Grimorium Verum: Origins?

Explorations and discussion specifically into magick that was practised during the Medieval and Renaissance time.
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As a Typhonian author, I always like to dig deeper into cross-referencing different traditions and locating likely origins for demons in ancient Sumerian, Babylonian and Egyptian pantheons. This applies mainly to The Goetia (where the pagan link is explicitly obvious), but my question here is one of books and specific historical dates:

Both the Grimorium Verum and the epic poem Paradise Lost identify the "unholy trinity" of Hell as consisting of Beelzebub, Lucifer and Astaroth, so which book inspired the other???

Paradise Lost was published in 1667 (maybe written in the decade preceding that year), so the "source" depends on when the Grimoire Verum was compiled and published/available...
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