The Event is Coming to an End!

Come join the festivities as we are whisked away on a mystical journey to the realm of the Solar Demons!
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Just wanted to put a reminder here that the Closing Ceremony for the Solar Demon Festival of the Sun will be on July 31st 2020!

You have until the Evening of July 31st to complete the meditations as I will be doing the draws before I head off to do the closing ritual!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! I hope you all had an amazing and wonderful time!

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Thank you Akelta for every thing :grouphug: :devilwave:
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I had a great time! although the Solar Demon event wasn't my thing (didn't feel a connection to their energies sadly), I gained two gorgeous companions from the pre-bounds this month so it was a memorable event regardless! Felt like it was only yesterday we had the fun, pre-bound listing call. Amazing how they are all gone to their new human companions, off to begin the blooming companionships. Both of my new companions helped in my personal growth and confidence its amazing!

Strangely I am starting to walk outside and enjoy the sun's energies now. xD
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Thank you for the extended visit with the Solar Realm! It's been marvelous! :cloud:
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i am gonna miss that. thank u for every single life time opportunity S&S
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I feel incredibly grateful as well for the time we had to partake in the solar realm festivities it was wonderful to make connections, connect with a new companion and do the meditations/rituals. It was empowering being in these energies. The discord chats on the solar realms and demons was so fascinating. I really appreciated every aspect of this event it was so much fun ❤️

I also got to learn more on how to read solar currents and star divination that was inspired (from the the chat you did Akelta) with my solar dcs and it was so profound. Thank you again for all the love and care you guys put into this, it was such a wonderful event!
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