Haunted Forest of Lost Souls : Meditation 1

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To the Necrosis Demons

Haunted Forest of Lost Souls


Meditation 1

The Grove of Forbidden Darkness

To Enjoy the festivities of the event you will need to gain access.

The Event is held in the Sacred Grove of Forbidden Darkness

Deep within the forest of Lost Souls

One must follow a path that the living do not walk.

This meditation will give you a very special attunement

That will allow those of the living to walk the sacred path

and uncover the Grove of Forbidden Darkness.

Come embrace this sacred guided meditation

as Lord Skull and Lady Mystica grants you the sacred attunement,

to walk amongst the dead.

Those who do this meditation and post about their experience, will be entered to win an incredible Halloween Prize!

The meditation has been uploaded to Vimeo, please follow the link below to partake.

A Huge Thank you to our Forum Member Saber for composing the music
for this Meditation! You can check out her Sound Cloud here!!

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I sank deeper and deeper, environment was shifted around me, I saw this through my Astral View.
The Reaper took my hand, I felt his energy.
He guided me through a small serpentine path.
Lord Skull invited me, I knew already his energies from the Intro Event one week ago.
Lady Mystica gave me the mark and attunement. I felt it on my forehead with intense energy into my 3. Eye.
The mark are 4 infinity symbols arranged like a star or flower.
( Divine Geometry?)
I was welcomed. I noticed dancing shadow figures. But my attention was drawn to this crystal - this Amethyst.
I kneeled down and I started digging in the ground with my hands.
I let earth trickle through my fingers.
Than an immense energy flew from my Crown Chakra down to my root and in the ground. I turned around, a girl - a ghost, gave me a flower.
Than I felt alive- so much life were running through my 3 bodies, I am going to live.
Lord Skull said: " Did you not know, that you experience here so much life? And peace!"
Peaceful energies flew into my Heart Chakra.
I stayed grateful fo a while, than I returned.
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"I do not understand why you fear death," the reaper says as we near the festivities. "It is not the end, it is freedom from suffering. From the burdens that weigh you down now." We step into the clearing and I pause. I could explore, but all I feel like doing at the moment is sitting on a raised root close to where I came in. The reaper leaves me to fetch another.

"It's good to see you finally here," Hex says from behind. I startle, giving him an unamused double take and he pretends he isn't going to laugh about it later. "There's a lot you can learn here."

I look down to the other side and see my crypt cat, Honey Biscuit, sitting with his back to me, observing the festivities. I didn't ask either of them to join me, but it doesn't surprise me to see them here. Honey Biscuit seems relaxed sitting upright, watching the dead dance. I join him in observation, getting a feel for the atmosphere.

The change is instant. I'm writing in a booklet with a hand that isn't my own. A long white sleeve and a vest too dated for this century. Standing over a piano in a dark room with ambient light that must be a setting sun from cracks in the wall and ceiling, pen rushed with urgency with words I can't make out. I blink out of the trance. "Was that me?" I ask quietly to myself. Am I always left handed? No, that's off topic.

"You remember nothing, don't you?" Instead of Hex, it's a random dead person who wandered up. He seems completely unfazed by Hex, and Hex in turn. "Most remember at least something."

I recall the fleeting information I know of two past lives. "I was an artist of sorts," I say. He scoffs at that, rolling his eyes as he leaves. I'm mulling the information over with a slow growing grin. A painter, a clairvoyant mage, and now a pianist. And now, I want to be an artist of several mediums. I turn to Hex as I ask, "My true form must be an artist if I keep going back to it huh."

He smiles fondly at me, not wanting to give away the answer. It feels right. Even as my mind fades from this place, it feels alright.
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The lord and lady are interwoven, as if part of the stone and trees. When they invite me and my companion Ziv to enter, I have little impression of them beyond that. Bone, dirt, moss, and ancient stone. An illusion of something skeletal superimposed over them with bone white horns jutting proudly. I have little attention for them, however. I have waited a while for Ziv's company and the darkness of his cloak surrounds me comfortably, his arm wrapped around my waist as we proceed.
He dismisses the reaper. He says he knows the way.
The forest path is lit by moonlight and a hundreds lanterns. There are so many lanterns. I ask why there are so many and he says that they are a guide. His voice is at a deep frequency I can barely hear, almost hollow sounding, but I understand him. I cannot see him clearly because he is heavily shrouded, but sometimes catch a flash of his eyes, and the ivory horns are clearly visible. He otherwise could be a wraith clothed in darkness and shadows
His grip on me is firm as he continues to steer me down the path. Ancient buildings rise from the forest like half-forgotten dreams, and a temple with white walls and a deep red roof is lit up beautifully from within. He draws me past, deeper along the road.
Amid of the forest is a canopy of mushroom, their undersides glowing softly as balls of light like wil-o-wisps dance along the path. There is a beautiful like that shimmers with the reflection of stars. It is flat like glass.
I feel heavy as if I'm trying to root into the path, but Ziv continues to walk with me as ghostly deer rush through the woods. I do not know where he is taking me, but all is peaceful. Never have I seen trees so large that they tower over us, reaching high into the sky, their thick trunks lightly illuminated even as it is cast most in shadow. This walk with him has a serenity to it that I embrace until finally I draw up into wakefulness.
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Three times the charm I had to do this meditation several times. The first time I feel asleep with my headphones. I remember meeting Lord Skull and Lady Mystica and her drawing the shape of a series of zig zags with a curve up into a heart on my forehead and then I slept and dreamed of a forest it was like I was falling through realms of colors just falling back surrounded by trunks and branches and energy I woke up right before the end and turned over for bed with the feeling of fog all around me. It was funny as the next two days where I live it was shrouded in constant fog and hazy mist which is uncommon.

The second time I don't recall much other than seeing the dead dance and me being among them, feeling this infectious energy of joy and rest.

The third time I was awake through it mostly haha it was so soothing each time and I really needed rest each time I felt like I was shrouded in healing energy as I greeted Lord Skull and Lady Mystica who grinned when they saw me visit again and I made a joke of being unable to stay away. I loved the winding paths in the forest and the lit lanterns. I ended up back where the dancing took place and I parted with them to follow a path that led to a tunnel of cascading plants where it was hard to see where light and darkness began or ended it was a beautiful dance. I heard a voice of a demon who spoke with me about this place and guided me inside to a grotto where there was a beautiful body of water and moss covered rocks. It was uplifting this place and he said that it was a healing place for the soul to rest and it made me chuckle even awake it came back to the need for resting and healing. I sat there speaking with this demon who kept me company as I basked in the peacefulness of the energies. It was really a delight to wander and I look forward to exploring it more in the future too.
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It took me two tries to get this meditation done. The first one I did the meditation before going to bed. I settled into the meditation and ended up being blown away by the energies. I made it through the guided part of the meditation but could only sit there with the energies of the Haunted Forest of Lost Souls for about ten minutes and I had to stop. The meditation was so beautiful I was disappointed that I was bailing, but I knew it was pointless to try to continue. I needed about 20 to 30 minutes to ground myself. Then I went to bed. I had a few weird dreams, which were (what little I could remember of them) stories that Cromlech told to me. He was narrating. It was dark and there was fog/mist in the snippets I remember, which my brain interpreted as black and white movies at the time. When I stepped out of my building to head to the bus terminal to go to work, I didn't notice the fog right away. The further I walked, the more I noticed the fog swirling around and climbing up the buildings downtown. It was as if the energies from the Necrosis realm that had been activated during the meditation had somehow seeped into this realm.

The second time I did the meditation, I chose to do it early afternoon. I hadn't planned it, but I had my Hallow Imp and Sacred Soul of the Jack o'Lantern with me. They were both extremely pleased to be coming along this time. This time, I better processed the energies and made it through the meditation. I was much more alert the second time. I enjoyed meeting with the reaper again and going through the portal with him. Then meeting Lord Skull and Lady Mystica again. I was so beautiful following them down the path to the grove. I can still see my Hallow Imp skipping gleefully behind them.

A powerful meditation to kick off this event! :devilthumbs:
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I have been having a bit of a struggle doing this meditation, as it has taken me a number of attempts before I could fully get through it and remember everything. That said, I would like to share my attempts and where I am at so far. Sorry about the mess.

This will be a series of attempts...

Attempt #1:

Immediate failure. One moment, I was listening to Akelta, and the next, music. It appears that I lost focus and only regained it towards the end. I will try again

Attempt #2:

Failure again. Perhaps I should not do my attempts consecutively. That said, this attempt was a greater success than the previous, as I managed to stay focused till the breathing count down. Despite this failure, I remain determined, as such, I will try again tomorrow.

Attempt #3:

Fail. Like last night, I managed to get to the breathing, but no further. Unlike last night, I did not regain focus on the meditations music. Instead, by the time I came two, the video had finished. I should go to bed, but I will try again instead.

Attempt #4:

Fail. Miserable fail. Didn't last more than 30 seconds, wonder if they make mental viagra? Oh well. On this attempt, I lost focus pretty much immediately. I regained focus, like my earlier attempt at the sound of my empty room. I would try again, but it's rather late. Tomorrow.

Attempt #5:

Partial Success. I managed to get through the breathing and all the way up to the reaper. Progress. Though, it was kind of strange. Strange in the sense that I was certain we had already met. As I approached him, I did a small bow, and he returned the gesture before reaching out his hand to me. Sadly, that was as far as I went. Before I knew it, the meditation was over, and I was once again laying in my bed listening to the video's music. Though I could try again I have decided to end the night in success, I will try again tomorrow.

Attempt #6:

My brain stopped working. I am not sure. I was doing the meditation when I got to the breathing.

"Take a deep breath...visualize the number three, three times..."

Me: Okay, so far so good.

"Take a final deep breath..."

Me: Wait....what happened to the second breath...maybe I misheard.

"...visualize the number one..."

Me: Nope...Ummm....that's weird, I will try again.

I know there are three deep breaths, but I cannot remember the second one being said at all, and it did not seem like any time had passed between the two breaths. And I was so actively focused, I don't feel like I had lost focus. Either way, I will start the video over and try again.

Attempt #7:

Complete failure. Absolute failure. I fell asleep. *sigh

Will try again tonight.

Attempt #8:

Success. Tonight, I have achieve my first victory and it was wonderful. I managed to remain focused throughout the entire med....well, through most of the guided parts.
Finally. The reaper felt different this time around, though, I still had the feeling we had already met. I bowed to her, and she bowed back before taking me. I had the same feeling I had with the reaper, with Lady Mystiqa and Lord Skull. It felt like they already knew me. Either way, I did a small bow, and they responded by tilting their heads. When I approached Lady Mystiqa, I had another fleeting moment of Deja Vu, but I ignored it. As she put her hand on my forehead, I felt a cold sensation on my forehead, similar to the previous night. I ignored the Deja Vu again. As Lord Skull motioned me to follow, and as I began to walk along the path with him. I lost complete focus. Well, it is more like I completely lost time. Or it lost me. It didn't feel like I was asleep, but I didn't feel like I was awake, what's more, when I came round,  a few hours had passed, in what seemed was only a few minutes.

Attempt #9:

In progress tonight.

Prior to tonight, last, which is also the night after attempt #8, I had a strange memory of something that may or may not be related to this meditation. Either way, I have decided to post it below.

It must have been night, or at least I am pretty sure it was night. The trees that lined the path, appeared to be mostly pine, surrounded by bushes of some unknown species. What's more, there were trees scattered among the pines that I had never seen before, though, I am no tree expert. The path itself was compact dirt(in no way am I through first to walk it) and no longer than the length of your average sedan. It snaked through the trees like the trees had sprouted up around it, instead of the path being lain between the trees. As I wandered along the path, I eventually came to a stop. Ahead of me, there stood an Elk. It was covered in dark fur and was extremely large for an Elk. What's more, the antlers that adorned its head were massive. As I watched it, it turned and began to walk along the path in the same direction I was walking. Wanting to give it a full berth, I waited. However, the Elk did not go far before stopping and glancing back at me. Not sure how long we stared at one another, but eventually, I decided I would follow it. Once I started walking, so did the Elk.

We walked in silence. It seemed either the forest was devoid of life or no sounds of insects or animals could break through the dense foliage that adorned the path. During the trek, I remember coming in out of it. Continuously I would forget I was walking and where I was, only to snap back. In and out, I slipped. All the while, I did not lose the Elk—or perhaps, more accurately, it did not lose me. I am not sure how long we walked, it could have been an infinite amount of time or simply a few minutes. Either way, I was not concerned, my only focus seemed to walk and follow. Then, without warning the Elk stopped. Without looking back at me, it wandered off the path and disappeared into the forest. Stuck and confused I stared for a moment at where the Elk had gone off the path before I strolled down the path to the spot.

As I approached where the Elk had veered off the path, I found a large hole in the dense foliage. Looking through the hole, I could see that the elk had created a path of its own through the thicket, and down what appeared to be the side of a mountain. As I looked further down the new path, I met the eyes of the Elk, staring back up the incline at me. Though, I could not make out all of its features, since this path was even darker than the one I was currently on, I knew it was the Elk. I felt the desire to follow it down the mountain, and after some time passed, I passed through the hole in the brush and continued down the path. As found my footing on the path the Elk had blazed, I discovered I could no longer see the Elk further down the path. Instead of turning back, I continued on anyway.

As I walked down the path, it became wilder. The brush grew thicker and thicker. The path I was following got narrower and narrower. Soon, I found myself blazing my own trail, no longer sure I was even following the Elk, I pushed and forced my way through bush and thorn. Deeper and deeper I went, like the forest around me grew denser and colder and heavier. I continued, till the floor began to change. It got softer and wetter and new foliage began to appear strewn across the floor. Reeds here and there began to just from the ground, and along with cattails. My feet began to stick into the ground, as it turned from hard-packed dirt to wet mud. Still, deeper and deeper I went. Even as began sloshing through thick watery muck. As I continued forward, in my single-minded pursuit, the water began to rise: to my ankles, to my knees, to my waist, to my armpits, all the while this mud or water slowly began to restrict my movement, causing me to have to fight harder and harder to go further and further into the deep—till I finally found myself completely submerged.

It was complete darkness. There were no sounds, no smells, no taste, all I felt was stuck. Unable to move and unable to speak. Still, I felt, calm and kind of at peace. I wondered if I was dead. I had thought that this would have been quite an interesting way to die. In a bog, at the bottom of a mountain, following an impossibly large Elk through a dead forest—well, not dead, the forest was not lively like the ones I am used to be but did have its own unique voice, breath, and heartbeat. The thought made me chuckle, actually it makes me smile now. I stood, frozen, waiting for who knows what. I wish I had thought of something cool, or perhaps interesting. However, I don't remember thinking of anything. My mind, for the first time, was quiet. I was fairly certain I was dead after some time passed, but I wasn't angry or sad, of anything, I was simply content. Content with how I had died and content being dead.


A voice cut through the silence. For a moment, then the silence returned, like an old friend.

I wonder how long I was there, it was even harder to tell in the muck than the side of the mountain or on the path.

"You shouldn't..."

The voice cut through again. So, I waited, till I heard it again.

"You don't belong here."

The words rang through, they weren't angry, more matter of fact—for the most part, void of emotion.

Then again

"You should not be here"

I was pulled from the bog and before I could register what was happening, I was in my bedroom.

I am not sure if I went to bed after this or I merely fell back to sleep, but the rest is a blank space till the morning.
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I felt the meditation at my heart chakra mostly. When I entered the space, it felt nice and pleasant despite it being dark. A lot happened even before Akelta mentioned them in the meditation.

When I approached the Reaper, he reached out his hand and said "Come along. They are waiting for you." I held his hand as he took me further into the forest. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I saw Lev tagging along happily with me. I asked him why he is here and he said "Why can't I be here? The energies you feel it too. They feel nice." The Reaper greets him as well asking if he is here on a visit. Lev replies with he is here to escort me on my journey.

After a while, we are greeted by Lord Skull and Lady Mystica. "Welcome!" they said. Lord Skull asks me if I know anything about this grove. I shake my head. He describes it to be a place where one can learn, most especially finding things one has lost. The last statement was definitely directed to me.

Lady Mystica gives a hug and places her hand on my forehead for the attunement. I felt warm and saw a bright light until I saw hovering in front of me was the shape of the attunement. It looked like a flower.

Lord Skull and Lady Mystica allowed us to roam the grove now and told us to enjoy.

I was walking around with Lev and I pondered about what I lost. I know for sure it is not an item. After, we were stopped by a merry band of imps dancing. They invited me to dance and I joined in. It felt very lively despite we were dancing with the dead. One of the imps said, "Wow you are a natural at this." and they mentioned how the dance is a special dance to honour the dead. I smiled and I thanked them for inviting us.

I told Lev that I think I know what Lord Skull meant. I was here to find lost parts of my self that I did not know about, my past self. I don't know why but I really felt at home with this. Hehe!
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Nice to see I'm not the only to have trouble with this meditation.
The first time, it went very well (better than usual) until shortly after Lady Mystica gave me the attunement. This brought on a tremendous rush of energy and the world shifted around me, bringing the path through the forest and the lanterns marking the way into view as the energy grew....

Other than the fact that I woke up exhausted the next morning, with the definite impression that I'd have a very long and active night, I have no idea what happened next.

The next night, I tried again, but just couldn't seem to stay focused after the first ten or fifteen minutes.

I have no particular fear of death, so I doubt that is the problem.
I have a couple of spirits who have been with me most of my life (one was a young woman who lived in the house I grew up in and chose to stay after she died in 1915, and the other appears to have been my stillborn son from another lifetime) and I've thought about asking one of them to be my guide, but now I'm not so sure that is the problem either.

After reading some of the other people's experiences, I'm starting to wonder if the attunement isn't taking us to a level outside the range of our waking consciousness's understanding. This seems to have been the point where things went haywire. The world around me was shifting as the energy grew within me, and I'm wondering if maybe that was the point where I stepped over the horizon, as far as my waking consciousness was concerned, and went beyond what it was able to interpret. It's not that we aren't experiencing the events, just that we don't remember because our waking consciousness doesn't understand the format of the experience and doesn't know what to do with it.

This would fit in with a lot of my experiences in working with non-corporeal beings: I don't know if it's because I have difficulty visualizing things, or if it's just the way we connect, but I don't usually interact verbally with a discrete entity, but rather we blend on a much more abstract level in a communion of sorts, if that makes any sense.

The only way I can think of to describe it is to say it's something like flying over a hurricane. You can look down and see the swirling clouds below you, and feel some of the energies that a more abstract part of you is experiencing at the time, but there is no direct link for you to see or understand exactly what is happening at that other level.
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It took me quite a few tries to get into this meditation, but once I did, I quickly lost the track of the meditation because I had a feeling like I'd been here before. I don't think I've been to this specific underworld before, but over lifetimes I've been well acquainted with various places that spirits go when they die. My reaper guide did not speak to me, nor take my hand, and I was left to kind of wander.

I don't remember much consciously about what I did there, but when I came out I had this weird dreamy relaxed feeling, which is the most comfortable I've felt all week due to various chaos.
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