Looking for Dark Lord to banish someone!^^

Spells and Rituals that are on the darker side of the spectrum.
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Milagre wrote:
velle wrote:
Milagre wrote:Problem was solved ladies and gentlemans! :mrgreen:
okay I wish you luck with that . their are many that can help you depending on what you need them to do . also you can try casting the spells on your own that will also get things moving along for you .. wish you
Hi Velle, thank you for your message!^^

I moved of this landlady place because i have found a bigger one, but the guy will be out soon,
So ho yeas, his butt was kicked out gently!^^

I did a spell by my own, but have tell my spirit friends they could go stretch their muscles if they where willing, haha,
Finished the guy one day was outside heavy drunk telling no ones loved him,lol, don't worry, he was already crazy when i moved there, but my Watcher and more some vamps have for sure tweaked his mind for him to get out of the way!^^

But i have tell everyone, once he moves, no need to continue, seems he will be out of the lady property the end of this September month, another work well done with the help of everybody!^^

For any begginer reading this, know that i did it because i could took several points in consideration:

The guy is physically in good shape

He has money to move out

He was there just because he really liked the place and decided to f*cking terrorize the landlady just for fun

I had no emotional attachment with him or the situation, so that is really easier to focus and have something properly done

And to finish, he is just a jerk, hahaha!^^

When she have tell he was about to move and have signed out the papers for, i felt all proud of myself and my friends,
But Lord Lucifer was for something on it too, because the moment i came here to look for help, 10 minutes after he popped this in my mind :

" You have the power to do it alone, don't doubt"

So that is the message i can share with all of you, maybe we can't apply this message for all situations, but for most of them, i think it is a yeas!^^[/ Hey I am happy to hear you Moved out of your old house your doing much better I am sure sometimes you have to just walk away . when you dealing with Somebody that's just not Right . they get back what they send out so at ' The time they thank their hurting you but its them that gets what is do to them in the long run Good luck to you also happy to hear you . have so spirits around you that's got your back I know that feeling its great to know your not alone :)
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Personally never asked the Dark Lord to help me with banishement ritual, as i like to use my own strength of belief, it's a good practice of skill.

When banishing (yeah i did it once, hehe, believe it or not, when one entity used to violate my astral space for the longer time with no sign of retreat so i didn't have any other option left! :D ) i am using the sigil, my own, made as a graphic representation of my intention previously written down at the paper without vowels, few candles (usually black as i am dealing then with the energies at the spectrum of the darkness), ritual of getting in the state of trance with suitable music and art expression, then focusing my desire toward the target by repeating the words of intention from the sigil, and once i feel the target is affected, burn the sigil and cleanse/ground/shield.

An entity was away but i felt the need for protecting my space even few next days, just for the extra safety reasons, so i have bought my favorite incense and let it vaporize to the air daily and nightly.

Of course, i am aware that this ritual has more elements of the chaos than the black magick as it's mostly my own improvisation based at my personal path, so i am not advising anybody to try it if they don't feel that it truly resonates with them!
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