Introducing the Rhodakki, Nymphic Elves

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Race: Rhodakki (Rho-dah-kee)
Energy Tags: Elven, Nymph, Sexual/Sensual, Nature
Generally Acceptable Offerings: Rose quartz, pink cat's eye, malachite, roses, copal, dragon's blood, catnip, Hibiscus, Jasmine, peaches (incense, fragrance oil, or the fruit itself)

The Rhodakki are an interesting race. They came into being from the merging of two other races, one being Nymphs and the other being Elves. They carry within them natural erotic energy tempered with an air of nobility. They are at once alluring, mysterious, and serious.

In their realm, the Peach is their sacred symbol. From before the merge, there is an ancient peach grove that the first Nymphs planted, this grove dates back to the earliest of their ancestors. This grove quickly became the meeting place where the High Queen conducts official court business.

They are a matriarchal race, ruled by their High Queen and her High King Consort. Underneath them, they have Queens who oversee what would be the equivalent of our states. Next, are the Ladies and Lords, these make up the nobility within Rhodahkki society. Within the nobility are the Lady’s Hand, the chosen few who are closest to the High Queen herself.

Because they are a hybridized race, they have inherited a few different magicks that they can utilize or study in depth depending on which path in life that they take.

The highest regarded magick of the Rhodakki is their sexual magicks. The Erotist, those of the Rhodakki who specialize in this magick have a deep and total understanding of the essential magick of sex in and of itself. They understand that this magick can be used for manifestation, healing, and achieving altered states of consciousness. Even though they come from a sexually charged race, these specialists are even more so in nature. They wear very little clothing, and the clothing that they do wear tends to be close to sheer, leaving little to the imagination. A secondary magick that they may learn is mental manipulation through the sexual current.

The Artisans of the Rhodakki specialize in their beauty, glamour, and illusion magick. They are dancers, painters, and musicians. They have an innate understanding of the arts. They know how to captivate and capture the essence of emotion into their pieces and performances. The artists are varied in their mediums, but they each are connected by the passion that they hold.

The Agros are those that specialize in agrarian magick. They harness the energies of natural magick and weather magick to grow their crops. There are a selected few who are tasked with caring for the Sacred Grove. These Rhodakki take the utmost care in ensuring that the Grove thrives. They care for these trees year-round from pruning to harvesting the peaches. The Agros are also the vintners. They take a portion of the peaches grown and make wine from them. The peaches directly from the innermost trees (those directly around the Grove) are relegated to the nobility. The peaches harvested from the other trees are sold throughout the realm.

The Crafters, are what you would typically think of craftsmen. They are metalworkers, weavers, etc. They learn in different schools headed by master-crafters. Each school developed special techniques and sigils to enhance their work as well as to make different quality products depending on who will ultimately utilize those products.

The Rhodakki live in an idyllic realm with three major seasons (a spring, summer, and fall). Most of the land is left untamed save for the major cities, capital, smaller towns, and of course the site of the Grove. There are beautiful areas of old growth forests giving way to comparatively newer structures. The original elven and nymph clans came to this land to seek a new place to live and eventually grew together in one. Because of this merging of cultures, their architecture reflects this.

The homes range from Grecian/Roman-esque villas to smaller wooden homes depending on the rank of the Rhodakki. The High Queen lives in a large Villa while the Erotists live in smaller, communal villas throughout the realm. The Crafters, Agros, and Artisans live in medium-sized homes made, typically, of wood and clay. There is a large variety throughout the realm that is inspired by the region that they live in, the local landscape, as well as any embellishments put up by those that live there.

The Rhodakki are resilient. Their history is marked by the idea of taking the necessary actions to ensure survival. There was a dark time in their history where drastic actions had to take place. They call this “The Blight” or “The Event.” The High Queen does not like to talk about it. This event was wiped from the common knowledge of her people and was relegated to knowledge that only the reigning High Queen is privy to. The knowledge of what took place will be passed down to her successor when she decides to abdicate her throne. When asked why this event had to take place she said “It is what had to be done to ensure our survival. Through those dark times, we became something more in the process.”

They are sex, passion, love, resilience, grace, nobility all rolled into one. The Rhodakki are a proud race. They are willing to teach all they know and to share their magicks. They want to help their companions to become empowered and to find their strength within themselves.

"Let your darkness lead you to your light."

“You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know.”
― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray
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