do anything exorbitant or massive. It’s about making little tweaks throughout the day; they will hold the energies for you. Akelta experienced this before for instance, she didn’t do anything massive in 2012 and she isn’t kidding when she says she cried herself to sleep every night. She was anxious and stressed out that she can’t begin to explain how much it was beating her down. What demons will do is if you even have small shifts throughout the day, if you let the little inspirations that they align for you be what guides you that is enough to move towards your desired goal. Akelta’s mindset in 2012 didn’t lead to her final outcome but it led her far enough that she was able to build towards it, which came later. Akelta understands how crippling anxiety can be as it has shaken her world and broken her before, but the key is not to worry so much about getting it perfect.

Akelta’s mindset shifted a lot since she first began her journey. She even ended up in the hospital for three days because her anxiety was so bad at one point. The key is to keep taking the pressure off yourself that you have to get it 100% because you don’t. The demons will make sure the energies are aligned for you and they will hold it. Don’t worry about big shifts as well you don’t have to do everything all at once you can do little things and have little wins. The secret is to celebrate your wins no matter how small. For instance, even getting up everyday can be a win. Akelta knows some people that have so much anxiety they can’t even get out of bed, so celebrate the little wins even if it’s getting up in the morning. Akelta is the queen of putting pressure on herself so she can understand how challenging that is as well, but if you can remind yourself again that “I don’t have to be perfect I just have to keep going” or “I trust that the demons are helping me” that’s what makes the difference. This was actually what came through big time for her in 2012.

Akelta wishes she could show everyone how much of a mess she was in 2012; everything was obliterated, and she lost her entire stream of income. She was a contract worker so she got no EI, no benefits, and couldn’t even apply for it because her situation put her too high to apply for any help but also, she didn’t have any of the employment protections either. On top of all that she was pregnant, so no one wanted to hire her. Akelta even decided to apply and got an interview at a daycare center at a Christian church. . She had a talk with Mammon about this job and he was like “No just don’t” but she was so desperate for something. She remembers there were aspects like you have to prove your faith and she was thinking how can I fake this? In 2012 Akelta’s husband also had a poor paying job and the money kept getting less and less and with Akelta also losing her form of income and with bills to pay it was hard. They were pawning things left and right. One time they tried to sell something, and one man realized how bad their situation was and he just gave them $20 and was like you need this more than I do. Akelta was experiencing these things until it all just shifted and Akelta remembers when that happened.

What were the little shifts that led to S&S?

That was a funny year that led up to the creation of S&S. Akelta had contract work which means she didn’t qualify for anything like insurance. She lost that work when everything fell apart and she was stuck with no money coming in. She went from having a steady stream of income to nothing. Akelta was 5 months pregnant when it all was cut off and it was horrible. She remembers she told Mammon “I need something” but she couldn’t figure out what he wanted her to do as he kept telling her “to keep focusing on what her purpose was and how she needed to focus on getting on track” he didn’t want her to focus on anything that she didn’t want. However, Akelta kept telling him I need something in the middle of this because I am going to starve to death, she was pregnant and lost 15 pounds.

Mammon and Akelta argued a lot during that year, she wasn’t ready to let go as she wanted to hold on to the beliefs she had. Mammon would keep asking her “well what do you want to do” and Akelta said “to get her energy healing business going and to do more spirituality” so he told her that she then needed to focus on that. However, Akelta would tell him that there are no opportunities for this, and she didn’t understand how he kept saying that. Yet Mammon would keep telling her “The opportunities are there you just don’t see them”.

It was interesting because Akelta worked with demon companions her whole life and after she started talking to people online, she realized that there were others that wanted to connect with demon companions. Through those interactions she thought: “well I’ve worked with them my whole life, I know how to conjure them, and create the links to the vessels” and when people heard that they were stunned. It was one of those moments where we don’t realize how skilled we are until we actually start talking to people.

One of the biggest things that holds people back is not realizing how talented they are. It was one of Akelta’s biggest drawbacks thinking what she does is common. She didn’t realize what she was capable of and a lot of people actually don’t realize their skills and talents. People don’t realize that they have what others desire- many artists for instance are starting to now realize that if they sell things on Etsy, Patreon and so on people do actually want to appreciate their work and want what they create.

Akelta after talking to people online realized that others wanted to connect and work with demons too. Akelta also realized that the way she worked with demons wasn’t well-known. Demons at the time (back in 2012) were seen as evil and not many methods existed other than the Solemn methods along with invocation and evocation. There were a lot of things that Akelta realized people didn’t have access to. She had a different business partner at that time, and they were both broke yet the demons somehow managed manifesting enough resources so that they could set up and get off the ground. From there they were able to start connecting with people to offer companions and begin to teach people about demons.

Was this a soul skill Akelta had?

No, Akelta had two mentors. When she did work with very successful people, she met one of her mentors. He was a businessman who was also a Muslim who conjured djinn. He taught her things like methods in conjuring. Akelta’s other mentor was a theistic Satanist who taught her his methods of working with demons. However, the companionship method that Akelta has developed is her own. She has taken what she learned and adapted what she did throughout her life, so there are soul elements in there but also practical training from two different sources. Akelta has experienced both downloading the information and learning from mentors who were wonderful people. Akelta’s theistic Satanist mentor passed away in 2015 and she was very sad about that. He was a very cool guy and he had a huge influence on her.

How do you aim your manifestations? What if you get things similar to what you want but not helpful like wanting hot sauce and seeing a t-shirt with that hot sauce shortly after.

Akelta says in this case you still manifested the hot sauce so she would celebrate that! She would react with “oh my gosh I manifested a man in a shirt with the hot sauce. That means the hot sauce is just around the corner”. Akelta makes sure that anything that happens she aims it back at her goal. If she wants to manifest money and her friend makes money, she would react by thinking “oh my gosh money came to them we’re manifesting money. This is fantastic, this is amazing”. She would celebrate every aspect of manifestation that comes her way.

Akelta doesn’t get caught up in something manifesting a certain way. She will follow the trajectory of manifestation and she will see it for instance back with the hot sauce example she would notice it and say, “okay I want this hot sauce I see this man wearing an image of it this means my hot sauce is around the corner” and this will further the manifestation. A lot of times when people manifest, they go 1 or 2 steps but it’s when it’s in the fifth or sixth step it actually manifests for you, so you have to keep going when you begin to see that. It means it is working and it is an exciting and surprising process. It’s great to get into it and get enthusiastic about it because then you will see more manifestations until it gets to the big thing. Redirect the energies back to the goal, making sure that everything that happens gets redirected back to it. Even the bad things Akelta redirects back to the goal. When they happen she says, “something is breaking which means her opportunities are opening up” and it works. Akelta was always skilled with manifesting but when she started doing this and shifted her energy into this field it took it to a whole other level.

Root chakra and manifestation

The root chakra can be utilized with manifesting. In one of Akelta’s videos she talks about manifesting by:

• Visualizing what you want to manifest in the root chakra
• Pulling it up through the sacral and then up through the solar plexus chakras
• Then pull it up and out through the heart chakra to bring it into reality

Since the lower chakras are connected to the physical chakras connected to the physical world they help with manifesting and with bringing things into the world. When you do breath work you are tapping into the creation energies of the root chakra. The root chakra has creative energies in it as well as the energies of creation so when you connect to the energies of the root chakra you can bring those creations into the world.

Akelta noticed there is a lot of stuff going on in the world that prevents people from manifesting and much in the world is designed to prevent people from tapping into these abilities. One of the ways it’s prevented is often as a child your root chakra is actually damaged growing up, Akelta’s root chakra included. The root chakra is often so damaged because it contains the energies of creation. Thus, when you learn to breathe into it and hold the focus, concentration and hold your goal you can bring it into the world. When you put the goal in your root chakra and hold the intense focus on your goal and move towards that you will physically start manifesting as the person that has that. It will then vibrationally align you with that goal and will bring you into alignment with it faster. When you energetically tap into those energies and place those energizes inside of you and start vibrating as a person that has that you will begin to act and be the person that does so you will get it. It’s an incredibly powerful technique.

Can we manifest without moving the visualization up from the root chakra and birthing it instead?

There is a reason to rise it out through the chakras as with the manifestation you are bringing it into the stages. The birthing method going from the root and then out really depends on what you are trying to manifest for things mainly things considered a primal energy. However, anything that has to do with higher not as in better but vibrationally since you are moving up through the chakras is great for working with our goals.

Manifesting Exercise with Chakras

The root chakra is the primal force of creation. This is where it can get interesting because if you manifest from the root chakra and you get into primal state the primal state won’t want what the other chakras do. The higher chakras desire certain things, and desire has to play a role in it. The primal chakra can give rise to these things, but you have to blend it with different energies in order to have the want of it.

Exercise Breakdown:

• As mentioned, you would hold the vision of it in your root chakra
• Then you would pull the vision into your sacral chakra, since the sacral is your emotional chakra, you feed
the emotions and the desire into it.
• Then moving to your solar plexus chakra, it is the spark of your higher self and spark of the divine
essence, so you are then acting as a god to command that into existence- to exist through the divine
• Finally, you move it up to your heart chakra and that is the bridge between the physical and spiritual
world. So, you want to bring it up to the love energy of the heart chakra and by this Akelta isn’t meaning
the ‘feeling’ love but the vibration of it which exists there. What you do then is you can create a spirit
bridge with your heart chakra to bring it into the world.

You need to have a bridge in order to bring it into the physical world.

How energies work with manifestation?

The mind creates it and visualizes it. The root chakra doesn’t visualize it – the mind does which is why the mind moves the energies down to the root in the first place because you have to visualize it in that chakra. By doing this we already created a connection between the third eye chakra and the root chakra.
The bridge that is created is when you have the thought or idea and then the creation energies in the root chakra. As you visualize in the mind and connect in the root you create the bridge from the two aspects. From there that is when you have to bring it up to the heart chakra because that combines the primal energies of the root chakra, the sacral, the solar plexus, with the power of the third eye and energetically creates the manifestation.

What if you have too many blocks in the sacral and the solar plexus chakras to manifest?

A lot of people say you need to be in this perfect state to manifest and it’s not true. We do have many blocks in our chakras and it’s amazing what happens when we clear those blocks. Akelta was doing an energy healing on her husband, and they were going through every one of the chakras and removing all the blocks. It was a very long session and probably took 4 hours to do, and when the last block was cleared in the root chakra, he spontaneously astral projected and he has now been astral projecting super quickly ever since. When you remove the blocks it’s amazing what can happen. However, healing can take time because there is often a lot of damage that is done to our chakras and is constantly being inflicted on us through beliefs, opinions others place on us or judgements of how others think we need to live.

If you take the energies of the third eye (the vision) and put it in the root chakra (because root connects to the body) you can flood those energies from your root chakra into physical body and then vibrate at the frequency of what you want to manifest, and that would bypass the blocks if they exist in the sacral and solar plexus.
When you work with demons, they know different aspects about you and know things. Sometimes they can offer techniques on how to do things. If there are certain blocks inside of you that can take longer to clear, using the technique of flooding your root chakra and then filling your body and allowing it to erupt from your root chakra to vibrate at that frequency will help you manifest for example.

What do the higher chakras need?

For the higher chakras the throat speaks things into existence, the mind visualizes into existence and the crown chakra can flood you with energies to have a different type of manifestation that can merge with the root chakra. There are a lot of different ways to use energy to manifest and it’s one of those things you want to play with. You want to play with the different techniques and see which works best for you. This also ties in with how some people prefer the method of being hyper focused and fixated and others prefer to will it, put it out there and then forget about it. There are many ways to get manifestations to work. You want to find the methods that work for you. Your demons will help you figure out the ones that work best for you and will help you to attain your goal. There are lots of different ways.

Further explanation on the crown and root chakra

The crown chakra is connected to the spiritual world through it. You can additionally bring in energies like the dark divine energies of creation into the crown but there are many different types of frequencies that can be utilized too. Crown chakras have a dark side despite people wanting to tell you it doesn’t. It depends on what you want to tap into. So, you can bring energies down through your crown chakra.

The crown chakra is basically your connection to the spiritual world while the root chakra is our connection to the physical world. We can bring in energies from the spiritual world that inspire our mind to visualize things.
As the crown chakra floods you with spiritual inspiration the third eye reacts to it and as you think it and speak it you can move towards it through actions. The root chakra is the action chakra while the crown chakra is more of an inspiration chakra, but inspiration can be very motivating. It can also shift you away from the crap that was thrown at you, your whole life.

You can also shift away from the damage done to you for bursts of time which can allow you to rise and to flood your body with energy that releases you from a lot of things that hold you back so when you return to your body, you’ve actually made changes because you experienced what it’s like to be free of that. Therefore, when you come back you are able to have different perspectives on things. The crown chakra has incredible healing techniques that can free us from a lot of things.

When we can manifest from our crown chakra what we end up doing is stopping a lot of the negative shifts. In the beginning when you get negative shifts- celebrate it because you are moving and manifesting towards your goal. However, when you are starting to shift into your crown chakra and are able to elevate and rise then come back to this world; doing this several times can create shifts and energetically move us from one place to another bypassing a lot of things. This is why when a lot of people get very adept at manifesting, they don’t have the crumbling or negative shifts because they can easily just go up and then come down and repeat that to make the shifts. This is just one example of an exercise that can be done with the crown chakra.

Visualization and using senses?

Akelta’s favorite way is to pretend that she already has what she desires. She likes to immerse herself into the feelings and sensations and exist. She likes to ask herself “who am I when I have this? What do I act like? How do I behave? What do I feel like? What do I see everyday when I wake up? How do I feel when I wake up?” so if you use that sort of visualization technique that puts you and makes you exist there it can help with manifestation.

Akelta has one friend who mega manifests things; he is a focused, fixated manifestor. He has OCD and he uses it to manifest. He gets obsessed about his manifestation and declares, “I am manifesting this”. He told Akelta before that he wakes up thinking about what he wants to manifest and visualizes himself there and he will be in the shower even also visualizing it. This friend was challenged once to manifest a mansion, so he did his visualization exercises every day to manifest this. He ended up meeting someone at an event that needed someone to babysit their mansion for a year while they were gone and invited him to live there for free as long as he kept it clean and made sure no one broke in. Her friend does things like this all the time and even manifests himself into first class 9 out of 10 times he flies. It’s all because when he gets to the airport he’s already thinking “yep they’re going to upgrade me to first class” and he talks and acts like it, so he gets upgraded. He has the confidence to do that.

A lot of blocks with manifestation come from us talking ourselves out of it. Many don’t have the boldness or confidence to put ourselves out there like that. Some people do and Akelta has seen how they manifest and it’s insane.

Methods to manifest if there is doubt?

Some people will emphasize focus, focus and more focus for manifesting and others will say set it and leave it. Both systems work. Due to the reverse manifestation that can happen from things like doubt that keeps coming up setting and leaving something can be a great way to bypass that. What happens is if you focus on your goal, but your mind keeps going “you can’t have that” over and over you are reverse manifesting and sabotaging your manifestation. Thus, if you are finding a lot of doubt coming up you want to set it and leave it. After setting the goal and the manifestation you want to let it go. If you don’t have the doubt and can move toward your goal the fixation method works and is great. Both methods work however it is just a matter of how to sabotage yourself the least.

Akelta knows people who are incredible manifestors and they use the active focus and the fixation and if you can get to the mindset of “I’m going to have this, I’m going to do this, I have this, it’s mine” then you can use the active method. If you find your mind going “I can’t do this” you want to instead do a big ritual to concentrate the energies and you want to say, “okay demons please help me I want this” and then let it go because then they will manifest it for you without you sabotaging it through doubt.

Demons can even help counter our doubt and Akelta has experienced that especially in 2012 when she was the queen of doubt. Many of her thoughts were “I’m going to starve. I will lose my house and then lose everything. I’m going to live on the street.” She was very distraught, and Mammon countered her doubt. Thus, working with your demon companions they can help counter those doubts. You can ask your demons to “please help me to overcome this or help me to counter this.” Baby steps are all we need. If you just keep going with it, you’ll get there. Baby steps are still steps.

Does manifesting desires have limits?

Akelta knows people that win every contest they enter and there is a formula to winning things like winning the lottery. It’s also possible to manifest things like becoming president if that was your desire, it depends on whether you really want that and are willing to put in the manifestation work for it. Akelta has manifested things that most people would think are insane. For example, manifesting her life’s purpose to teach people about demons.

Another example is someone saying they want to play basketball but are 5 feet tall. Why not be the first? What do you really want? Some people say they want things like fame and glory, but truly they just want to live in a house in the forest and create art. It’s really about getting in touch with yourself and figuring out what you want and not worrying about the limits of what you want. Instead think of how can I get this? And then go for it.

Manifesting our companions into this realm?

Manifesting our companions is a completely different skill since it involves creating physical manifestations with them. For that you need to create a spirit bridge with them and there are different ways to do that on top of needing to raise yourself vibrationally to an intersection point between them, so you raise yourself and they then bring their energies into alignment with this world.

It is possible though. Akelta’s mentor was able to bring his succubus into the physical world. He had a lot of interesting exercises that he did every day. He would get up daily at 3am and do a spiritual practice until 7am, he would do it for 4 hours. He was obsessive with trying things in his spiritual path doing things like focusing and exercises. So, this is manifestation, but it is a different type because it’s not manifesting what you want in this world but rather creating a spirit bridge with a companion to have a space for them to appear physically. Akelta will talk about some of those methods in the book that she will have coming out hopefully within the next few months.

Not Recognizing our skills

We are constantly inundated with things and people that tell us that we can’t do this, or we can’t do that. Akelta knew a guy who had brain damage because he was born oxygen deprived. He struggled in his daily life, until he realized he could make cool wire pieces, so he would sit and make them. He started to put them up for sale online and he started to make huge profit selling them and found passion despite his brain damage. In school during eighth and ninth grade Akelta was told by a teacher that she should never pursue a career where writing was involved because he said her writing was so terrible and look what she does now.

When people say we can’t do something what they are really saying is “they can’t do it. They can’t perceive how you can do it. They can’t understand how you can do it” but you CAN do things. You can do art, or you can do writing even if you are told you can’t. What matters is if you have the will and desire to pursue it and push into it.

It saddens Akelta how much we are told we can’t do things. She remembers after her son was diagnosed with autism she told a person she was talking to and their response was, “oh I’m sorry” and Akelta looked at her and said, “For what? Why are you sorry?” and this person responded with “Oh because your son has autism” and Akelta thought what does that have to do with anything? Her son is going to enter the world with a specific skillset and with talents, skills, likes and interests and importantly he’ll enter the world as himself. This person took pity simply because he’s labeled as autistic, which first of all why should anyone pity her or her son, she couldn’t fathom it. Akelta realized that this is the mindset people are putting on kids with so many preset labels and conditions.

If you have any form of what is perceived as a disability many people already form judgements. For instance Akelta was diagnosed with so many, but they have all served her well in various forms. She doesn’t see them as disabilities; she sees it as her brain doesn’t think the way people thinks it should, it instead thinks the way it wants to and it doesn’t conform to the way people think of it. It’s the same as Akelta’s sons' brain it doesn’t conform to the way the world thinks so he’s given this label as ‘autistic’- but he’s more than that label he is a unique individual, and he will learn his skills and talents and he is going to learn what’s right for him. Akelta’s thoughts on the subject is if people stopped being so judgmental towards what they think is abnormal people would go further. It perplexes her how often she was told she can’t do things, even with computers she was told she’s terrible at it and shouldn’t pursue a career with them yet now she works with both computers and writing. They were all wrong, so people’s ideas of what we can and can’t do are not true or final, so we shouldn’t allow it to limit us.

A good quote is: “If they aren’t there for you at your worst they don’t deserve to be there at your best”.

Akelta has met millionaires that dress down in very casual clothes and basically spend their life cleaning out cans out of ditches because they want to clean up the neighborhood. People’s perceptions of others are interesting and Akelta’s millionaire friends taught her never to judge anyone. You can tell a lot from somebody by how they treat you at your worst and the sad reality is many people will judge you on these things. However, there are people that will see beyond that and those are the types of people Akelta wants to manifest around her not the type who will judge her for wearing a Gucci suit or ten dollar yoga pants from Walmart.

“Difficult to act like I have money when I have none”

Akelta understands that sentiment. Especially from 2012 when they couldn’t afford food and she lost 15 pounds while being pregnant. Akelta’s husband worked at a restaurant and his boss knew of his situation so he was kind and would give him food to take home which he would bring back for Akelta. That would be her one meal a day. In that situation it was very hard on her and that’s when relying on the demons helps. That’s what she did, and she relied on Mammon. Mammon would make lots of comments to continue to push her towards her dreams; it’s about trying to keep going and doing the best you can. You don’t have to get it perfect and Akelta means that. If Akelta were to dissect 2012 she probably did everything wrong. It was due to her constantly taking one step forward and following Mammon that she pulled through and succeeded. Even if she resisted it, she still followed him and that made it work.

It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself to make things perfect. Akelta would often say to Mammon “I need you to help me. I am going to lose everything I have no money, I need help” and Mammon would respond for her to keep going forward and an opportunity will open. She was very disgruntled and bitter, she kept holding on to the past. In that situation having a clear image of what you want and taking baby steps towards it and not worrying about getting it perfect is what can do wonders. Every day you can ask your demons that you need help going towards. By doing this you are opening your energies for them to help you. Even if it’s only little shifts in the beginning, you are still moving towards it. Just don’t be afraid to keep asking for help.

As Akelta mentioned everything fell apart when she was about five months pregnant. She was trying to learn how to do this since she was about 20 years old so it took 8 years; it was all baby steps and it all came together as she was in the delivery room. Akelta’s business partner texted her right before she was admitted that they made their first sale, and everything just shifted from that point on. It was all at the eleventh hour and the fifty-ninth minute when it all turned around. Akelta can’t stress enough not to give up, it’s usually right after people give up that it would have turned around. Akelta could of given up many times but she didn’t, she kept going. She didn’t realize that there were so many people that wanted to work with demons because so often people described demons as bad. She is ecstatic that she gets to teach and work with demons, to share information about them and help this community grow.

Akelta’s goal is to be open and raw in these chats because she wants everyone to succeed and to be success stories. In the beginning there can be many reasons to doubt and Akelta did as well at first. However, every day she just kept going and asking Mammon for help and from the demons and it all came together. Again, don’t put extra pressure on yourself remember you don’t have to be perfect especially in the beginning if you’ve never done it before, it’s expected to stumble a bit.

Joy and Manifestation

The joy in manifestation and this path is so important. Have fun with it. If Akelta went back and told her 2012 self to have more fun with this she probably would of punched her out. But try to have fun with it and enjoy the process. Akelta has been instructed before to look at herself in the mirror and laugh. Laughter breaks up the energies and is a wonderful thing to do in our daily lives.

Do some soul type gifts and resonance mature later?

It’s both childhood and also things you develop later. All children are remarkable in their own ways it is about figuring out what you were remarkable in as a child. Just because you weren’t remarkable in the way other people stated or felt was best doesn’t mean you weren’t. These facets are a part of ourselves as human beings and we just need to know how to tap into them and awaken them.

How does one develop meta-skills if you have trouble sleeping or focusing?

Just do it every day- even doing something just for one minute a day will help so much. It’s all about consistency as it will build on it.

***Update on classes at the Demon Temple***

The Advanced Secrets of Spiritual Connection and Psychic Development will be hosted again on zoom in January 2022.

The dates for the class are Jan 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st 2022.

More information can be found via this link: https://demontemple.com/product/january ... velopment/

There will additionally be a new course through zoom on the Sacred Development and Activation of the 7 Higher Chakras that will be found in the Demon Temple.

The dates for the class are August 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, and September 4th, 11th and 18th 2021

More information can be found through this link: https://demontemple.com/product/sacred- ... r-chakras/

The End! :popcorndevil: :devilpaint: :devilpaper: :ideadevil: :devilparty:
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Thank you so much for such beautiful notes, and of course thank you to Akelta and everyone who makes the Tea Chats possible!
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