Satan and Suns Forum Rules! ***UPDATED*** April 3rd 2023

Have a great place online where you get your supplies from? Or do you have magical tools you love, or know any interesting books, altar tools and other resources you use when working with the Dark Lords, Demon, Spirits and Entities. Share it here! No Reviews please
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Read and understood!

Thank you!
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Read and understood.
Thank you for having me.
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Read, understood and agreed!

Thank you for being so specific. I appreciate it!
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Checked and agreed!
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Always good to know about the rules. Thank you for being clear about them.
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Read and understood and agreed to.

This quote from the post is simply beautiful:

"Threads can be very personal and we need remember that there is a sense of vulnerability in posting. " <=== Words to live by.
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Read and understood.

Hello all! Thanks for having me here. Looking forward to learning some new things and basking in the comradery.
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Thank you for opening this door. I look forward to being a part of this community, learning from the members of this community and sharing my knowledge.
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I just want to let everyone know that the Forum Rules have been updated! It's a new year! a new season and time for a refreshed set of rules!

Thank you so much for everyone for making this space amazing!

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Read and understood.
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