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I normally get my fur babies blessed every year but I missed the last couple of years. I just had a blessing from lord Caim for my fur babies done and I’m thrilled with the results.

I have 2 new street cats that I recently took in. They had a lot of issues, especially the little female. I’ve seen some horrific things done to animals in the area I live in, including birds. But I’m happy to say that I managed to catch these two and get them off the streets and keep them protected so that they can heal. They are finally starting to be more playful and both are healthier but there was still a lot of stress especially if they would go outside and hear human voices (I have my entire back yard enclosed and cat proofed ) or if anyone rings our doorbell. I was overjoyed to see how positively both young cats responded to lord Caims blessing and they are gaining confidence.

My two elder cats - P& T, ( 18 yo), have had several fur baby blessings and I swear their long healthy lives are due to Caim’s care. They are getting older and require a bit of extra loving care but considering their age they’re still pretty playful and healthy.

In the past Lord Caim helped one of my other cats with insecurity/developmental issues and his recovery was absolutely a miracle. I swear to Caim’s blessings for our animals and they really seem to enjoy it as well.

Just as an afterthought, when P was younger she was terrified, like bat-shit terrified of thunderstorms. Then one day I brought home some beautiful Imp friends and asked them if possibly they could help her out with her fear.
That was over 5years ago.
And she hasn’t been scared since! ♥️♥️♥️ to my Imps.
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