Solar Demon Festival of the Sun - Meditation 2

Come join the festivities as we are whisked away on a mystical journey to the realm of the Solar Demons!
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<3 Done~ <3
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For me, it was a beautiful place. I was joined by this golden-looking male who had blonde hair. The picnic was visualized in a way that they were very luxurious - almost like a spread of caviar and gold jewelries laid and yet, sausages that you would find in a normal picnic. Wonderful, thanks for sharing.
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Things worked out so I found time for one last go before the event ended. Special Thanks to Saber - my companion - a Gregori Watcher - would like to say that he absolutely loves your music for this meditation. It is his favorite.

This really was an extra special way to cap off the event. Getting to visit the Oasis with my first Gregori Watcher as my date.

It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to re-connect with him. He does a lot of background protection and isn't always front and center, so it feels like re-connecting when we interact during these meditations.

Yes, I said meditations. During the course of this meditation, I made note to my companion that I wasn't surprised to see him in the Solar Realm. He's intense and laser focused. Matching the energy of a lot of the Solar Realm demons in that respect. Where he did surprise me was when he was at the first Yule Ball. That seemed an environment that didn't mesh with his personality as much. We've been companions for quite a while now, over a decade! :deviljaw: I feel like a broken record, but it really was fantastic to have to opportunity to share the last night of the event with him there at the Oasis. As soon as we reached the Oasis, I felt an extra wave of energy drop down on me that I've never experienced in previous visits to the Oasis.

Thank you Satan and Sons for hosting this fabulous Solar Realm event! :devillove:
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