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Questions and Answers for where to begin on the Darker Spiritual Paths.

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Lord Marbas resources

https://demonsanddemonolatry.com/demoni ... nt-marbas/

https://demonsanddemonolatry.com/demon- ... nt-marbas/


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For Marbas, we see that He has an association with the color orange, so it's not too far a stretch to say that an orange candle would be a good offering - but because of the magickal associations of orange with creativity and fun, it's also not a stretch to suggest that some form of creative self-expression would also make a good offering. When you combine that with yellow, His other color, the more empowering the creation makes you feel, the better.

We see that He has associations with healing and also with learning - taking Marbas to a hospital or taking Him to a class on biology or any other medical arts class would be another good offering.

His association with fire and air suggests that anything that inspires you, and the beginning of any project, would also interest Him. If you decide you need to write a speech or article on something that you're passionate about (ah, now I see why President Marbas popped into my head for this article), Marbas is going to be interested in being part of it.

With His qlippothic association, we see that He's involved with the enlightenment that comes from the breaking down of causal constraints - so if you have old programming that causes you to create the same situations/relationships, over and over, then Marbasmight be helpful in breaking you free of those - but He also might be interested in the journey of that being an offering to Him.

We see with His tarot correspondences that He would enjoy an offering of charity or a celebration in His name.

With His lunar mansion, we again see the aspect of letting things go - so this, again, confirms that as an offering to Him, and His gematria also shows links to this.

His metals, mercury and tin, again suggest that an offering of communication of knowledge is a good one - but it also looks like an offering of music wouldn't be untoward.

His plants are used for protection, divination, health, and opening blocked roads - so an offering of divination about a health issue, or about a blockage you need to break through, would also be enjoyable to Him.

Lastly, His incense is again used for protection and for the breaking of things - so find something that needs breaking, and break it in Marbas' name.

All His associations can, of course, be offerings in and of themselves, but I really wanted to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

(Mama Raven)
I know when working with Marbas even for my own health I am sometimes lead or inspired to resources and natural methods to assist with healing. These methods alongside conventional medicine is the best way to tackle and work with more complex cases.

Marbas also is able to do intense energy healing which can go a long way. With my Oma he was out of the hospital after a day of having the heart attacks (8 of them in total that year) , and she was 89.

Azazel who has perfect control on everything forever, i accept everything you decide. Thank you for everything.
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