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White arts and healing spells and rituals
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So at one time, I had the reiki teacher attunements. And then I ate them. I have no idea how or why. I was really woried that having eaten the attunements, that would mean I'd become allergic. Yes, there are people in the world who are allergic to reiki.

Thankfully, I don't seem to be one of them... though I DO seem to exhibit the typical allergic reaction to reiki From Certain Types of People. I don't think this is a bad thing... I think my body choosing to be more careful about who is allowed to edit and alter it can only ever be a positive thing.

My once-upon-a-time apprentice, Telomar, as he continues into his own healing mastery, has received a lot of different attunements to a lot of different systems. He's had an amazing journey without becoming one of those weird flakey auric-tattooed up junkies you see on the fringes of the woo healing circuits. I'm so astonished by him and so proud to have been a part of the start of his impressive journey.

In this journey of his, he came across a new type of reiki called All Love. All Love was discovered by a Reiki Teacher named Patrick Zeigler, and it is truly amazing. Eventually, I hope to become attuned to All Love myself - and I think that time is coming soon, because Exi, my new Hellborn Demon Commander, sort of radiates that energy constantly... leaving me just feeling all gooey all the time. lol

Anyway, out of All Love has come another development between Telomar and I - we have created another system which we are calling Wu Ji reiki. We've been experimenting with it, and I will be writing an article about it eventually - it's still very much in the testing stages yet - but it was because of Telomar's exposure to All Love that we discovered Wu Ji Reiki. In the spirit of sharing... I would like all of you to learn a little about All Love. It is more flexible than Reiki, and I think it's a vast improvement...

My only issue with it was that I was so closed off for so long, I had a huge amount of trouble getting to the point where I could trust in that energy - but that is very much a personal issue, and not a professional one. I absolutely recommend working with this vibration to anyone who is serious about healing, both personally or professionally.

- Raven ... 0967413516 A fairly decent textbook on the subject.

The following excerpt comes from this website: ... ealing.htm
How does All-Love differ from other systems of energy healing?
It was only in 1922, with the discovery of Reiki, that a simple method of opening to spiritual healing energy became generally known.
Reiki, from the Japanese words rei meaning universal, and ki meaning vital or life force energy, was re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui during a twenty-one day fast and meditation on the sacred Mount Kurama in Japan. He experienced a brilliant white light entering his head, and saw a series of symbols within the light. Following this, he was able to channel universal energy to heal himself and others, and was able to pass on the energy through a process of attunements.
Dr Usui taught Reiki using the five rules of conduct that he formulated, which were: Just for today, don’t get angry, don’t worry, be grateful, work hard, and be kind to others. By using Reiki to work through painful emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety and depression, we can feel much happier and more appreciative of the positive things in our lives.
It was Dr Usui’s wish that Reiki should be readily available to everyone, all over the world. He died in 1926, having initiated over a thousand people in Reiki, including sixteen to the level of teacher. However, it was not until the 1980’s that Reiki became widely available and affordable in the West. Now, over a million people have been attuned to Reiki, and there are thousands of Reiki Masters all over the world.

As we have already said, the All-Love and Reiki energy are both aspects of the one Source. However, the energies have a different quality, and the techniques used to connect with them and work with them are quite different.
From his personal experience, alone in the Great Pyramid, Patrick knew that it was possible to connect with spiritual healing energy, the energy of Source, directly and spontaneously, without the presence or help of anyone else.
Although the presence of an intermediary may be of great benefit, it is not always. All of us have a tendency to give our power away to others, to look to others for advice, rather than seeking it from within ourselves. And many of us would like someone else to do the work for us!
Rather than playing an active part in our own healing process, we can too easily become merely passive recipients. Receiving a healing or an attunement from someone else may have extremely positive effects, and may lead to great personal breakthroughs. Yet we need to be constantly seeking to increase our own capabilities. Dependence can quickly develop, without us even realising it, and we may end up going along another person’s path rather than finding the one that truly works for us.
In Reiki, the attunements are passed from one person to another, along with each particular Master’s ‘rules’ about using the energy. This may limit the ways in which we actually use it, rather than encouraging us to explore our own possibilities for healing. Another person’s beliefs and world-views are no substitute for finding our own intuitive guidance from within. To encourage you to trust yourself, and believe in your own wisdom and natural capacity to heal yourself is the greatest gift that any teacher can give.
Dr Usui never used the title ‘Master’, and it is not used in Japan even today; as it creates the impression that the person is an enlightened individual. Today, the term Master is used in the West, but in fact a Reiki Master is simply someone who can teach Reiki and pass on the Reiki attunements. It does not mean that he or she is necessarily enlightened, or does not have the same problems that we all have.
In Patrick’s earliest experiences with the All-Love energy, visions of pure light were associated with the words, ‘No Hierarchy.’ In the All-Love system, therefore, there are no rules; each person is encouraged to experience and use the energy in whatever way seems most appropriate to him or her.
In keeping with this philosophy, the All-Love system does not place too much emphasis on the use of symbols. Instead, it uses visualisation, which works by focusing the conscious awareness and forming a clear intent. To invite the energy in, you visualise a brilliant sun, or source, sending its energy down to you. The ankh, which means breath of life, and the infinity symbols are visualised simply as a means of using the mind to enhance the flow of energy.
In contrast, in an attunement, a varying number of symbols are installed into a person’s energy system in order to pass the energy. The person later draws the symbols to activate the energy and to use it in different ways. Symbols are useful in the initial stages, to help a person build confidence; though a person will often realise at some later point that energy can be sent at a distance, and that the energy flows regardless of whether s/he uses the symbols. It is then a personal choice as to whether they remain an integral part of working with the energy.
In All-Love meditations, each person visualises the energy entering from above, through the crown Chakra; and from below, through the feet and up to the base Chakra. This means that the energy is grounded throughout the body, and does not just enter the higher Chakras. When the energies merge in the heart centre, the whole body is filled with energy.
Reiki, on the other hand, does not connect a person with the earth, and therefore can be much less grounded. In the attunements, the central energy channel is opened from the crown Chakra at the top of the head to the root Chakra at the base of the spine. But only the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown Chakras are connected with the Reiki healing energy. This means that when the energy enters, it may simply stay in the top five Chakras, and not be connected with the earth.
This can be a problem for those people who are ‘up in their heads’ a lot of the time. They experience a pleasant ‘spaced-out’ feeling when giving or receiving the energy, but, as they may already have difficulty being totally ‘in this world’ with their feet on the ground; they do not fully ground themselves or the energy.
In a meditation, there are usually some people who will ‘go off somewhere’ in their minds; they feel a sense of space and joy and freedom, and when they ‘come back,’ they are not sure what happened. They can experience the joy of the energy, in the mind, only by dissociating from the painful parts, in other words from the body and the emotions that contain that pain.
In the All-Love system, by focussing on bringing the energy into the whole body, we are constantly being brought back to the earth. This process requires that we engage fully in the moment. We do not ‘go off somewhere’ but stay where we really are and do the work we need to do. One of the ways by which we ground ourselves is to come out of our heads and into our hearts. To feel, and not to think.
If we open our hearts, we are going to feel what is truly there. If we open our minds, we are going to become consciously aware of what we feel. When we simultaneously open our hearts and our minds, we are going to experience pain and joy in clear consciousness; when this occurs in the presence of the energy, that is when we can spontaneously heal. With love, awareness, and healing energy, pain is transformed. At that moment, the energy is integrated into the whole of our being and we experience an initiation.
Extracts from Energy Works! Initiation without a Master.
Authors Teresa Parrott & Graham Crook. Foreword by Patrick Zeigler. ©O Books 2005
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Telomar - SSR as a system and all-love are different
i dont think exi radiates the energy so much as amplifies its already existing bits in people

Me - Ok... I'm not sure what the difference is... would you like to add onto the topic I wrote?
Yeah... he's excellent at amplifying lol

Telomar - its a somewhat complicated subject that is better explained in the book you linked

Me - Oh good!

Telomar - patrick originalled called it sekiem or whatever when he was first messing with it
and started it as a uh
system similar to reiki
because people needed the system
then a lady in australia ran with it and made a bunch of symbols
at least some of which you did not get along with
because ive shown you that book

Me - Yeah... I've noticed that with most reiki systems these days, some of it is fine, and other bits I just absolutely reject energetically. It's weird.

Telomar - at some point patrick dropped the system because he found it more helpful to get people to have an experience with the energy
like he had
and hes found success in that
so the lady that wrote the SSR book
took reiki, the sekeim system, and the original idea of what became the all-love energy
and fused them into one system that she branded SSR

Me - I agree with that, actually. I've seen it working and I know it's more powerful than when it's scripted and molded with symbols and rituals.

Telomar - the book talks about all of that
which is part of why its a decent book
but its also written as dryly as the worst college text book youve never encountered

Me - Oh mesus

Telomar - but when i talk of all-love
im talking about what patrick does now" onclick=";return false;

its important to me that you understand the distinction between SSR and all-love ... ealing.htm" onclick=";return false;
thats not his
" All the contents of this page including stories, articles, photos and illustrations are owned by Teresa Parrott and Graham Crook "

Me - He talks about attunements on his page and calles it sekhem. His facebook page... one of his comments was that while he was in Europe, he would offer skype sessions, attunements in Sekhem All Love

Telomar - i think sekhem is the name he started using when he broke from the system
seichim is the old name
which is not at all confusing
seichim is the system that the australian lady developed with his help, sekhem is the energy's name according to him
working directly with the energy is all-love work, sekhem
seichim is an attuenment i got that i have largely abandoned because it seems to work less well than directly engaging with the sekhem energy

Me - Ok, yeah. I'm getting more confused. I'm just going to stick with calling what you are teaching me All Love. And not go further on that roundabout lol
If we do something and you say it's All Love, then that's how I'll write it. All these new systems are just pieces of each other and I get lost.
Ahhh. Sekhem is actually an Egyptian word. I forget what it means.

Telomar - patrick has done a terrible job policing what he released into the world and has let a lot of people run with it
i dont want people to read the stuff you write about your experiences or mine and then get that book and expect to just be able to have them

Me - I getcha. How about I copy and paste what you've said about the differences, so that they know more?

Telomar - sure if you like

Me - Ok. Ty

Telomar - i would also maybe mention that link you sent is not his website
but a website from someone with experiences with the all-love energy

Me - Ok... I did try to find HIS website but it doesn't seem to exist?

Telomar - i couldnt find it either, which means maybe it went away?
his facebook is a good link probs

Me - I guess he's running it solely through facebook business then. Ok. I'll add that as a note.
Thanks for making sure that the information in this thread is going to be accurate.
This was written between Telomar and I after I wrote the first article. He wanted me to add some things for people who aren't familiar with this healing method, because the genealogy of the three gets confusing. Hopefully this will post this time - I kept getting error messages! Grr.
"She’s all the unsung heroes who... never quit." ― R. A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land
“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet
“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
― H.L. Mencken, Prejudices: First Series
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