The Lost Sounds Of Stonehenge

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"There are many questions surrounding the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge but might sound help in the search for answers?"

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Heidi wrote:"There are many questions surrounding the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge but might sound help in the search for answers?"

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' Thanks for Sharing this Heidi its Good that People did had Some interest in acoustic environments at that Time and What this Man found Shows that in his''' Search He found Caves in Spain that had instruments Buried deep in them underground for who knows How Many Years, they have been there With So many Tunnels Systems that's been found its indeed interesting to know how People lived back then what Changes they would have faced How Different times Was for People Nice find :cloud:
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Sound is indeed part of many mysteries. Take the sound Temple of the Hathors in Dendara, Egypt for example. Too bad man has messed that one up! When holes were cut for electric wires for lights....they destroyed the sound echoing and resounding in the Temple. It was a shame! I played tuning forks attuned to the pitches of the four base chemicals of DNA when I was in the King's chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Good times!
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That's quite intresting, thank you for sharing!
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