Satan and Suns Forum Rules! ***UPDATED*** April 3rd 2023

Have a great place online where you get your supplies from? Or do you have magical tools you love, or know any interesting books, altar tools and other resources you use when working with the Dark Lords, Demon, Spirits and Entities. Share it here! No Reviews please
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To Satan & Suns Members

We welcome you to Satan and Suns! Below you will find our philosophy, our goals for this space, and the rules we expect members to adhere to while they are here!

Thank you to everyone for helping us make this such an amazing and incredible space!

~ The Satan & Suns Forum and Discord are a collaboration of many different minds, beliefs, paths and ideas, all of which do not reflect the beliefs, views and/or philosophies of Satan and Sons or its Coven.

~ The opinions, posts, views and beliefs expressed on this forum and in our discord channel including all members, the moderation team, and members of different ranks are solely the views, opinions and beliefs of the one who posted them and in no way reflect the views, posts, beliefs or opinions of Satan & Sons/Suns and its Coven.

~ The author of the post assumes all liability and responsibility for the words that they post. The priestesses of Satan & Sons do not endorse the content of posts from anyone but ourselves. Everyone speaks for themselves.

~ Everyone is allowed to post about their path, which might not align with our path or our beliefs. This is ok , we can disagree and still respect the path of another, it is part of the journey.

The Goals of this Space

~ Our goal is to make this space a place of education, spiritual learning and exploration and make it as safe as possible for people to discuss their path and experiences without fear and prejudice.

~ We want to create a space of spiritual exploration and learning different ideas and concepts through discussion and sharing.

~ To be a member of this community you do not need to walk a particular path. We are open to the paths of others. Please respect others and their individual paths and also to be respectful of their experiences.

~ Please do not hesitate to contacts us, or send us an email to if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this community as we would not have Satan and Suns without you!

Please see this topic for the Official List of Admins and Mods

Satan and Sun’s Forum Rules and Courtesies.

As with any sacred place we need to make sure we create a safe atmosphere where people can feel free to express themselves and grow along their individual path without criticism.

In order to do that there needs to be set boundaries and rules that we need to follow and abide by.

These rules stand for all forum posts, forum threads and any engagement in the shout box.

1) Respect is the Golden Rule

a) Have respect for this space and the members of this forum.

b) Keep all debates clean.

c) Do not criticize others or their beliefs.

d) Be kind to others, and realize we all have a part of play in preserving the energies of this space.

e) Do not try to Convert others, everyone's path is their own.

f) The spiritual world is big enough for everyone.

g) If you are at odds with or do not like another member please be respectful and ignore them and their posts. You can put them on your foe list if you do not wish to see their posts.

h) No one has to talk to you or respond to you if they don’t want to.

i) Do not purposely post images or make statements, posts or threads meant to get a rise out of another members.

j) Do not post gossip about other members.

k) There is no seller bashing here, if you have issues with another seller or metaphysical store you talk to them.

l) No posts on vessels readings or saying bindings are fake or other sellers are fake.

Disrespect we do not tolerate in this space

i) No posts of animals sacrifice animal abuse, or other posts of cruelty, torture, and abuse.
ii) No hate speech of anykind. (no homophobia, no transphobia, no racism)
ii) Do not post accusations that another members has cursed, hexed or cast a spell on you.
ii) DO NOT threaten another member with harm, physically , mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. 
ii) DO NOT threaten to attack someone else's spirits/entities.
ii) DO NOT threaten to sever anyone's spiritual connections.
ii) DO NOT threaten to kill someone's spirit/entity.
ii) Do not taunt anyone who is suicidal or having a mental health crisis
iii) Absolutly no racist, rude, abusive, nasty, threatening, insulting or hurtful remarks.

2) No External Drama 

a) Do not bring external issues (Like facebook drama) to the forum.  

b) No discussion of external conflicts, keep discussions on topic!

c) Do not bring personal issues or conflict with another members here.

3) No Solicitations, Spam, or Trolling

a) Do not post any sales of solicitation posts, they will be removed and your account might be banned .

b) Do not post outlandish comments meant to get a rise or response out of another members, such posts will be removed.

c) Do not spam the threads or spam post. All spam posts will be removed.

d) Do not troll other members or make posts meants to disrupt or distract the conversation. Posts trolling could lead to a ban.

No one should be soliciting others for money or asking for donations. If you see this in a topic asking for money, please report it immediately.

4) Posting Eternal Links

You are allowed to posts links to spiritual resources and interesting articles.

The Follows links though are not allowed.

a) No Advertising Links.
b) No links to abusive websites or hate speech.
c) No links to off topic websites, we are a spiritual community and we want to keep the discussions on track.

5) Rules for the Adult Content and the 18+ section

For forum membership levels and how to gain access to blogs or the 18+ section please see this topic

This is a space for adult conversation and erotic discussions so please be mature about it. If you cannot be mature you will be removed from this space.

a) Do not post sexual images with underage or unwilling participants.
b) Do not post anything that is extremely graphic, violent, or disgusting.
c) Do not post anything illegal or that will get you investigate.
d) Do not post sexual images involving children and/or animals.

Nudity is allowed on the board, sexual content through is restricted to the blogs, 18+ section, the Creative Mezzanine and the Arts, Culture and Music section.

Please tag any sensitive discussions in the subject line so that people can choose to opt out of them if they are uncomfortable. (example: rape, violence, etc).

If something is very personal or sensitive to you, it might be a better idea to post it in your blog.

We reserve the right to remove any content that is offensive or intentionally malicious/abusive.

6) Blog Etiquette

The Blogs of the Forum are a Sacred Space. They are a place where people post their personal journeys and personal information.

a) Do not make fun of peoples personal journeys or mock their experiences.
b) Check the rules of each individual blog to see if the blogger wants engagement or not.
c) Do not reply in blogs where the blogger has stated they do not comments.
d) If a blog owner has specified that they do not want engagement from others in their space please respect them.

If something is posted in someone's blog, and they are open to replies please respond respectfully and be mindful that this is someones private space.

7) Account Deletion

If you would like your account deleted please send an email to and we will deactivate your account and remove all identifying information.

Your old username will be changed into something generic and your signature and information will be removed from our database.

To prevent disruption of the flow of conversation in the threads we will not mass delete your posts as mass deletions are harmful to the community and harmful to the flow of the forum. Your posts will remain but your account information will be completely removed from our system.

Regarding Individual posts, we are happy to work with people on removing any sensitive or identifying information. These posts can be ones that have identifying information of photos that the person does not wish to be seen, or highly personal posts they no longer wish to be seen. In those cases, I’m happy to help and simply to remove the sensitive posts in question.

8) Handling Internal Drama

~ It is not our job to ensure members get along, it is our job to uphold the rules of the forum. 

~ If you see an abusive, hateful, cruelty, malicious, bullying, or threatening posts, please flag the post, notify the moderators and we will handle it.

~ If you are feel you are being bullied or targeted by another member, do not engage them. Report them or send an email with your observations and let the moderators handle it.

~ Do not try to moderate any situation yourself. Report all rule violations and let us handle it.

a) We moderate based on what we see publicly on the board.  We do not care about who said what where outside of the board, in this space we need to work to uphold the peaceful atmosphere and that means no abusive, nasty, threatening, or hate-filled remarks will be tolerated.  

***The moderators and admins reserve the right to remove any posts that are seen an inappropriate and trolling in nature.

b) Respect the moderators and the administrators. If one of them is talking to you about something that has happened, work with them and be polite to them.

c) If you are told to stop a certain action, listen to them and stop doing what they have told you to stop doing.

d) Do not argue with moderators, or resort to name calling, and rude remarks. This can result in a warning and lead up to a ban.

e) If you don't want to do what a moderator has asked you to do you are welcome to leave.

9) Moderation Warnings and Bannings. 

For most first offences we are reasonable and want to work with you to solve things in a diplomatic fashion where everyone can learn and grow.  

If you own up and apologize for your actions, no warning will be given unless it is very apparent that it is a hollow apology.

If you are sincere and own up to what happened, let’s put the past behind us and move forward.  We want to encourage growth.   

If you have been reported and it is a serious infraction, or we have had to talk to you multiple times we will be taking more sever actions. If you have repeat offences…

1) You will be given a warning.  

2) If you do it again you will be given a 24 hour ban.

3) The next time will result in a 3 day ban.

4) A fourth offence will result in a permanent ban.

We reserve the right to ban you if we find out you are talking bad about us or spreading rumours about us or members of our forum.  

We ask that events that happen on the forum stay there and private details shared by our members not be taken and posted elsewhere.  

This is especially true in the private blog section of the forum and the over 18 sections.  People share personal details and they do not want them shared outside of the forum.  

What happens on S&S stays on S&S.  Thank you!

There are the rules for participation on this Forum. Let’s work together to keep this space one of respect and education.
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great revisions! Understood :)
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Excellent revisions, I still wonder about the requirements for tenure as I have not managed to locate anything on it thus far.
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Thanks Yllidra for posting the updated rules, this is great!
fire083 wrote:Excellent revisions, I still wonder about the requirements for tenure as I have not managed to locate anything on it thus far.
We will be putting together a post on the different levels soon and the requirements for Tenurship :cooldevil:
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Akelta wrote:Thanks Yllidra for posting the updated rules, this is great!
fire083 wrote:Excellent revisions, I still wonder about the requirements for tenure as I have not managed to locate anything on it thus far.
We will be putting together a post on the different levels soon and the requirements for Tenurship :cooldevil:
Awesome :headbang:
All my freestyle dancing is basically magic.
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Seems pretty basic common sense rules

I am so grateful to have this place to learn about what paths others are on and expand my own knowledge
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heard and understood :devilthumbs:
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I love these rules! !!!!!
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Read and understood. Another good place to learn in a respectful way. Kudos.
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Read and understood. So very well written :fulldevil:
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