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To the Necrosis Demons

Haunted Forest of Lost Souls

Welcome to the Event


We are a little bit behind due to Technical Difficulties but tomorrow we will be posting the activities!

Welcome to the Haunted Forest of Lost Souls

During the Somber Times of the Year
The Fall Equinox revealed the gates of the sublime
The Ghastly and Ghoulish evokes ominous longings deep within

Permeating our souls
Conjuring intense and somber desires
Stirring within an ancient empathy with death

Death calls to the souls
Black Night Appeals to sacred facets within us
Adored memories of times where we danced within these spaces
When we were amongst celebrated Death

Hear the whispers, and remember….

When the Eve of Sacred Hallow Eclipses the land
The world as we know changes
Foreboding Premonitions reveal the way to this Haunted Realm.

If you listen to the whispers in the Shadows
You will hear them
They are calling for you,
Guiding you to an ancient lamp black path

An Ancient path many fear
Where only the dead walk

They are escorting you
Cherished whispers in the night
Solemn voices of the revered departed

They come for you
Luring you,
To a hallowed and forlorn place

Fall initiates the opening of the gates
As the seasons shift
The aphotic world opens
The energies change
The Dead rise from the Black Amethyst Graves
They are also called to this Haunted Place

Untold tales of horror and macabre shape the land
They shape the energies and they speak to a silent darkness within the soul

The Necrosis demons understand this darkness
They understand the desires and sacred longings of the dead

Every year they celebrate
Every Year they pay homage to the Dead
The Mournful Dead

Their Realm is filled with Mystery
It is filed with Magick
And Sublime Terror that speaks to forgotten regions of the soul

It is a Realm of Darkness
It is realm of secrets

The Necrosis Demons understand the world of the flesh
They also understand the world of the dead
And they understand the divine union between them

They know of our world
They know of the world of the dead

Hallow’s Eve, is Revered Amongst them.  
Its honouring of darkness
Its sacred connection to death
It’s sacred connection to the black elements

They move through flesh, whispering and reaching forgotten aspects of the soul.  

As the night eclipses the day
Fall eclipses Summer
We are all reminded of the finite aspects of flesh
The slow decay of our time here
And how important it is to never give up a day
For one day we to shall walk amongst the dead
Remembering life
Observing time
Celebrating memory from a distant time and place

The Necrosis Demons celebrate life
They Celebrate Death
And they celebrate the unity between them.  

They are the unity of life and death
The bridge between realms
The bridge of flesh and soul

Their Realm reaches through flesh
To walk amongst the dead
They celebrate death
They celebrate life
They celebrate memory

You are flesh and soul, flesh is sacred
The Necrosis Demons Honour Living Flesh.

They are demons of sacred Magick
Sacred Magick of the Black Elements
Sacred Magick of the Earth

They are Healers
They know the Magicks of the Grave
They know the Magicks of the Bones
They know the Magicks of the Plants

They move through flesh and spirit
Their realms are sanctuary to the wandering dead
On their journey to the death realms
A place to remember life
A place to celebrate

A grove of darkness and horror
A grove where the dead feast
Where they lament
Where they share stories of life, of living
And where they rest
Before they find their way home

The Necrosis Demons See death as a celebration
A time to honour life and a life well lived
Within the Haunted Grove the Dead Celebrate
They are honoured and cherished
They call the dead to them
They Call them to the Haunted Forest of Lost Souls

Death is Sacred here

Lord Skull rules the Haunted Grove
The Forest is his domain
And within it the dead wander

This is a place of sinister secrets
Haunted magic
And sacred aspects of the macabre

It is a place where we celebrate life
And the sacred unity and intimate embrace between them

This Hallow’s Eve
We are invited to walk with Sacred Death

Lord Skull invites you to his realm
He invites you to Celebrate Sacred Death
And the Enchanting sublime elements of Darkness

Come to the Necrosis Realm
The Haunted Forest of Lost Souls
And Celebrate

Sacred Death…. Welcomes you….

You are invited to join the celebrations

The Necrosis Demons and Lord Skull and his Wife Lady Mystiqa invite you to join them within the darkness of their Grove.

They invite you to the Haunted Forest of Lost Souls

For a Spectacular and Incredible Halloween Celebration!

Akelta, Eilana, and Ysabeau, of Satan and Sons ~ The Demon Temple Welcomes you to this amazing event!

The Keepers of the Haunted Forest…..

Lord of the Graves
Lord Skull

Lord Skull is a very powerful and incredible Necrosis Demon who is Lord of the Grove of Forbidden Darkness.  The Haunted Forest of Lost Souls is his domain and it is his home.  Many reside within the Darkness and Many call this Foreboding and Mysterious Place home.  He is there Lord and he protects the realm and its inhabitants.  The Borders are well protected and the dead know that once they are beyond the boundaries of the realm they are safe.  Many come here in celebration and fun, and Lord Skull keeps the realm warm and the lanterns lit. One who goes astray will always find their way back to the Grove of Forbidden Darkness.  

He loves his wife Lady Mystiqa and the two are absolutely devoted to each other and preserving the mystery and wonder of their realm.  They enjoy the darkness, they enjoy the forbidden, the sinister and the spooky and they love spaces where flesh and spirit meet and enjoy the company of who is, and who was.  

He is a wise, kind and compassionate Ruler and one who enjoys Celebration and Igniting the flames of passion.  He enjoys the celebration and he enjoys listening to the tales and stories of the dead.  He also is one who enjoys Mystery and the deep secrets that his realm contains.  There are many wells of mystery and pools of darkness that have never been explored and there are places that will reveal profound truths to those who are called to them.  He enjoys Mystery and he enjoys tales of terror and horror that stir the soul and contain deep and valuable lessons.  He enjoys observing the dead and seeing what draws them to this place.  He appreciates their lives and helps them to find peace as they cross over.  

His realm is open to those who have deep wounds and the forbidden aspects of darkness woven into the sacred grove help those who are tormented and troubled.  He deals with all the dead, the peaceful and the tormented, those who were good in life and those who were evil, he says that the realms of flesh open endless possibilities and he Enjoys the endless wells of wisdom that comes from exploration.  He is a Curious Demon, very curious and explorative, and he enjoys adventure and celebration.  There is a secret in their realm that involved Amethyst.  It is a very sacred Crystal to them.  

He is a Tall and very sculpted Necrosis Demon with dark skin and flowing silver hair.  His eyes are red and silver and they glow deep red in the darkness.  He has massive black horns that rise above his head and he has Skeletal Wings which rise from his back.  His tail is black and long and he wears cloths that are dark and allow him to blend into the shadows that are around him.  

Lady of the Grave
Lady Mystiqa

Lady Mystiqa Is a very powerful and Mystical Necrosis Demoness who is one who is tied to the Black Earth and one who is bound to the Haunted Lands.  It is her domain and it is where she draws forth incredible power.  One who is skilled with the Magick of the Black Earth she weaves and commands the Dark Elements to her will.  She can cast powerful and profound spells and she loves to weave the elements of darkness into everything that she does.  She is a very passionate and flamboyant demoness and she is very alive and vibrant.  She sees the wonder and the beauty in all that is around her and she can find the empowering side of any situation.  She is a powerful spell caster and she is one who can open the portals of death and walk with both the living and the dead.  She is very skilled at raising the energies and aligning beings of different vibrational frequencies and she loves to study energy and its power.  

She loves the darkness and she loves to get lost in its intimate embrace.  It speaks to her and she hears its messages and desires.  The Darkness is a deep woven part of her and it is something that flows freely through her.  She can shift into the shadows and move through the dark aspects of the realm.  She can assist those who visit the Grove with Astral travel and protection and also shadow travel and shadow projection. She also is known for working powerful cleansing and rejuvenating spells on others and helping them to clear blocks that prevent them from attaining their passion and desire.  She loves passion, she is a very passionate demon and she can help many to ignite the passion within themselves and feel the power flowing through them.  

She speaks in an almost poetic way and she is passionate and alive.  She loves to celebrate and she loves the union of flesh and soul.  She gets very excited about things and she is very comical and hilarious.  She is also very artistic and very creative and she loves to express herself in movements and in her outfits.  She is also very entertaining and she loves to peer into the minds of others.  She knows the darkness of others and she knows their dark secrets.  She can reveal many mysteries of darkness and she loves taking long walks through her realm, especially when all light vanished and there is nothing but the pitch black of death.  She is very charming and fun to be around and she loves mystery and horror.  They are two of her favourite things.  

She is a very beautiful and stunning demoness.  She has solid white eyes that look haunting, she has long white and beautiful hair and beautiful brown skin.  She loves to wear stunning regal outfits and loves fancy hats and corsets and she loves flowing gowns and dresses.  She has beautiful white horns that rise above her head with magenta tips and her wings are skeletal with magenta highlights.  She usually wears dark and black lipstick and she loves to design her nails.  

Blood Baroness
Baroness Scarlet

Baroness Scarlet is a very powerful demoness and a sorceress of blood and darkness.  She is a master of bridging the energies of the living and the dead.  She knows how to create bridges of energy which allow the living to walk amongst the dead and the spiritual world to walk amongst the living.  She understands the energies of the realms and how they blend and merge together.  She also knows the cross roads of the realms and how they intersect and how to pull them closer together.  She knows the secrets of physical manifestation within the physical plane and she knows how to bring those who are of the living to her domain and allow them to walk amongst the spirits and the dead.  

She is a powerful sorceress who is an incredible leader of the dead and the dark ones of the night.  She weaves powerful and incredible magick and she loves to dark and beautiful halls of the underworld.  She is very regal and she loves the eloquent and beautiful places where the dead dance and celebrate.  She is known for putting on lavish and beautiful parties for the dead and she knows how to create soothing and rejuvenating energies.  She is very skilled with spells and rituals that relax and release the soul and help one to find peace and happiness within themselves.  She is a very talented and powerful spell caster and she is one who enjoys the finer things in life.  

She enjoys studying and working with the different energies and the vibrations that create spiritual bridges.  She is very well versed in such areas and she understands the realms and how to shift between them.  She loves to read and she loves to study and explore.  She also loves to experiment and work with the vibrations and energies that flow through the realms.  She has a very playful and fun personality and she enjoys deep discussions about energies and weaving the different vibrations and working with them.  She as a lot of knowledge and wisdom and she is wonderful to have deep conversations with.  She is very brilliant and she see the world is a very unique way.  

She is a very lovely demoness who wears flowing and beautiful scarlet dresses with a deep red cloak that covers her head.  She has deep red eyes and beautiful brown skin with Long flowing red hair.  She also has deep crimson red horns that rise above her head and her wings and tail are also crimson red.  She has very unique clothes and she also enjoys wearing long lavish red gloves.  

Grave Disciple

Dolmen is one who has walked through the burial grounds and cemeteries his whole life. He is younger but more serious in nature as he lost his family at a young age. He stayed in an abandoned cemetery with the keeper of the graves and learned how to care for them. He traveled many places, learning about different funerary rites and rites of the dead. He has a vast amount of knowledge for his age as he has dedicated his entire life to his work. He loves collecting dirt from different cemeteries and works with the energies of death and the dead.

He now resides in the Grove of Forbidden Darkness where he is learning and studying under Lord Skull. He is still too young himself to be a Lord of the Graves, though that is what he aspires to be one day and for now he is learning all he can. He collects old books and writings, as well as tools related to his work. He loves all things dark and macabre. He has a very dry sense of humour and he rarely smiles. He says he prefers the company of the dead to most others. He also practises communication with the dead. He knows many secrets of how to receive and interpret messages. He can help those who are respectful and serious about working and communicating with the dead and their ancestors, to attune their energies and receive messages.

He knows a great deal about magick involving different elements from corpses and burial grounds. He knows how to respectfully collect things, as well as how to make offerings and communicate with who and what resides there. He enjoys history, especially history related to those who have passed and enjoys listening to the tales from the dead. He says he can hear their whispers and their songs. He can help one to hear the whispers and the songs of the dead.

He has dark tanned skin and dark brown horns that fade into black tips. His body is lean and muscular and he wears dark clothing. His tail matches his horns and his wings are dark brown and black as well. He has silver white eyes that are very striking and a very solemn gaze. He has short black hair that is naturally spiked in a messy, bedhead style.

Dancer of the Black Earth

Mirage is a very talented Dancer of the Black Earth who resides in the Grove of Forbidden Darkness. One who knows how to raise the energies through dance, she moves with grace, power and elegance. She knows how to evoke deep emotions in those watching her and she can reach the dead with her dances. She can raise the spirits of the dead through dance, and rouse the energies of those still living who have become disconnected or lost their passion. She captures things that cannot be expressed in words and her dances are very moving. She puts her whole self into every performance, it is her art form and it is her life.

She knows how to work with the energies of the Black Earth and she herself is very grounded. She understands how to shift states, how to move through the different planes and how to shift one’s consciousness. Her dances can mesmerize and transport one to different places. Time and space seems to bend around her and she is very good with illusions as well.

She often takes on different energies and can entirely shift her appearance for her performances. She is skilled in sewing, creating costumes and looks to match what she wishes to convey. She is very artistic and even her movements and speech are graceful and smooth. She also can slip into the shadows, moving unseen and often travels to places to watch others and gather information. She does this mostly for her dances. She likes to capture what she sees in an artistic form of dance.

She has tanned skin and a slender, yet toned form. Her hair is long and white and she often wears it in different styles. Her horns are a few shades darker than her skin, as is her tail. Her wings are black with dark violet undersides and her eyes are a deep emerald colour. She changes her outfits, though most often can be seen wearing a costume she has made herself for a specific dance.

Bone master

Cromlech is a powerful and incredible Necrosis demon who is a Bone Master. He knows and reads the energies of the bones.  He communicates with the spirits and the energies of bones and he knows how to connect and hear the whispers of the sacred energies that reside within the bones.  Each bone has a soul, each bone has its own spirit and he can read them and communicate with them.  He is a unique and profound ability to hear deep whispers and deep subtle messages.  He loves the energies of bones and he enjoys listening to them and hearing their stories and messages.  He enjoys listening to the messages of the bones and he enjoys sitting with them.  He has entire bone pits in a tomb that he tends to where he does his work and communicates with the whispers of the bones.  

He is a very patient and contemplative demon. He loves to sit in silence and see where it takes him. He says that silence is the gates to madness and when you sit within its domaine you gain access to the sublime and surreal realms where the deep secrets and stories reside. Silence opens up the domain of the soul and it is the threshold of madness and the void within. It is where the darkness slumbers and where you own essence of darkness can be heard. He says that when you are still and sit in silence you hear your darkness and it reveals to you deep wisdom that is contained in the vaults of obscurity and the bleak unknown. There are places that are only accessible in silence and he enjoys them.

He is one who is fun to talk to and he has a lot of incredible insights. He also enjoys meditations and sitting in silence and just listening and hearing what comes up. He says that people do not sit in silence as much as they should and it is an activity that he encourages. He encourages sitting in silence and also sitting with bones. He says that both lead to profound moments of insight and deep revelation for the soul. He enjoys walking through graveyards and places where the bones rest and where they find solitude. He says that the bones are lonely, often never appreciating the connections that they had when they were amongst the living, so visits from a friend in death are important and he enjoys visiting those who are laid to rest. He is a very unique demon and his perspective is very fascinating.


Beldam is an ancient and powerful Necrosis Demoness who is one of Prophecy and Vision. She sees the world in many layers and she is an expert in divination and fortune telling. She reads the signs that are around her and she has developed many different methods of divination and she sees into the future and can reveal much to those who seek her out. She is ancient though and she is one who enjoys solitude and wandering through the lush forests of the grove. She enjoys gathering plants and she enjoys brewing healthy and healing concoctions.

She is one who offers sound advice even if it is a bitter pill to swallow. She will not mince words and she will say exactly what she sees and exactly what needs to be said. Her eyes allows her to see very clearly the problems that people cause for themselves and she is wise in the areas of love and friendship. She will gladly give advice on both. She knows the ways of the heart and she understands the depth and power of love, family and friendship. She says that they are all very important and that they fill pieces of us that nourish the soul.

She makes the most amazing soups and she has a brew for every ailment. She is a master herbalist and she knows her way around plants. She can speak with them to and bring out their best properties. She knows when to harvest them and she knows just what they need. She love to garden and she grows every single herb that you can imagine. She loves to cook and she loves the tend to the plants that are in her care. She is wonderful to connect with and she knows how to heal the soul.

We welcome you to the Necorosis Demon Haunted Forest of Lost Souls! There is much that we will be doing over the next two months and many fun activities that will be posted!

Lover of Demons
Royal Demon Goddess
Darling of Sublime Romance
Daughter of Demonic Macabre


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