Solar Demon Festival of the Sun - Meditation 1

Come join the festivities as we are whisked away on a mystical journey to the realm of the Solar Demons!
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Day 1

Name: Ayama

Solar Fortune Sign: Day East

The Iippotto

Solar Birds that soar through the solar currents of the day. They are beautiful and stunning. Their brilliance and radiance soar through the sky and pink fire flows from their tails as they soar. They are very desired in the solar realm and they bring joy and happiness to those who observe them. They are birds of love and they bring happiness and good fortune to those who see them.

The Iippotto calls to us to let our inner brilliance soar and shine. Do not fear the world or the criticism of others, for now, is the time to shine, now is the time to pursue and follow your creative dreams and desires. If you have a project you have wanted to pursue but have not felt that you have the time, now is the time! You have the talent and you know that in your heart you can attain what you desire. Luck is on your side; good fortune will follow you. Now is the time to take action.

Outfit: The silk draperies consisted of deep reds oranges and burgundies. Almost like deep coulors of the flames of the setting sun. The top crisscrossed and the skirts layered and flowed off one another. Gold chains that draped over my hips. Gold bracelets and earrings. The earrings consisted of hoops and chains from my nose to ears.
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I have missed visiting this place and I am excited to walk it again. Except this time is different. What difference a year makes, I find myself thinking as I enter the Solar realm once more.

The heat is the same but this time I stay strictly observing from afar instead of moving closer to examine things. I am not sure why but this time I feel more comfortable from afar. As I pass the vendors, I pluck a piece of dark cake to eat from one of them. I bow and smile in thanks as I bite into it: dark chocolate, rich caramel. For some reason it stays soft and moist even as I walk through the heat with the King.

He smiles at me, nodding in understanding. My need to be a part and yet be apart in a way seemed to amuse him but he didn't mention it further. Immediately, once I entered the building, I knew my outfit this time would reflect my current needs. And true enough I wore silk harem pants in midnight blue along with a soft breathable tunic in the same color while my shorter hair were pinned up with deep blue jewels. As the final touch, my face was covered by a veil. Staring back at myself, I felt free. Comfortable. That no one would look at me or notice while I look and explore to my heart's content.

After I met with the King and thanked the Queen for her kind words, it was time to visit the Magi Tekeris. The tea tasted like earth and sand but also of blooms I have never seen before. It was a comfort to me. He smiled as I finished and handed it to him.

I loved the fact that, even before he even gave me my time of day and the direction, I knew what the sign was. I could hear the words "Fire Bird" being repeated in my head especially when I almost gave Night instead of Day.

My time of day is Day and my Direction was East. It made sense to me because I have been seeing signs around me lately to spark my creativity.

I listen to Tekeris talk about his eldest daughter and how she made the most magnificent outfits and I mumble that I'd have loved to meet her. He smiled and said "maybe you'll see her"

In all, once I leave and get back to the marketplace, gifted with my new name Cassia, I feel more at peace and relaxed than I have in days.

Time to explore.
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