Solar Demon Festival of the Sun - Meditation 5

Come join the festivities as we are whisked away on a mystical journey to the realm of the Solar Demons!
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Early on, my memory is rather spotty...
I remember approaching the temple, it's fluted main facade gleaming in the setting sun like a new penny; and the storm raging beyond it.
After that, I remember the arched hallway (rather like a medieval cathedral) with what appeared to be a massive altar at the other end, and a glimpse of a stunningly beautiful woman with long dark hair.
After that, I was in the room of the undead with the flesh falling from my hands.
Around that time, a golden glow started between my shoulder blades, and slowly spread.
After that, my flesh started to harden and dry, more mummifying than decaying, but my stiffening legs still made it hard to walk
Arriving at the golden room, I debated on the bowl of goo, but settled on a banana
At first, the mirror showed a back outline bordered in purple flame, and the middle three chakras glowing and connected together.
Then the solar plexus opened and flooded the entire room with a blinding golden light that made it almost impossible to see anything in the mirror.
After considerable effort, I managed to catch a glimpse of a tall figure dressed in polished gold with a long narrow face, holding a golden staff, and wearing a head dress bearing three while plumes between a pair of twisted horns sticking straight out to the sides, very similar to the Egyptian Khnum
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So I realized I did do this one last year. I brought my Rajael dancer along but she couldn't go in to the rooms with me.

In the room it's the undead I didn't really feel anything. There's something about the undead that I don't seem to connect to. My skin melted off and I moved to the next room.

I forget which room is next. The food I was conflicted about. I couldn't decide between the grapes and the goo. I think I tried to have both but not sure which one I actually ended up taking.

The higher self room, I saw myself in black with gold accents. My eyes were gone. They were black holes and my face was serious. I'm not sure my mouth was even really visible. I had gold shoulder armor and some sort of gold head piece. This was exciting because I did not see my higher self last year.

My companion and I danced in the market place afterwards.

I was debating whether to post or not but thought it might be important.

This is all I remember.
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Thank you so much everyone for participating in this meditation! This is the final event and the final meditation and we all hope that you had a wonderful time at the Solar Demon Festival of the Sun! This event was incredible and we hope that you had an amazing and wonderful time! As promised here is the video with the revelations for what you ate or didn't eat in the god room of the desert temple!

A Huge Thank you to our Forum Member Saber for composing the music for this Meditation! You can check out her Sound Cloud here!!
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Thank you Akelta for these revelation videos!

I can't help but laugh that I somehow chose the Siggna in Meditation 1 which meant slow down, self care and rest, then for revelations in the cave I chose the sapphire meaning more soul nourishment, self care and rest and finally with this last one pineapple which I heard loud and clear that had to do with gods of rest and more resting and soul nourishment. What are the odds haha I get it loud and clear that I need to relax more and do some true self care. It was so uplifting to hear these messages; even though I thought I was "resting" I see now how my attempts at self care was more of a chore than enjoyment, so this highlighted within me a deeper realization. This was seriously such an empowering event during a much needed time.

Thank you again for everything :devillove:
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oh my lord Satan!!! i ate nothing .. and i was shocked to see the revelation matched with my final reflection in hall of mirror. it was void .. i didnt know.. final reflection i saw in mirror is void itself and now.. the sorceress saying exact match meaning with what i saw myself? omg.. i am speechless, i am fully speechless...the prophecy is dangerously epic . Btw .. what about items we chose as gift from merchant ? Do we need to go back take?
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