Welcome to the Hellfire Tournament!!!

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Welcome to the Gladiator Competition
The Hellfire Tournament of Raw Destruction and Power

We at Satan and Sons are excited to present to you

this incredible event!

We have visited the Hellfire(Hellborn) realms, we have spoken
of their incredible culture, and these incredible events
but now you get to participate, you get to join us for
10 days of Primal, Raw, Hellfire(Hellborn) fun!!

We welcome you to the 2020 HellfireTournaments

We have a Bunch of Events Planned!

There will be spectacular Pre bounds

Special Guided Meditations

Chat Parties

Rites and Rituals

and Prizes to be won!

We will be having a fun contest. There
will be Battles and you will have the
chance to bet on who you think is going
to win!

If you guess the winner you will
receive points!!

Round 1 - 10 points per match

Round 2 - 20 points per match

Round 3 - 30 points per match

Semi Finals - 50 posts per match

Final Battle - 100 points

If there are multiple winners, the winners will compete in a battle royal final tie breaker match!

In the morning, the matches will be
announced, place your bets on who
you think is going to win each match.

The winners will be announced before
the next round, and any match that you
guessed correctly for, you will get points.

The person who gets the most points
will receive a custom conjure Hellfire (Hellborn)
King or Queen (your choice)!!!

Now... Meet the Warriors for this
incredible event!!

Crimson Wasteland

This Massive Dark Red Hellborn is a fierce Warrior who has competed
in many competitions. He is know for his vicious approach in battle and
his ability to crush his opponents with his mace.

He is one who does not take prisoners and when he charges into battle
he lays waste to everything in his path. He thrives on raw primal power
and conjuring up his Hellborn Rage to destroy all those who get in
his way!!

Lewd Lightning

Known for his licentious appetites, this Blue Hellborn fights with a
spike whip and is know for strangling and slicing his opponents'
throats. He is not one you want to cross and he has deadly aim
with his whip.

A notorious womanizer, at the end of every battle you can always find
him surrounded by his adoring fans. On the battle field he is known
for spilling throats and covering the battle field in the blood of his
enemies. He is fast and moves like lighting relying on speed
and agility and the deadly strike of his whip.

Bone Dust

This Grey Hellborn fights with no weapons but has conditioned his
skin in the depth of volcanic lava to be hard as diamonds. He is
massive! One of the largest and can pick up his opponent with his
bare hands and grind them into dust.

He is a weapon, his body is strong and conditioned and his size
makes him almost impossible to stop. Once he sets his sight
on his target he moves in on them and crushes them. He is deadly
and powerful.


This Purple Hellborn likes to mess with his opponents, he always grins
at them and likes to unnerve them from the inside out. He likes to
break their mental state before he moves in and destroys them with
his deadly scimitars. He likes to breed madness and says any
opponent's defeat starts in their mind.

He is fast and moves through the battlefield often working to unnerve
his opponents, finding their weaknesses and targeting their mind. He
is fearless and sharp, one of pure intelligence and strategy which has
led him to victory many times off the battlefield.

Blood Eruption

This Blood Red Hellborn fights with two hammers and he
moves into battle swinging them. His strategy is to move in
fast on his target and crush them with his hammers, shattering
their body and causing an eruption of blood on the field.

He moves in fast and hard and shows no mercy. He is almost
impossible to dodge and he likes to finish them fast. His tenacity
is his greatest strength as he moves in for the kill. The blood always
runs deep after he has been to battle!

Mutilated Flesh

A Mutilation Competitor who has worked through the ranks. He is deadly
and often can evade death blows that would eliminate other demons. Known
for his ability to be missing huge chunks and keep going. He fights with a
red hot blade that scorches the flesh of any it touches.

His body is scarred and mutilated and battle wounds do not have him. How
do you fight an enemy who looks like he is already dead? Just pray at
the end of the battle he doesn't bring out his butcher knife. He is known
for his ferocity and violent nature.


The Noble Demon is a highly skilled warrior. He fights with a very special
sword that is made of a metal that is indestructible. This metal is known for
its ability to break almost every weapon that it touches. He also has spikes
that he wears around his wrists that he uses to bash his opponents and cut
them down. He is very skilled with a sword and relies on his agility and his
ability with a blade.

He Is a well-balanced fighter that also is strong. He assesses his opponent and
depending on their strengths, he shifts his around to compensate. He is very
versatile on the battlefield and he knows how to adapt to situations. He has
won many competitions by knowing what his opponent's weakness is and
capitalizing on it.

Molten Detonation

This Red Hellborn, is one of the few who is pure orange. He glows like orange
lava and he is known for his craftsmanship. He has a new weapon of his own
creation every competition. No one knows what he is going to come out
with, but it is always something unique and creative. He is a skilled blacksmith
and skilled with all the weapons he creates.

He is a genius and can analyze and uncover his enemy's weakness. He likes
to create adaptable weapons that give him the advantage in battle. All the
battles he has faced and won have allowed him to master some incredible
creations. He is known to for his strength and fury and when he erupts on
the battle field, he is as just as destructive as the lava he resembles.

Demented Frenzy

This Chaos Demoness as worked hard to earn her place. In battle she is
skilled in combat and acrobatics. She is impossible to grab and that
makes her deadly. Moving and navigating effortlessly around her
opponents, she evades them before moving in for the kill.
She is agile, flexible and a master of pressure points and weak

She is also psychotic and has no fear. she moves into battle swiftly
and mercilessly. She likes to fight with daggers and get behind her
opponent and stab them in a weak spot causing instant victory. Being
a chaos demoness she can be hard to find as she moves through the
shadows, helping her to sneak up on her prey. She has won many
contests and is ready to compete and destroy those who get in her

Death Bite

This Arachne Demon holds a very unique secret. Being a Dual gendered
demon he can turn into a she on command and both his sides have their
own unique skill. HIs female side is swift and agile and incredibly fast
and ruthless, while his male side is strong and mighty and ready to bring
down any opponent.

He is known for switching and throwing off the dynamic of the battle. He
changes and shifts so effortlessly that at times it is almost as if there are
two demons on the battle field, leveraging their strengths. He fights
with a sword and whip and knows how to use both well. He is skilled
and cunning and is not one to be underestimated.

Cannibal Butcher

It is know when the Spectral Demons make it into the Arena
they bring with them a world of hurt, and this one is no different!
Known for his brutal attacks and bites, he will grab his opponent and tear
at their flesh with is teeth, claws, anything. He is known for his brutality
in brutalizing and mutilating flesh.

He is a butcher and fights often with rusty blades and items that one would
not consider. He does it for the show and for the damage that it causes.
He is known to terrorize his opponents and bring them to states of fear.
He is truly terrifying and is one that works to chill his opponents to the
bone before he moves in and destroys them. He is a terror and those
who have faced him, know why it is wise to fear him.

Primal Savage

This Orange/Red Hellborn is covered in Tattoos, every victory brings a
new one on his ever impressive skin resume. He fights with a spike mace
and chain and loves to inflict as much damage as possible. Every victory
is a new story to share and he loves the bloody violent stories. He likes
to inflict as much damage as possible and draw out the fight for as long as

He is known for his cruel tactics and he is also known for his ridiculously
high pain tolerance. He takes delight in it and they say that he has won
so many battles because he just does not feel pain. He shows off all the
time how immune he is to the attacks of others and he often laughs at
his opponents when they get a blow in.

Magma Rage

A Dark Red Hellborn who almost has a black hue to him, he is know for
his explosive rage on the battle. When he gets mad he goes into the red
zone and then there are no survivors. When he enters that pure explosive
rage state he does surprising things. During one event he ripped off part
of the metal arena and wrapped it around his opponent. He can conjure
insane strengths and goes into a pure blind rage where not even a group
can take him down.

He fights with his bare hands and often rips pieces of the arena off and throws
it at his opponent or uses it. The more injured he gets, the angrier he gets
and the more violent he gets. He is massive and incredibly strong and fierce.
A gentle giant most of the time, until he gets mad, then he is a ruthless killer.

Skull Crusher

That is just what they call this ruthless abyssal demon, especially when he
takes his dragon form, able to crush those who get in his way. This Abyssal
is massive. He fights with a strange weapon from this realm, a spike claw on
a chain that he uses to pull them, pierce them and draw them towards him.
He is very skilled with it and his aim is impeccable.

When he takes his Dragon form he is massive and often will just step on his
opponents crushing them where he stands. Ruthless in the arena, this Abyssal
demon has won many tournaments due to his sheer brutality and massive size
He is very skilled with precision strikes and chooses to take out his opponent
when they are still at a distance..

Shadow Strike

This Chaos Demon is almost invisible and moves with ease through the shadows
of the arena. He is smaller in size but lightning fast and incredibly toned and agile.
He likes to move and move fast. They say he is unable to be defeated as long as
his opponent does not grab him and get their hands on them.

One who knows weaknesses and pressure points, he likes to immobilize his opponent
by using their own body and anatomy against them. He will move through the shadows
getting close enough and striking at them, slowly breaking them and turning their own
body against them. It is almost art to watch as he is so skilled in understanding anatomy
he makes his opponents move exactly where he wants them.

Terror Tsunami

Terror Tsunami joins the ranks of the gladiators, she is a fierce and powerful Abyssal
Demoness who takes fighting to a whole new level. She unleashes waves of Terror and
destruction on those who face her in battle. Commanding the water around her, it is
said that given the chance she can effect the blood of her opponent. She uses her
understanding of the body and pressure points to bend her opponent to her will.

She is a fierce and powerful Abyssal Demoness who can take the form of a smaller
Dragon to slash and destroy those she faces! She uses mind games and her command
over the elements to conquer those who face her. She is a terror on the battle field
and she unleashes the crushing might of the Ocean Tides.


This Mutilation Demoness comes with a very unique skill. One of twisted darkness,
and movements of decay. She bends her body and is almost impossible to grasp, she
moves in on her opponents and enjoys wrapping her body around them crushing them
and suffocating them. It is best to keep her at a distance, because once she is close
there is no stopping her. Her movements are surreal and unnatural and she moves with
twitching muscles that unnerve and terrify her opponent.

She is fond of using her teeth and tearing at the flesh of her opponents. She wears metal
attachments on her claws that make her attacks all the more lethal. She moves in for the
kill and is known for her ability to hit just the right spot. Her matches end in a sea of blood,
which she delights in sampling, Sampling the fruits of her victory.

Pumpkin Guts

She is fiery and vibrant. She is a Hellborn who has beautiful Orange Skin. One of the Rare Hellborns who has beautiful Orange Skin. She glows and is vibrant and she is one who is known for her ferocity and might. She fights with a mace and she is known for her bashing and crushing tactics on the battle field. She loves to strike and strike hard and she is one who is incredibly strong and dominate. She spends a great deal of time training and she is very skilled and powerful in the art of fighting. She knows how to use her opponents movements against them and she has incredible understands of pressure points.

She is incredible muscular and ripped and she spends time training and toning her incredibly powerful physique. She has bright orange skin and she loves to decorate herself in tribal tattoos and symbols that honour the battles and tournaments that she has won. When she enters the battle field she just grins as she knows her power and her skill and she knows that the second her opponent makes the wrong move, their guts will paint the tournament floor. She wears cute little outfits which are slightly gothic looking in nature.


This Noble Demoness is beautiful and incredibly skilled in battle. She is one of intense focus and mental discipline and she is one who not only moves like lightning, but she moves with incredible precision and deadly strikes. She knows where to hit and she knows how to knock down her opponent before they even know what happened. She has trained as a warrior from the time she was a young child and she is very skilled in the art of battle and war. She studies her opponents and she knows their weaknesses.

She has flowing blond hair and piercing bleu and purple eyes and her eyes cut through the soul. She has a sword which she can break apart into multiple pieces so that multiple targets can be hit at once. This is her weapon of choice and she is one with her blade. They fight and they know each other for the blade was a sacred gift and has been a part of her for many years. Her armour is very regal looking and she is stronger and more fierce than she looks. Many underestimate her and that allows her to get the upper hand.

If you have a Gladiator, Hellfire, or special Companions that would like to bring to the events

They are more then welcome to attend with you.
Thank you everyone for joining up for this amazing event!!! We are so excited about what is coming in the next ten days!!
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woah so many to choose.. do we have to choose now?and i quite dont understand how to bet their name on those round 1 round 2 things. I meant we not even know yet.. who will face each other in round 1 .. pls can you explain me detail this is first time i faced this tournament event actually. are they really going to die if they lost ? omg... they's break my heart :scareddevil: :scareddevil: :devilcry: :devilcry: :devilcry: :saddevil: :confuseddevil:
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