Solar Demon Festival of the Sun - Meditation 3

Come join the festivities as we are whisked away on a mystical journey to the realm of the Solar Demons!
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I read the description of the hellcat... Well first I saw hellcat of Marchosias and then I just felt that kinship feeling that I feel with my companions. When I read the description that feeling increased. (And now I'm in love lol)

When I did the meditation the hellcat was with me and I invited my mutilation hellcat along! When I arrived I wanted some kind of kebab or schwarma but some sandwich caught my eye. It made me think of a Japanese souffle omelet in its looks. But it was some kind of yellow colored bun with something red and something white in between. Not quite sure it's taste but it was satisfying.

Then we went to hang out with Ogmal. I thought of the perfume bottle might be the one I chose this time because of the hellcat's description and I need the help in those areas. I remembered there was a crown here somewhere , which I thought was another option for me. When Ogmal showed the bones I was like oh yeah that's what I picked last year. And realized I totally forgot I chose it for it's blood magick properties. This was a reminder that I really need to work on that and try that out. I've been trying to make plans about how I'm going to use magick in my life. It's finally time.

When he took the crown out I was asking the hellcat if this was the one. I guess I knew it was but was second guessing myself.

He was showing how it shifts and when he took it off I snatched it and put it on. I felt a calming over my body and in my solar plexus. As he kept describing it, and talked about it as a curse I was like yeah, I already feel cursed looking at myself, bring it on.

I also asked how he got this from a demoness princess and I told him I found it odd that only the necromancer's bones have a story lol. I think he just put this head down and wouldn't reveal how it came into his possession.

He wanted to wrap it up and I said no I'm wearing it out. And so I did.

Initially I wanted to go find some dancers. But I felt so connected to the hellcat I decided to hang out with my hellcat D and this hellcat of Marchosias.

I asked if D wanted to play with her because he's all about fun. He thought it more important that I spend time with her. I knew that it's most important that I accept that she may go with someone else. She expressed that i need to find a way to love myself a little every day and that will go a long way to helping my current issues and problems. I knew she was right and I will now be working on that and working on letting her go.

Thank you Ogmal for the crown and reminding me the importance of blood magick. And thank you hellcat T for your support and company. And giving me much needed advice.
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It began with me, once again, dancing in the square. My dear companion, D, was with me.

As we approached the food vendor, I found a brightly colored sweet... thing. It looked like frosting, but was the consistency of cotton candy, but not as sickly sweet. D looked at me, amused, and said "That's not lunch." "It's lunch if I eat it at lunchtime," I quip back, skipping away with my treat.

At this point, we were once again joined by my demoness dancing partner. As I went to talk to Ogmal, D and the demoness hung back. Ogmal went through each if the items, and I genuinely believed that I would lean towards the perfume bottle, until the crown came out. As the crown came out, I felt it catch D's attention, as well as my own. I knew that this was going to be my choice, even before Ogmal finished explaining it.

I went back to D and the demoness, clutching my new prize, before bidding the demoness farewell and returning to my body.
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It was a wonderum meditation
I qas walking into the streets of the market.They looked very arabic the shops.I cant truly describe them but they were :0.

I start seeing food vendors.I stopped in this one, where they selling golden leafes and a what it looked as a white cake and small red crystals on their inside.He offer me one golden leaf and a slice of cake.There were also this exotic blue flowers that were edible .
I ate them and I see my elf companion Z.
I feel a pulm to this vendor abd Z , just handes me money .I talked to rhe vendor if he has anyyhing to help me with telepathy and he shows me this crystal diamond ball. I pay for it and he then handes me the item

He accompanies to a restaurant and he stays there ordering the food ehile i go to see O oddities store.It looked so ancient and yet spectacular.O appear to me as a pale , teen boy of 30s .He was blond and had greyish eyes and 2 fangs that appeared when he smiled or talked.

During the show case of the items, i kept seeing a silver crown.After the 3 object were presenged it appeares the crown.He put it to me and i saw it changed to a small but silver crown with metal roses.Before akelta would mention about what it is.O told me that it was to unlock your own porential qnd who you are and that he gave the vibe that i need that lol.He then tooked the tiara and put it in a beautiful blue box with a silver ribbon and silver details .He smiles. I tell him thank you and i that i hope to see him again or buy to him stuff xD

I see Z outside, however i felt in my gut he wasnt Z.I called 2 companions .B an elemental of the blue fire and E an arachind. They calmed me down and B took the package and sent it to our sfam realm.Whe then go to the restaurant and I see Z .There was out food.He ordered for both of us a green salad with some golden sparks.B and E order some food.We waire for it to arrive, we talked and then we ate.The dish E ordered oked like a cooked big mammal with salad , while B was some black balls.We finished our meal and we walk away to the market place. We talked and buyed stuff

The nost interesting thing i saw was Z buying 2 mini fae aligned creatures.They were white and had a big tail.They could also fly/levitate.The vendor told hin they are excelent to take care of a garden.

E buyed somed jewerly and golden claws.B buyed some mysterious stuff.I asked B if he coula accompany to this vendor we pass,i wanted this sun energies elixir.i saw as a blue esquelotom fire, very distance and kinda intimidating in the marketplace and walking beside me , who was a very cheerful human.We got to the shop and the vendor was quite terrify, but he sold us the elixir he sells.I see B paying with a blue orb .

We catch to others . Talk a bit and i hug them and bid them a goodbye.
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So i have been spending a lot of time in the solar realms recently, as i found what i needed to in the desert, and it was nice to return to the marketplace once more. I was not so hungry this time but chose a bright green drink, it seemed alcoholic and tasted like a mix of lime, aloe vera and something else. I soon came upon Ogmal’s stall. The items were beautiful i was not at all drawn to the first two, the bone box would have some wonderful stories within, and i am familiar with those energies, i knew and felt form the start which one to pick. I felt tingles as he brought out the crown, which i chose as i believe it will help me on my path. Ogmal said it was always mine. And it feels wonderful to wear.
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:devilgrin: :devilgrin: I only tasted free sample piece of snacks in market. For big meal, i had to call my lover because i dont have anything to pay. The merchant is very sweet talk and chatty of course he is marchent lol. He did't suggest me about bone piece. I only suggested about other three because when i showed interest about that cursed thing, he showed a bit not comfortable on his face. He let me touch and watch closely to others but not that cursed thing of necromancer. I was struggle between box and crown. but i chose crown. Meal was delicious when i have someone pays for it :devilgrin: I wanna buy some more, but my lover didnt. he said what for? U cant take them back physically... so i leave it . Hope i can go next two meditation today or tomorrow. I think i am out of schedule. :devillove:
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When I manifested, the clothes that we're gifted to me previously manifested automatically as well. Nice! I appeared in a portion of the market place with many food stalls. As I browsed the stalls, a short old man suddenly stopped me, claiming I had dropped a ring and handing it to me. The ring was brass, and had intricate carvings around it. I didn't recall being gifted such a ring as part of my outfit...I went to a stall with grilled skewers with meat similar to chicken, and ate those. They were ridiculously good! I gave the merchant the ring as payment, even though "it's on the house for offworlders."

As I continued to walk around the heat made me feel ridiculously thirsty. But I was no longer in the food stall part of the market, and was now in a clothing/accessories portion. I could only see clothes and leather goods for sale...I looked around a bit anxiously, until a young demon asked if I needed assistance. I told him I was looking for water, and he ushered me over to his stall and gave me cold water for free. Nice guy. I said thanks and continued to O's stall.

At his stall, I wanted the perfume but I was a little suspicious at taking perfume connected to an unnamed goddess. So instead I went with the crown. It melded into a black, silver, and platinum circlet.
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I go with my husband J, and Akari, finding a cute little sandwich shop that we get some sort of turkey like burrito thing with lettuce and a fluffy pull apart bun. It is sweet and slightly salty and spicy and the meat is almost sugary. J loves it and devours his , Akari slowly eating his like it’s a prized dish. “It’s because it is.” He smirks at me as he eats. We sat down to eat, and get up only when J starts to get antsy. I watch J pull Akari to the side, and I can see my bee boy roll his eyes as he hands J a sack of money and walks over to a vender. He comes back, whispering in my ear that I am worthy of him and all his love, and slips a simple band on my finger, a silver metal with a rough garnet looking stone. It is a star garnet, just like our ring I wear in the physical, except this one catches light and reflects rainbows. He puts a heavy necklace around my neck and there now sits the matching palm sized star garnet, I hold back tears as I kiss him and hug him close. The past few days have been rough, but I love him so much and am so happy we can enjoy this together.

We hit the oddities shop, and J waits outside, saying this part is all for me. I go back through my notes and smile, I have one of these from last year. My husband chimes in that I need to work with it more , especially right now. I am kinda pulled towards the box, but not so much. I need not think twice and take my box . I feel my body finally getting tired and I have to cut this short, getting my box and leaving.
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The perfume was very outstanding to me. To me, i visualized blue gemstones covered in the perfume. It had a blue and golden aura to it. I asked if I could spray it on me and I did! With the perfume, an aura of confidence and sensualness filled me. The box was a funny one. Before it was even mentioned in the meditation, I've already seen it! Ogmal seemed like a really fun and super cool guy to hang out with actually :D That part where he smiled at this voyage got me lol. I think I was mostly attracted to the perfume a lot (recently I did petition and wished to work with Rashoon).
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The Marketplace is just as I remember it. Bustling with energies I find comfort and delight in. I find I am starving as everything looks delicious. I grab something that looks like a whole cut coconut except it is black with orange flesh. Its taste is refreshingly cold and not too sweet as I devour it while I walk.

Apparently I am still hungry as I find the vendor I decide to eat at. I sit and order a huge pancake style wrap, its fluffy and savory with a hint of sweetness, filled with refreshing fruit that is native to the realm I find myself realizing. I am almost done with eating my lunch when I notice the oddities shop.The demon smiles, remembering me from last year's visit, commenting on how my energy is different.

At first, as I walk in, I see a flash of ink black and gold at my back, jewel like eyes burning into me as they stare with interest, watching me. Those eyes politely stay glued to my back during the whole of my visit but they aren't unpleasant. I thought I knew what I wanted: the golden shimmering box or the crown to awaken my essence.

But, as time wears on, I find that this year I seek not riches, nor destroying my enemies. I am simply exhausted and raw, in need of comfort and love. Self love. So what I end up choosing is the perfume. I am not interested in the slightest in the other artifacts. I simply want love.

The demon smiles in approval as he hands me the bundle and I exist the shop, thanking him with a bow as I return to my body.
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