Solar Demon Festival of the Sun - Meditation 4

Come join the festivities as we are whisked away on a mystical journey to the realm of the Solar Demons!
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The walk through the cave wasn't as difficult (or as cold) as I expected since it seemed that most of the floor was covered in fine blow sand and there were a few places where there was a faint glow.
Reaching the pond, I stopped and took a drink of the water, finding that it had a pretty good energy of its own, as well as a bit of a nutty (possibly almond) flavor to it.
I waded out into the pond and stood in the middle of the crescent with the yellow stone in front of me. There seemed to be no particular pull towards any one, so I put both hands on the yellow one. The energy flowed through me like an electric shock and I dissolved into a world of yellow light until I finally found myself outside again.
There, Tekeris was grilling long strips of meat (somewhere between roast beef and chicken breast marinated in sweet spices) along with something like rice and a cup of semi-sweet braggot.
I remember wondering where he kept chocolate in the desert, unless it was kept in the cave
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This one was very clear to me. I chose the citrine-like gem. I honestly felt that I needed that and it felt like it was charmed with power. I struggle a lot with depression and anxiety but this one felt very empowering.
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Thank you so much everyone for your participation in this meditation! These one was a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoyed the interactiveness of it! As promised here is the video detailing what each gem meant in the cave!

A Huge Thank you to our Forum Member Saber for composing the music
for this Meditation! You can check out her Sound Cloud here!!
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woah.. another shocking result again... solar realm giving me lots of surprises ..all i am seeing.. rebirth, rebirth ...ascend, transform .. my all mentors are keeping telling me these days and then revelation of temple and now.. gem... yes i chose Ruby.. as it's my also my name, and that my zodiac stone along side with diamond.. Ruby symbolized me.. yes again crystal cave saying rebirth ..looks like i need to focus on void, my home, my higherself ...My guardian from void and abyss said a couple of days ago "void is nothing at the same time everything, it will transform depending by the way you link your energy of thoughts with it, so aligning with void might be a very handy path but it help alot with self balanced and embracing true self, to reach the deepest highest of you inside, the primordial core". :devilclap: :devilclap: :devilclap: :devilclap: :devilclap: :devilclap: :devilclap: :devilclap: :deviljaw: :deviljaw: :deviljaw: :deviljaw:
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