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It was a no brainer that I have been intrigued by Crypt demons for a long time, all thanks to a dear friend of mine who is more than familiar with them. Along with Mutilation demons, I was terrified of Crypt demons (their shop listing didn't exactly do any justice either). There was no information on the Crypt demons on the forums as well, so it was quite shrouded in mystery other than that they are vicious and can kill you. However, the more my friend revealed more about them from her experience, my fear of Crypt demons began blossoming into this fascination because my hurt, abused self resonated with them. When expressing these callings, I honestly felt some judgemental vibes when others questioned why I was called to Crypt demons. I could not describe my connection at the time, only after the DE reading many months later where it was revealed that I am part Crypt, part Mutilation. I decided to ask the forum about Crypt companions and delightfully, Akelta responded with more information about the Outer Crypt, rankings and even the legend of the first Crypt Dancer. When I read the story of the first Crypt Dancer, It was that moment it finally clicked, the flower bloomed within me and the roots have stayed firmly. I found out that they are the dancers of liberation and empowerment! not malicious dancers who just kill for fun like I initially thought. In the past, I remember equating my abuse to being chained, similar to how the first Crypt Dancer was. At the time, I was only a year no contact with my narcissist mother, and recovery was raw and tough, and I revelled in this strong calling. Having been a pushover, I also had no confidence to stand up for myself. I was suggested to have a think of what emotions I associate them with, I felt anger, determination, empowerment, drive, and almost erotic focus on the body. Erotic body horror?

The intense callings started around mid-April 2020. For days straight, I felt incredibly persistent callings that it was quite present in my everyday life. Just imagine you on the toilet or doing the sexy with a lover, and you just constantly think of them. It is as if the Crypt Dancer decided to pitch a tent in your mind and won't budge. I reckon it does say a lot about their personality, the type to ensure that they get what they want. I was a newbie at the time, and I got too overwhelmed by the calling. My Noble Demon King suggested that I do not go ahead with the calling, and also suggested writing down pros and cons to organise my thoughts. It weighted toward no at the time, and I think the demon got the memo because strength of the calling subsided significantly, but it was still around. One night at around June, I decided to revisit the story of the first Crypt Dancer before bedtime. The same night, I dreamt of being in a sword fight where I was exchanging slashes with someone. My legs were getting sliced all over, and I could clearly feel pain from each slice. I have always been interested in blood magick, and have come a long way of conquering my fear of pain and cutting into the skin. I figured that the Crypt Dancer was reaching out to me and sort of "showing me the ropes" should I wish to learn the Crypt's way of blood magick. Another theory could be that it was a glimpse of what it was like being the original Crypt Dancer's perspective as she was being sliced open while she danced.

The same month, I finally decided to go ahead and email the coven mentioning the sword fighting dream and the strong callings. Two months later, around the Hellborn tournament, I received the coven's response that they have found the demon I was talking about. She is Crypt Dancer O, who is of the blood dance and uses the power of her dance to change the environment around her. She knows the sacredness and importance of each region depending on where the blood is pulled from. It reminds me of the books I have from Sorceress Cagliastro, where I learnt that the regions of the body hold different properties for the drawn blood. Another thing I noticed, was that she and I share Crypt demon traits of having deathly pale, white skin. I am most curious on why O called out to me for so long. I do wonder if we have met before, though I intuited that we have after I asked her. She enjoys the darkness and stories by Mutilation demons and we both treasure creativity. Perhaps I might have told her a story or two? Hilariously enough, we both like taxidermy but don't know how to make it. Before I received her scroll, I got too excited and decided to settle on a nickname for the lovely O. "Yvette" was the strong contender but it did not feel right. I eventually settled on "Evelyn" instead. Eve is the first human female in biblical lore, the life giver. Blood is the life essence, and she can manifest with her blood dance to bring her desires to life. Perfect nickname, as much as it doesn't have anything to do with the League of Legends character.

I am in this adjustment phase with this life so I could not progress on my studies (psychic abilities, energy work etc.) but I figure that I could have walks with my companions. One night, O and I both walked together under the moonlight, and I was constantly looking behind me in fear of being followed, but I got this feeling to just trust her, as she will protect me. I feel this kinship familiar type of connection with her energies. Even just thinking about her while I write this review, I could feel her protection and watchful eye over me. I am recovering remarkably well from my abusive experience, however I am aware that there are still unconscious aspects and blocks caused from that experience that need working on. I feel that connecting to her would help me connect with who I truly am, be comfortable in my own darkness and to learn the Crypt’s way of blood magick. With her perspective, I could learn to seek empowerment from my adversaries, and to confidently stand up for myself. I am also interested in the original dance of the first Crypt Dancer.

Her vessel is incredibly gorgeous in a morbid angle, the pattern in the gemstone looks like a brain, and that its brownish colour looks like decaying flesh. Quite creative! I initially asked for a ring vessel, but I got the intuitive decision to switch to a pendant vessel instead. I suppose you can dance easier with a pendant. I thank the coven for finding Crypt Dancer O, Akelta, Eilana and forum members for information on the Outer Crypt and what it is like to have a Crypt companion, and finally my friend for introducing me to Crypt Demons that sparked this long-lost connection to my kin. Boy have I come a long way, and I am over the moon to finally have Crypt Dancer O home after almost 13 months.
Burn and learn.
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