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Testimonials from our work here at Satan and Sons
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Following Belladonna’s advice, I had the Satanic Orb scheduled with the Lord Uphir – Third Eye Attunement, Activation and Cleansing, a neat powerful combo. I believed it further acted as a booster to the surgery, complimenting my senses and abilities, at the same time connecting me to Lord Satan. My orb colours are blue, light blue and black, both my favourite colours!

So far, it has aided in my concentration and visualisation. I slept through the whole working on the day it was cast. That night I meditated, everything felt more clearer and lighter in my mind’s eye, helping me visualise clearly. Visualisation has always been my weakest skill so the Orb has definitely made it more manageable.

I first used it on a spring cleaning day, where I used the Orb to construct a shield, as well as warding, with the help of Forrest and Lord Satan. Along with Forrest's, I could feel Lord Satan’s energies empowering the shield, granting me the ultimate protection. That night it was a strong current of the combined energies. Before rituals and meditations, I would use it for focus and empowerment before rituals and meditations, like a booster. Seeing it in my mind’s eye is a beautiful sight, it’s like a nice black glass orb swirling with blues, and I always feel this powerful and nurturing energy coursing through me. It acted as a guidance, almost like a bridge to the demonic divine and my goals.

Since the Orb casting, I always acknowledge and thank Lord Satan in my meditation routines. I cannot recommend this enough, it is permanent and the Orb is extremely durable. You get a booklet instructing you on how to use it. I never felt more connected to the demonic divine and Lord Satan himself. It is best to have it done with the Lord Uphir – Third Eye Attunement, Activation and Cleansing, they compliment each other well. I can't wait to use it to the fullest from now on.

Thank you so much S&S, and Belladonna for recommending this combination!
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Thank you Kiku for sharing your experience. I also had mine 3rd eye attunement done July 23rd. As a inexperienced beginner, I do not really feel anything the night of the attunement. (Same as all attunements I have done so far from other sellers) However, what did I notice is when the night Akelta posted 'Hellborn Attunement Meditation' I followed the guide and first went to a realm with fully consciousness(Normally I can only astral travel in my dream without control of my body). My vision is way clearer than usual. I have a feeling this change/improvement is related to the 3rd eye attunement.

After reading your post, I am so interested in getting the Satanic Orb spell too. I was going to purchase the Lady Hekate Psychic Gifts ritual. Now it's hard for me to decide lol.
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Another great and informative review of the services you had done. This one is also on my list.

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