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Krampus Comes

Darkest Winter Night Yule Masquerade Ball

Group Exploration : Krampus


Forget Elf on a Shelf, Krampus is the King!

The herald of pain and the one who punishes
the naughty little girls and boys. Krampus
has been a part of European Holidays since
before Christian times. His roots span back
into the Norse traditions of old and he is a
very central and important figure in European
festivities and celebrations.

Krampus is a very unique figure. He is the
Christmas Devil. December 5th is Krampus’s
day where he wanders the streets and
kidnaps those who are naughty.. He spends
the night visiting each house leaving bundles
of sticks for naughty children or whipping
them if they have been very naughty. And
for those who have been especially naughty
they are thrown in a sac and whisked off to

He is one who punishes children who have
misbehaved and unlike St Nicholas, who
rewards good children with presents, Krampus
drops the naughty ones into darkness.

He is described as a Half Demon/half Goat
figure and he has horns and a really long
tongue. Some say he has cloven hooves but
oftentimes he is depicted as having one
cloven foot and one human foot.

He is a very important part of Austrian and
German holiday celebrations and many
celebrate Krampus day with greeting cards
and a procession of Krampuses stalking the
town. It can be quite lively and fun festivities!

Krampuses wander through the street whipping onlookers with bundles of sticks.

Originally it is said that Krampus is the son of
Hel from Norse Mythology, but over time one
can see him being paired with Santa Claus as
the punisher of naughty children.

So… since this is a place of darkness and working with demons today, we will Connect with Krampus, and learn about him.

What does he look like to you?

What do you experience in your work with him?

What messages does he reveal to you?

There is no right or wrong answer in this. This
is your personal exploration of Krampus, the
Christmas devil. Don’t worry about what you
get just allow it to come and if you want, post
below and you will be entered to win a $25
gift certificate to the S&S store!
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Krampus is our shadow.

Krampus is the king / queen / monarch of the season; this is a season in the Northern Hemisphere where the land sleeps and we go within.

Are you willing to work on yourself? Do you want to grow and evolve? Or, does your dark side terrify you? Do you see a hell-scape within your soul revealing dark and contorted passageways?

Krampus to me is one who leads us in shadow work while the land sleeps. Krampus Is shadow work. If we are willing, our personal Krampus is a gentle guide. If we are as unyielding, petulant children, the journey is rough, very rough. For, we all must face our shadow side, like it or not.

When first met, Krampus is as a mirror reflecting to us those unpleasant things we don't like about ourselves. Standing before us is snarling, surly beast full of warts and a bad attitude.

Kindly take Krampus' hand and go into that dark, twisted cavern. Delve deep, heal, and love and come out the other end better for it.

Ignore Krampus, or worse yet curse at it or fear it and run away, one's shadow side of unresolved issues grow and seep even deeper to take control and become our puppet master giving us our own personal horror-show.

The choice is ours each individually.
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to summon the divine?"

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I had never thought of Krampus as a spirit to be invoked or worked with, so this was a mind opener. Perhaps I should further expand my idea of who or what can be a guide to the divine. My typical method of testing the waters with a new entity begins with enn chanting, so I set out looking for an enn.

I found one on the Satania Youtube channel: Rajnazzak Aroth Krampus Dea

I can't vouch for or against their legitimacy, but they have enns and sigils for a lot of entities you wouldn't expect, including Baphomet and Cthulu.

The next step of my process is a simple ritual where I sit in the dark by a candle and invite the energies of the entity to connect. At this point, tension in my lower back released and I felt something dense in my abdomen. I saw a pitch black, humanoid, goat figure with sharp claws and glowing, red eyes who stood with an animalistic hunch.

So we have a goat like demon who helps with shadow work and is known for brutal methods of healing. One who is also heavily associated with the Devil. Krampus reminds me a bit of Baphomet. I can't help but wonder if there is any connection between the two.
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I knew Krampus from my childhood. As a child I was both curious and nervous of his presence. I felt his energy powerfully around certain children that I sensed, via what his attention revealed, had secrets and were being abused. I was too young to understand what that meant or how it related to myself only that there was a warning in it of sorts. And I knew that I held his attention ; later I realized that was because I had work todo and he was revealing that to me.

My view of him as an adult is far different from that child. Krampus is a reveal-all. And if you are resistant or fearful —- not simply because what happened was scary —- but because there is denial in it….well, that makes for a very bad boy/girl experience and you will pay. My understanding is he is actually helping to reveal and heal and is very good at it. But he views denial of your self as being very naughty and he won’t play nice.

I’ve seen him in two forms. One a very tall gaunt animal-ish man figure with hooves and horns and a longer face. And a goatish hairy man figure with very long horns.
He reveals to me that I must be true to my self. That I must be me and embrace everything that I am/have been no matter what the cost or outer judgement.
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Krampus appears to me very much as a sort of monstrous faun-like creature with his features blending those of a goat and man, but possessing a very thick pelt that makes him impervious to the worst of the winter cold... in fact he's quite comfortable in it. His face has a hard shrewdness to it. There is nothing soft or merciful to it and has a brutish quality to its angles. Like in most illustrations his tongue, when it slips from his mouth is long so that he can savor everything around him. For all his perceived cruelty he does get pleasure from the richness of experiences in the world around him. The grimmest and the brightest. Although his bell can be frightening with its harsh clank rather than a merry jangle, it is still an essence of purification and driving away that which is truly harmful as he treads through the dark winter night.
Despite his pairing later with Santa, I see him (and those who dress in his likeness) as spirits of the terrible winter elements that consume all captured within their hold---those outcast to suffer whether by their own hands or the deeds of others.
Even those devices of his punishment I see as purifiers and cleansers. He carries a bundle of twigs that he usually strikes with and I see them in this way. There is a grimness to his duty that reminds me a little of the scene described by a Greek philosopher---I forget who at this particular moment---who speaks of spirits of the world--the Erinyes--as being charged with the purification of the souls that enter the underworld. They strike them repeatedly, flaying them before sending them back eventually to be born again among the living.
That is something like what I see in Krampus, except he tends to take his test to the living to those who require to resolve their misdeeds less they be consumed by them as one thrown to the bitter hours of winter. Of course, how long he keeps and how you suffer depend a little on how quickly to grasp the lesson and resolve it within yourself and allow yourself to move forward. He has no problem making that particular winter stretch on for you until you finally get there.
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I am a beginner with learning of Krampus existence and all knowledge, folklore, stories, etc. connected to his prescience.

At first, I was in shock. Not because I am afraid of him, but because something so cool exist yet it has been elusive this whole time and it leaves me feeling like "I wish i could of found out sooner, THIS is what I need to be celebrating all this time." I will never understand why such fascinating things are hidden when so many people could benefit from learning of it (Krampus and things of that nature). It pisses me off.

This is part of the knowledge that I have always wanted to find (and I feel I have a right to have access to these teachings), but as I get older I realize that everyone has a story, a journey, and all things have their own timing and ways of being created and being exposed to whatever extent they are meant to within this world. Things cannot be rushed.

Anywho, the only thing that comes up for me is, Krampas (like most demons) are teachers. He is here to help me learn, maybe some lessons for me to understand. I guess some things in life cannot be learned until you reached the proper brain development and life experience (for lack of better words) to attempt to gain more experience through the right teachers, even if sometimes bad things happen, there is a lesson in it.
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I know Krampus, or St. Rutbrecht, from festivities in town. One male person was chosen, painted black and stalking after naughty most drunken with mulled vine adults and whipping them. It is fun. But in my area we call him , paired with St. Nichlas, St. Rutbrecht.

I like the explaination, that he is Norse origion, and a son of honorable dark Goddess Hel.
He appears half goat half man, with hooves, a grim dark look.
I welcomed him, explain, that I honor every being and I am grateful, what he offers. And again, a grim dark look.
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