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Velca did a wonderful reading for me that I wanted to share.

I’ve been in a pretty bad emotional place here for the last year due to my workplace and the individuals I work with. It’s hit a breaking point here lately. The every day being a blur really hit a nail on the head. Besides the people issues, we’re so busy at work I don’t get to take a break and I work ten hours. I get home and I’m too tired to do anything, I don’t even eat some days. Come home, go to bed, get up, consume a bunch of energy drinks, work, come home, sleep.

What’s really interesting is that morning I got the email of this reading after I got home from work I forced myself to reach out to Lord Belial. I had felt drawn to reach out to him for some reason. I had a severely horrible day at work. I hadn’t had much energy to do anything magick wise here lately and just reaching out to him took a lot out of me. I confessed how I’d been feeling and the point I was at. I went straight to bed afterwards and when I awoke an hour before work I saw the email of the reading came. It honestly couldn’t of come at a better time.

What’s funny about getting the same message from all of them is that I’m the sort of stubborn individual who needs to be told by more than on person. If I’m going on a road trip with some friends and one person tells me Im going the wrong way, I’m not gonna think to much on it. When more than one are like hey you’re going the wrong way, than it makes me stop and think ok I must be going the wrong way and check the map.

Having all four of them call me out on my mindset and the way I’ve been letting people treat me. I need to re-evaluate some things. Letting people treat me badly and never saying anything. Letting all of that build up. You called right out. I just don’t understand because I know I wouldn’t treat people that way so like why are they treating me this way? It should go without saying you don’t treat people like this.

You took the words right out of my mouth because I swear I say that like daily at work. I did my best last night to remember your words on forgiveness and not sitting and fuming over things.

What especially hit home was Lord Asmodeus message calling me out because later on that day at work I found myself questioning if there really was a light at the end of all this. When I got home and watched it again I was like, he called me out that I was gonna end up feeling like this.

I’ve definitely been feeling lost and unfulfilled as well so that also really hit home.

What’s really interesting is when I came home and rewatched it a second time I swore I saw a woman beside you when I got to Lilith part. I had to do a double take because I didn’t see anybody there the first time I watched it. I took your advice and ended up reaching out to Lilith about doing some shadow work.

I’m surprised she came forward. I was taking guesses as to who I thought may come forward for me and I got two out of the four right. Lord Asmodeus and Lord Lucifer.

Thank you for the wonderful reading and to Lord Lucifer, Lord Asmodeus, Lady Lilith and Lord Rosier for coming forward. It really helped shine a light on things and where/what I need to work on.
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