First Dogman Symposium in Ohio

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[quote="learningk120"]:scareddevil:[/quote] Hey you know what ' I was watching youtube on yesterday ' and this man was talking about hoe ' this thing goes back for many years just like , Big foot do so you never know what could be real , I am not saying either is real but you never no :)
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I have lived in Ohio my whole life and never once have I heard about Dogman. I have however seen a giant house fly the size of a puppy.
I know it sounds crazy but I did see it and I can only explain it as the result of some kind of radiation. No house fly gets that big unless there is some horrible mutation and my only explanation is radiation exposure if anyone believes me and has any other theories we could discuss this in a new post.

As for the Dogman thing it sounds pretty interesting if you ask me. I would like to know more but I dunno if I want to sign up to that website to learn more as I'm not the biggest fan of "news sites." What part of Ohio is this creature from exactly?
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