Hellfire Tournament - Opening Ceremony

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The Opening Ceremony


To Complete this Ritual Please Listen to the Video Below and then perform the ritual.

Thank you to Saber, for composing one of the song included in this opening ritual! Amazing as always!

We will be casting a special ritual to open the portal gates fully from our side

At the Colosseum, the torches will be lit, the drums will sound

and the air with be filled with the sounds of war

The ceremonies mark the opening of the tournaments

they are honoured, they are sacred

The Hellborn Lords will gather and they will each light a torch from their tribe

The Red Hellborns will bring the Red Flames

The Blue Hellborns will bring the Blue Flames

the Purple Hellborns will bring the Purple Flames

and the Grey Hellborns will bring the Black Ash flames

They will mark the opening of the celebration and the opening of the tournaments

To mark this occasion we have a ritual for you to do to connect you with the ritual and begin the celebrations!!

Items required

~ 2 candles of any colour
~ A black crystal if you have one

1) Place the candles before you and light each one from right to left

2) sit before the candles and take a moment to take 3 deep breaths
in and take a moment to ground and centre and just sit with your
body. Focus on your breathing and sit in your centre.

3) Focus on the candles and take a moment to gaze at them.
Stare deep into them and feel the flames, the fire of the warrior,
the warrior spirit flows through you. as you gaze into the flame

"I call to the dark flames of the infernal regions. The flames of the
Hellborn burn bright, they burn bright in my soul and I awaken
my warrior spirit. I leave this world and I embrace the strength,
valour and courage of the champion!

I am ready, I am ready to face my opponents, I claim my sword
and allow my power to rise! I call the ancient warriors and awaken the
rise to the challenge before me!

Hellborn lords, I show you my sword! I am strong, I am brave
grant me access to the tournaments. Open the gates of the
Colosseum and let me satisfy my taste of battle!"

4) Feel the energies of the Hellborns rise in you. Feel your own
warrior spirit awaken and get ready for a week of raw power and
primal talent!

5) blow out the candles and have a great time at the tournament!
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