Questions and Answers for where to begin on the Darker Spiritual Paths.
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Star wrote:
Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:14 pm
I m also curious if nyone has information on Lucifera?
I saw her ina very strange website, where she is a primordial godness of vampires, and well my curiousity is peaked by this. However, I couldnt find anything on the internet
Since that page you are talking about and the person who made this page and has also a shop offering vampire transformations, let me tell you, that is purely that person's mythology based on their UPG.
So nobody else really shares that and you'd have to go to the source, aka the owner of that page, for more information about that Lucifera.
There he claims she's the firstborn of the creator, Jesus is a blasphemer, she's the goddess of the Elohim, who are gods, amongst them Lucifer and Lilith and more of that......fabricated(?) mythology.
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Recently I've been asked about 'Lucifera' privately as well and now know where this comes from. So I'm going to state publicly here, in support to what Apro has recently stated:

Avoid avoid avoid.

Yeah it might be that person's UPG but don't even bother to ask them more about it, don't eat up their garbage. Don't take everything that is presented to you as something worth pursuing just because it sounds cool.

If you want to connect with true immortals associated with vampirism then do the work, don't rely on people who absolutely want to take advantage of you and make that clear in what they are offering and why they are doing it.
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