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I had this working done months ago. This Working cleanses, Repairs, and adds attunements to your 3rd Eye Chakra. What you will find in the scroll are details about in what state your 3rd Eye Chakra was in upon initial inspection, (any type of issues present), Colors Unique to that chakra & what they indicate, A hefty education on the make up of the 3rd Eye and what encompasses, and where you are at in regards to various abilities and spiritual connections (Active or Awakening). So I wanted to give you guys what they found. But I am not going to reveal their entire findings on me. But I will give you a summary. Remember the colors that is mentioned in the scroll is unique to my own energy.

My 3rd Eye Chakra Colors:

The violet energies within the chakra are connected to the three high regions of
the third eye chakra, they are aligned with heightened intuition and heightened

The purple energy is connected to the third eye and is connected directly to the
chakras abilities. In this case the energy is tied to the Clairsentience ( The power
to sense and interpret the spiritual energies that are around), Intuition (the ability to
receive messages and impression from the energies that are around), and
clairvoyance (the power to see and make visual sense of spiritual energies that
are around) within the chakra.

The teal energy is connected to the throat chakra and is a direct link between the
throat chakra and the third eye. The throat chakras connection to the third eye
helps to empower the psychic senses. In this case it is helping to empower
Clairaudience (the ability to hear and make sense of psychic sounds that are
around) and clairvoyance (the power to see and make visual sense of spiritual
energies that are around)

The indigo energy is aligned with higher mind functions and advanced psychic
abilities within the chakra. His includes the ability to direct universal energy with
the power of the might. Telekinesis and mind control can be activated through this
energy with practise and focus. Indigo energy is advanced psychic development
and advanced energies within the human mind and consciousness. With indigo
energies one can learn to activate the suprahuman mind and supra abilities.

Pink energy in the chakra is one who has the gift of healing sight. They can see
things that are wrong around them and they can detect illness and issues in
others. These individuals are also gifted with powerful psychic healing abilities
and can heal and cleanse the energies of those who are in pain. They make
incredible healers and have natural talented direction and working with the flow of

These are the elements unique to my 3rd Eye:

Connection to the Dark Elements:
This chakra is connected to the shadow and the essence of the Dark Elements. It
can work with the dark energies and draw power from the energies of the night. It
is powerful and versatile in working with both light and dark energies and it can
shift and move between them. It is a very powerful skill. The Chakra can also
work with the dark elements and draw power from them and empowerment from
working with them.

Heightened Clairsentience:
The chakra has heightened Clairsentient abilities. This means that it has a lot of
subtle and unique skills when it comes to sensing and interpreting the spiritual
energies around it. Those with Clairsentience skills can sense and feel their spirit
companions and they can receive sensation and physical stimulus from the spirit
world. They feel sensation with their skin and with development they can hear
their companions through sensations and feel them moving around.
Clairsentience is a deep skill that has a lot of depth to it’s development.

Creative Visions:
This chakra has a unique energy vibration that is aligned with it. It is very aligned
with creative energies and can craft powerful and beautiful images. It can tap into
the vibrations of the imagination and turn the vibrations and messages that it is
getting into unique pictures and stories. This can inspire incredible creativity and
the ability see visions and receive creative direction on the best course to take in

Advanced Healing Abilities:
This chakra has deep healing abilities, there are deep connections to the heart
and also the intuitive abilities to detect pain and distress in others. The psychic
sense of knowing when someone is not well and being able to direct and send
healing energies to them to help them heal and feel relief from their alignments.
There is great healing abilities within this chakra.

Along with this, Lord Uphir adds Attunements with their benefits and here's what he added to mine:

Clairsentience Empowerment
This is a special attunement that is designed to empower and enhance the
clairsentient abilities. The chakra is aligned with this skill and with this attunement
this ability can grow and thrive.

Mystical Attunement
This is a very special attunement that is designed to align the third eye with its
mystical gifts and talents. It’s abilities to connect to the energies and to bend
them. The gifts of Magick and of crafting the energies of the universe. This is a
special attunement to empower the chakra in these areas and awaken the power
that is not just within, but from the times past.

Dark Element Attunement
This is a special attunement that is designed to empower the chakras connection
to the dark elements and help it to draw power and strength from them. It also will
allow the chakra to awaken the specific psychic skills and abilities that are
connection to the dark elements. The are shadow elements within the chakra
which are connected to the dark psychic skills and the chakras abilities to tap into
the shadows and the darkness. This attunement can help the chakra to receive
powerful messages from the shadows.

Healing Empowerment Attunement
This is a special attunement that is designed to awaken and empower the healing
energies that are within the aura and chakra. The energies within the aura are
primed for healing and helping others. This attunement will activate the healing
energies and allow them to flow and move. This attunement will help with the
development of advanced healing abilities.

I was shocked but not surprised by the some of the things that were found. It pretty much verified or solidified the explanation of alot spiritual events in my life. All in All, I was very happy with the Working and now I know what abilities I need to strengthen and reinforce. :devilread:
"To bear trials with a calm mind robs misfortune of its strength and burden." -Seneca :devilread:
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