Mediation 2: A Krampus Kidnapping

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The Bells of Krampus

Darkest Winter Night Yule Masquerade Ball


Meditation 2
A Krampus Kidnapping

You have been very naughty this year... So Naughty in fact that Krampus has come for you.
He has come to find you and nothing will stop him from claiming you as his prize. Come descend into the
underworld and find out what darkness awaits you.

This is a guided meditation that will take you on an incredible journey into the Darkness of hell as you are
Kidnapped by Krampus...

Below you will find the second meditation

If you do this meditations and post about what you experienced then you will be entered to win a very special prize!

We would love to thank our Wonderful Forum Member SABER!!!
Who composed the music for this meditations and who has helped to make this event an incredible success!!
Thank you so much Saber!! Check her out on her Soundcloud here!
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:headbang: :headbang: :headbang: You know, it's kind of funny that where I live in the city has turned into the the boarded up and vandalized state of the town in the meditation. Really. It's right outside. So odd. Thankfully I don't find the word Ungrateful spray painted across any of the boarded up doors or windows around here. That would be surreal.
It is such an odd sensation to be tossed up and stuffed in a bag. But that's a demon for you, i highly doubt a regular human being would be able to accomplish that, lol.
This meditation was a starting point for some work that I did later, EFT tapping on the ungrateful feelings. It helped to prepare me to release them.
It would be fantastic to open my eyes and find that the decay and desolation had lifted the way it does in the meditation. Perhaps life will imitate the art of this meditation.
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I didn't initially understand what lessons I was supposed to learn from my guilty deeds. After the abduction, I walked back to the castle where I met the same spirit who approached me yesterday. He told me his name, or at least his masquerade name this time. He invited me to dance and ultimately led me through winding hallways to an unpopulated lounge to discuss my experiences and help me understand them.

I asked him to stand still so I could inspect him. My poor clairvoyance means I have trouble making out specifics. The blocky silhouette I had previously perceived gave way to a much slimmer, more defined body shape. He was significantly taller than me and wore a dark suit. He removed his jacket to reveal an emerald green dress vest. His mask was dark. I struggled to make out any details. Warm, reddish scales covered his hands and neck and he seemed to walk on digitigrade legs.

Ultimately, I distilled out three main lessons. Don't trample others' comfort for your own gain because it's not worth the guilt. Make sure you know who you're talking to before getting into intimate matters. Don't stare at people even if you think you are being discreet because they can probably tell. He hugged me, kissed my hand, and saw me to the door before I left.
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It is so interesting! I wrote 'what Krampus is to me' before I did this meditation, which is all about doing shadow work. I was laughing in the beginning!

I didn't get anything that came to me. BUT! I feel like I get a new option for shadow work. :devilgrin: AND that IS pretty cool! :headbang:

This was a great meditation. Thank you!
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Thank you Krampus. I was late to the Kidnaping but I felt Krampus’ energy, felt him waiting, so I joined the meditation. He called me a bad ass and laughed @ my ‘who me?’ (which was sincere.) I told him that his eyes were like the devil-eyes of the One inside and I’d grown used to his energy and mentally noted that he didn’t scare me any more. He laughed and said that’s because he's inside. Which really was kinda funny because there was a time when that would have freaked me out .

This was a most beautiful meditation revealing something of myself from a Krampus-pov which completely turned me on my ear. It was beautiful and left me with a sense of wonder and relief.

As I left his town I called out a thank you to Krampus who stood behind watching me walk away. I didn’t look back @ him. I remember him very well- there is a familiarity here and a deep enough regard that I knew not to look back when I gave him my thanks.xx
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It's funny, I knew I was in the village despite the darkness and everything boarded up and spray painted. On the street itself after I came from the alley there were two dim lanterns that were lit. the only light what so ever and barely any at that, as if they alone were struggling to survive, but they were there.
I saw my secrets nailed to the doors and it was embarrassing and the deep toll of the bell made me move quicker through the town in search for help, though the snow began to blow and accumulate to rapidly that I was slowed down and stumbling through it.
When Krampus cornered me I was weakened and shivering, bare as I suddenly was. He scooped me up in sack and carried me away. The fires where he brought me climbed high and I was surprisingly not frightened. Despite my very real worldly fear of being consumed by flame, there I had no fear of the fires and welcomed their heat and the relief from the bitter cold and their cleansing.
They washed over me and I embraced them as I embraced the truths in the shames, truths about myself and let go of the vehicle of those truths.
When I returned, I saw the village as it was, each building carved of dark stone cheerfully lit and the castle above even more so, the streets full of demons celebrating together. I looked at them from where I stood in the middle of the town, a little bewildered but a certainty grew within me as I turned toward the castle and begin to determinedly march my way through the snow toward it, my own power flooding through me, feeling whole with this new understanding of myself.
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After confessing two different revelations came up. The first one, was not my fault, and I need to stop blaming myself for it. The second that was my fault, was already forgiven by the one I hurt. “Would she be on your spirit team now if she didn’t forgive you?” as she made a little appearance. And I know how that sounds so no, she didn’t die by my trespass, she had a life cut short by illness.

When I came to, a companion immediately found me in the crowd and checked to see how I was doing. He helped guide me back towards the castle until I stopped, holding me close so I could focus on breathing and process.
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With every step I take in the surroundings all around me. The village looked like an abandoned s***hole that ghost would not stick around and haunt. It is so cold, and dark, there is a bell ringing in the distance. I feel a little bit nervous and lonely being here, I hope to find a way out. I feel....strange.

I just have to keep moving. The more I move, the more lost I feel among this dreary and decrypted forgotten place. Making my way to this door with words on it, I gasp.

Feelings of being vulnerable, exposed, and scrutinized by some unseen force outside my control make go into a panic. I'm afraid, goosebumps appear, I do not like this feeling. Quickly, I take a few glances around me to make sure I am alone. Not a single person in sight. No idea how these words could of appeared, let alone who would know this about me so deeply. I do not like at all how these words appear on this door, it is blurry but still visible to me, the things I have tried to hide being thrown back in my face and I swear it is as if I can feel laughter behind these words too.

Fear, shame, guilt. Being consumed by these things is restricting my very life. I have never lived, I have only been clinging to a meek human existence. Becoming too comfortable with being comfortable to the point where I am stuck and there is no way out, I cannot move enough to save myself and it scares me. How did this happen to me? I do not deserve this, so why is this cruelty placed on myself? I am so embarrassed at how these things hold me back, whilst at the same time my fellow peers are able to happily move forward with their lives in some way. They are not confined by their past or any screwed up traumas like I always have been. I have been screaming for help this entire time, but not once, has anyone dared attempt to help me. I feel I am too far gone to be rescued by other humans. Oh, what should I do!? What cruel fate is this!?

Reading the words on the door has distracted me from the looming bell sounds ringing, ringing, getting louder. The ringing is echoing, it feels like the sound is everywhere now. Maybe if I run away, the words will disappear. I just pick a direction and walk away really fast, I approach a large pole with a letter attached to it. Again, these same words smack me across the face: Fear, Shame, Guilt. I am being made to feel like my existence is meaningless. Seriously, what the hell am I holding onto, while at the same time fear, guilt and shame are driving me?

The bell is louder, it scares me, it alerts me that danger is present and I must evade it. No more notes or bells, I am leaving this place. So In a panic, I start to run, blindly, I've no idea where to go, Just need to escape the awful loud ringing. I run so fast until I trip and fall face first into the snow. Slowly, I make my way up, only to see a ginormous hooved print in the snow. I stare with bewilderment. Instinctively, my gaze lingers upwards until I see Krampas.

A very very tall, giant goat demon. He is very menacing and intense. He carries a large sack, which is partially opened. I'm too petrified to move, but my instincts force me to get up and try anyway.
I give a good chase, but I underestimated him and how fast he could be. I let out a gut wrenching scream of terror as I feel myself being sucked within his sack. He has won.

It is so tight and hot within the sack. It is hard for me to breathe. If I am lucky, I may pass out before any real harm is done to me. Now I know how animals feel in the wild when they are captured. No clue where he has kidnapped and taken me to. All I can think of is those notes that had some information about me and were exposed for all to see, had their been anyone else in the forgotten village. I feel shame all over again, and very small. Finally, there is movement...I am tossed out of the sack. Quickly, I inhale a huge breathe of air and scramble to get on my feet. It is immediately brought to my attention that wherever I am, I am trapped. Krampas looms overheard, looking down at me with a stern expression. He looks at me as if I have done something wrong, the way a parent would scold a child. There was an energetic barrier all around him, I could not escape. He points behind me, I turn around and look at the biggest fire I have ever seen. The inferno fire is so beautiful, but when it is made clear to me that I must walk into the fires that it when hysteria creeps over me.

Is this the moment I am finally going to die? I never saw it happening this way. I can't even fight for my life even though I have never felt very alive to begin with, even though I have put up fights in previous events, this time it just feels different. Maybe I am ready for all of it to end, finally at last I can put an end to what has been haunting me all this time: fear, shame, guilt. So I walk towards the burning flames, I continue to walk, thinking only of how it finally gets to end, how I can give myself a sense of peace and be free, even if there is a hint of self-deprecating to it. I just accept whatever is to happen. Out of nowhere, in all my mixed up emotions blending within every flame that caresses me, with the madness and coldness and with Krampas watching, I feel I finally have a moment to belong to myself. I begin screaming as loud as I can, about how I hate the fear, shame and guilt, and how I do not want to be controlled by this anymore. How these things are not my burden to carry anymore and I do not deserve to live life with these things so attached to me like a parasite. I just want it all to end and to be FREE. I keep screaming until I start crying and tears flow down my face. I am not happy nor sad, I am just feeling without having to categorize it into a box or explain myself. I just want to be free and to leave this place. The fire engulfs me, it is as if I have merged with the flames themselves. I have never felt so alive, it is as if instead of death like I assumed, I am being purified, re-born in some way? I begin to feel so much better.

I am smiling, and out of nowhere I begin to think of all the spirited fun and magical essence that comes with this time of year. The joy of it all. So many smiles. Glamour. The reminder that although we lose people physically through death, it makes us spiritually stronger, and sometimes we are sent certain people to connect to, to remind us of said lost person. Many special experiences getting to the Noble Demons Castle for their ball, the beautiful costumes, decor and divine demonic energy. I am reminded of how being there was breathtaking and meant everything in the world to me. I think of the warmth that people can give even on the coldest nights, sometimes even a rare cold person can learn to be a little warm. I feel odd, I begin to think about life again. And that is when the flames stop.

Out of nowhere I am transported to the empty desolate street I was on before, except this time the scenery is very different. Now I am surrounded so many lights, decor, demons all around laughing, chatting, filled with the spirit of the season. I am taken aback with amazement. It is as if what I experience with Krampas did not happen at all, a giant fever dream? I feel different, renewed, lighter, better....almost like a newfound appreciation for life. I see the castle in the distance and I feel a strong pull towards it, I know I must go. Now, I am filled with newfound determination and a type of zest for life. I have been changed again and must embrace these new lessons, for I am a new version of myself that has finally broken free from her past. The real me is finally awakened.
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First I was thinking, a Krampus kidnapping could be little funny, but..
I was in this desolate place, lost, it was cold.
I noticed the first words, I did not forgive..
What does it mean? I was thinking, and I can forgive,after a while, when it does not hurt anymore. Then I noticed the word pride, and self destruction..
I even have no opportunity to explain, to give arguments. I went faster and fell down in the snow. Before me grim dark looking Krampus. He put me in the sac.
This transport was more comfortable as I expected. Energies came into my Solar Plexus.
In hell it was hot, but I can stand heat, I have something against cold.
I had to step into the flames.
Fire is an important element, as well in magick, but I have lots of respect, sometimes fear.
I was used to step sometimes in violet flames, it is energetically. I stepped in. Energetic it eas a light tingling and energies in my Solar Plexus. I started to let go and suddenly I was back on the street again. Everything was decorated nice, demons are laughing.
A demoness came to me with a cup of hot beverage.
I thanked. Delicious, with ginger.
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I always look forward to Krampus' Night. Call me weird but I always feel a different kind of release when I come out of it.

This time, I am practically thrown into a desolate alley. Pitch black, ice cold and snow everywhere. The desolation around me reminds me of the dark wreck of my own mind that I am only now on a good period enough of my life to properly see and attempt to heal. The word in the door I see first is "Thief". Because my parents don't give me money for working at the desk at the office, I routinely pick their wallets so I can have enough money in general.

For many years, till now, I have felt shame about doing it, letting it overtake me and make me hide more. I keep it in my mind while I make it through the ruins of the town. The letter at the door says "You have wished your family dead and gone. More than one time, you wished they weren't there and you were alone" This particular one lays heavy on me. I am not proud of it but my parents and brother make living here unbearable and a constantly hostile environment that suffocates me.

I try to escape Krampus even as I welcome his presence and his lesson. The sack turns impossibly hot just before he dumps it (and therefore me) on the ground. I am very slow to walk through the flames. I sigh as they turn inferno hot and I scream that yes I am a thief and I wished my family gone. Those actions are mine and I own them. I accept them.

It seemed like only a moment later I was back in the alley still freezing cold but now in a warm and happy street which is filled with the scent of pie and pastries as I make my way back to the castle and the festivities.
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